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112.09.2021No One10.0One of the greatest in-ring performers of all time. One of the best Ring Generals of all time. The greatest "Over the top" seller & bumper of all time. One of the smoothest in-ring performers ever. Memorable rivalry with the legendary Nick Bockwinkel. Former AWA World Heavyweight Champion. Was one of the best in-ring performers in the world during the early 19990's. One of the greatest & most memorable WWE Intercontinental Champions of all time. Produced memorable matches against the legendary Bret "The Hitman" Hart. Back injury turned him into a more limited performer, but he was still a smooth performer regardless. One of the greatest Midcard wrestlers of all time. Had great charisma. Great promo. Had the presence of a star. His "Mr. Perfect" gimmick is one of the most memorable gimmicks in pro wrestling history. His father Larry "The Axe" Hennig was also a legendary wrestler. His son, Curtis Axel, followed in the Hennig family footsteps and became a 3rd Generation wrestler. Never hit his full potential in the WWE because of injury & politics. Unfortunately was horribly misused in WCW, even though his "West Texas Rednecks" gimmick is memorable. Passed away way too soon. RIP to the legendary "Mr. Perfect" Curt Hennig.
205.09.2021Pete Gallows10.0A great wrestler. Athletic, good look, great mic skills, good moveset. Tendency to oversell, but a tremendous worker. It? s a real shame he had his issues and left us so young.
428.06.2021thebigmilkman4.0Very Overrated in my opinion. He's not the worst but I'd say I think his stuff is pretty bad. Maybe that comes down to personal preference as his style is not my preferred style of wrestling but even then I tried to give his matches with Bret a chance and I just did not enjoy it at all. His WCW run was pretty bad too
719.06.2021Daigotsu9.0Hennig was a terrific wrestler, and could sell as well as anybody. He was a terrific worker and talker. By the time he got to WCW, he was just kind of there. His work was still good, but they obviously didn't have plans for him and he didn't have an opportunity to have classic matches. With that said, he was undeniably a fantastic talent.
815.06.2021Nick O10.0Mr Perfect was amazing. He was a great wrestler and could put on classic after classic. This man could also sell like crazy. I loved his Intercontinental Championship reigns and thought he was an amazing heel who could work the crowd. Some of my favorite matches if his are those with Bret Hart. Those 2 had unbelievable in ring chemistry. I think it's a shame Curt was never World Champion. R. I. P Curt Hennig Legend.
913.06.2021juiceisloose9.0One of the best of all time. Nobody could sell like this dude. Was truly perfect in every sense. Loved his arrogant vibe in his wwf run.
1304.05.2021Lil ak10.0Als Mr. perfect einfach Perfect. Gimmick des Narzissten Perfekt dargestellt und der Finisher war auch mega. Er war auch gut im Ring und hat sehr technisch gewrestlet. Die Promos die ich gehört hab waren auch gut und Die Matches auch. Hätte eigentlich statt Hulk hogan dass Royal rumble 1991 gewinnen sollen und dann im Main Event die Wwf championsship gewinnen sollen. Einer meiner Lieblingswrestler.
1430.04.2021StrongStyle20209.0One of the most well rounded performers of all time. Great on the mic, tremendous personality, and top quality athletic worker. His matches with Bret Hart showcased both guy's excellence of execution, and were almost flawless. In another era, would have been a multi time world champion.
1527.04.2021AnB9.0Mr. Perfect was damn near perfect. More of a classic wrestling style guy, and was hit hard when the industry modernized. Completely wasted in WCW.
1925.01.2021Brett19808.0AWA stuff was great and as Mr. Perfect was tremendous. Great at taking bumps. Extremely arrogant persona that was well, Perfect. His WCW stuff is not Perfect however.
2118.01.2021Chiqui Lecca9.0
2416.12.2020Black Liger8.0
4628.12.2019Brutish Dandy8.0
5128.10.2019The Historian8.0
5324.08.2019Pm Frank8.0
5510.08.2019JEK 199110.0A great wrestler and very well gifted. He was always exciting to watch. Great at his heel role. If I grew up watching him he would have been my favorite. When he was a babyface in the WWF in 1993 he was not as good. Very technical Sadly that he passed away so soon.
5626.07.2019KyleEnjoysWrestling9.0He's a guy like Rick Rude who I don't think we got enough out of. He was amazing in the ring & played the Mr. Perfect character to a tee. A great heel who was easy to root against.
5819.05.2019Toothless Aggression10.0
6121.03.2019BigWackenhut10.0For being ? Perfect? Curt Hennig was of modest size. But he could bump like no one else and had the stamina to always leave the fans satisfied. After laboring against the randy old rooster Nick Bockwinkel in the AWA, , he surged into the national scene with his amazing Mr. Perfect gimmick. His package was enhanced when he was given a flamboyant, slender but massively endowed male companion to lead him to ring. Side note- Lanny Poffos outfit was pretty much a stitch for stitch remake of Angelo Poffos graduate mortar board and gown set. Mr Perfect had a long prime but was never given the big prize in WCW and WWe. He was on the shelf for a while in the early 90s with a Lloyd? s of London policy spat. But he returned to high modcard status during a lengthy run with the NWO. Hennig will be best remembered for his Bockwinkel battles, initial heal run as Mr Perfect and sadly his career ending throwdown on a chartered flight. But any match he is in is worth watching. His battles with Bret Hart are top notch. If there is a critique, it is that he flip flopped too much. But in the cartoonish wrestling landscape of the time, he always made his opponents look amazing. It is a shame that he did not get a run on top with Bret Hart chasing him. A third generation wrestler, it would seem that a small, pink head is all that he shares with his boy Curtis Axel.
6220.03.2019zephyr8.0Another one of those wrestlers who were great in the ring but lacked the mic skills to become huge stars. Personally never really liked the Mr Perfect gimmick tbh.
6514.02.2019Makai Club 7.0If you ask me to base Curt Hennig off his AWA run, I would praise it to the hills and give him an 9 or maybe even a 10 because he really was fantastic. He could play the lovable face you wanted to root for or the detestable heel that you wanted to see his ass kicked. He could grapple with the best of them and was an overall great wrestler. In WWF though, meh. Honestly don't see why this run is praised so much. His wrestling can be hit and miss, he doesn't have a lot of great matches. Tons of good but never to the point where I feel the hype is justified. His bumping is beyond laughable. How any one considered him the measuring stick, I'll never know. His character whilst memorable, kinda one dimensional at the same time. I think he is pretty overrated overall. Still a good wrestler and has tons of great matches in AWA.
6725.11.2018Tokyo Cyber Squid9.0
7102.10.2018Steamboat25118.0Mister Perfect ist ganz sicher einer der besten Techniker der Geschichte. Bekannt für eine unglaublich akurate Matchführung. Charismatisch und am Mic konnte er mich jedoch nicht ganz so überzeugen. Legendäres bleibt dem Fan auch eher rar gesät im Kopf, wenn man von wenigen Matches gegen Bret Hart absieht. Als Top Player oder Top Champion konnte er sich letztlich nicht auszeichnen. Als Wrestler super, als Gesamtpaket Mittelmaß.
7226.09.2018RatingsMachine7.0Hennig was a good worker who could make opponents look great and make matches great by taking wild but somewhat realistic bumps. But once he couldn't take those outlandish bumps, Hennig's limitations were made obvious, and he couldn't compensate for not being able to bump like he used to.
7519.08.2018pappahouse9.0Eine leider nicht mehr lebende Legende. Pure Technik und Anfang der Neunziger seiner Zeit weit voraus. Leider auch immer wieder mit Verletzungen am Rücken zu kämpfen.
8519.01.2018The Old School9.0
8810.01.2018TheLoudMouth8.0Hennig war ein exzellenter Techniker und dadurch im Ring vielleicht sogar einer der besten Wrestler der Welt, halte ihn im Bezug auf sein Charisma allerdings für etwas überbewertet. Seine Ausstrahlung hat mich leider nie gepackt.
9004.11.2017hirsty9710.0To watch Curt Hennig wrestle, was wrestling's equivalent of watching Raphael paint. He embodied perfect in every sense of the word.
9104.11.2017ianlapierre6.0Mr. Perfect was a great in-ring worker who had some fantastic matches. He cut great promos and had many memorable moments throughout an injury-plagued career. He was never elevated to main event status. There was potential for so much more.
9210.09.2017taabr29.0Mr. Perfect has to be my favorite gimmick from the late 80s early 90s era of the WWF. Hennig himself was an amazing worker during that time and had great charisma.
9324.08.2017Villano VI8.0
9802.07.2017Seraphina Leaf10.0
9906.06.2017flashback10.0Mr. Perfect was literally the perfect gimmick for Curt - his work was incredible and the way he portrayed that gimmick was just money. It was as they say, the "real deal". He was also very influential, being described by The Click as their spiritual godfather. While it was kinda silly to put him in a stable called "west Texas rednecks", the program was hilarious and memorable. I think he would be working at a high level behind the scenes now if he were still alive, and helping shape the future of Pro Wrestling. The biz is definitely not the same without him.
10005.06.2017Colt10.0Eine Legende. Sehr charismatisch und immer überzeugend, egal ob als Heel oder Face. Seine Duelle mit Bret Hart sind Klassiker. Ein exzellenter Techniker, der aber auch die härtere Art beherrschte. Nur wenige Wrestler brachten eine solche Coolness an den Tag. Hätte auch das Zeug zum WWE Champion gehabt, doch zu seinem Pech gab es mit Hogan, Savage und dem Warrior eine extrem starke Konkurrenz weshalb es "nur" zum IC-Titel reichte.
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