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[] "Really good match between two very underrated wrestlers. It was slow at the beginning but business pick up quick. The last 5/8 minutes are very good."
[5.0] "Adequate, if unremarkable. Certainly one of the better and more mobile matches we've had from Fale in the tournament. Uemura continues to just...fade into the background in a lot of these matches. He never looks out of place or overmatched, but he's not grabbing the spotlight nearly as often as I'd hoped."
[] "Fine match, fine opener but nothing more. Carlito was the right winner and WWE should have done much better with him."
[8.0] "[4.25*] Awesome match. I will say that the slow paced beginning was pretty bad because Seth is really not good in control segments, the crowd even chanted CM Punk to Seth a couple of times, but after the commercial break things escalated and we go a typical WWE Epic ending with insane nearfalls until the ending. I liked the opener more but the ending stretch of this one was top notch."
[9.0] "If you enjoy US indie lucha spotfests cranked up to 11, then this is required watching. There were too many crazy moves to count, at least a few of which I have never seen before, including the most insane tag finisher I have ever seen. That finisher was a jumping moonsault / doomsday device / canadian destroyer combination. I know that sounds like I am making it up, but that's the most accurate description I can provide. ****1/2"
[6.0] "[3.5*] Very fun match with the only purpose being to put the Creeds over against the JD jobbers before facing the actual champions, an old formula which works. The best part of it was obviously the suplex sequences."
[2.0] "Absolute nonsense match. Angle and Booker T are obviously capable of a great match and there is some good enough work for me not to rate it a zero even though I seriously hated this match because this storyline completely takes away from any of it! It's just a horrible way to book Kurt Angle. He didn't need a perverted gimmick like this to get over as a heel and this was completely out of left field. It's equally frustrating seeing Booker T look this incompetent in a match with yet more terrible booking for him. You'd think he'd try to get her to run out of the match or hell even a quick DQ would have been more logical than this! Instead he's at a consistent disadvantage all match because Sharmell for some reason just stays in this ring and constantly puts herself in harms way so its hard to even sympathise with her as the match goes on! The match structure made absolutely no sense because theres so many times where it felt like it suspended disbelief. It's rare to see a bad Kurt Angle match or a bad Booker T match around this time period but theres no getting around how stupid this was."
[7.0] "Solid stuff which didn't end up being totally overshadowed by the great showing two matches earlier. Basically a non-stop pillorying of Umino, somewhat matching up with a number of the high profile singles losses he's taken. My theory that Umino's in-ring charisma and personality is inversely proportional to the tenure of his opponent(s) continues to hold water."
[7.0] "[3.75*] While the first fall was pretty boring, the match picked up the pace and we got an unbelievable third fall. The third fall itself was 4.25*+. but the first one was pretty bad."
[3.0] "This match started and ended quite nicely, but the middle portion was the absolute pits. They spend forever beating down Typhoon. The Natural Disasters aren't exactly a team that makes the crowd feel desperate and sympathetic when they get beat up. They worked this match like the Disasters were underdogs, which they CLEARLY were not. Plus, Earthquake is the better worker of the two by far, and he's barely in there. That's not even counting the fact that they used the typical tag team playbook to work this entire match without a single deviation. Cut the match time in half, and maybe this would have had a little something. But at this length, it's just a pretty significant waste of time for half of its runtime."
[] "It's not bad, but it doesn't have a lot of pop except for the high-flying RKO, and welcome back CM Punk. 9.0, ****1/2"
[5.0] "[3.0*] How about all this 8.0s? Wow, lol, I must have missed something! Jokes apart, it was a lot better than I expected and it was actually pretty okay, but on this 3*/3.25* margin."
[8.0] "[4.25*] This was the best match of the night in my opinion. Just insanely good storytelling and selling there. Sami sold his knee just like MJF should have sold at Full Gear, and the action itself was amazing, just a little bit slow paced."
[4.0] "Overlong and featuring all of the usual House of Torture beats. Having the War Dogs be ready for their playbook, jumping them before the match, and matching them play for play with run ins at least gave this a bit of variety and logic, but it still didn't make it enjoyable."
[8.0] "This was a great, fast-paced tag bout featuring both hard-hitting kicks and chops. Mika Iwata did especially well here, as she was excellent with both Anou and Kawahata. They could have afforded to go a couple more minutes to improve the finish, but that was the only significant flaw. ****"
[8.0] "Another great match from the NOAH side and just below their match with Narita and Umino as my match of the tournament thus far. Just wall to wall fire and solid, hard hitting work, and with a minimum amount of Yano shtick to boot. Really solid and enjoyable stuff here."
[7.0] "Bit of a silly match that had some really good spots, and hit its stride after they took things out of the ring. Watching this on Youtube, I really wish the camera didn't cut so often. This obviously would've been better to see in person."
[5.0] "Nia Jax vs. Shayna Baszler was an average match, Baszler carried this match with her offense as for Jax seems like they building her up for Ripley."
[7.0] "This match is so smartly done. This might be the best match Rude ever worked in terms of carrying and guiding someone to an excellent match. First, both his selling and his offense is absolutely perfect. Even the little things like holding is back throughout the match are there, and his piledriver looks so crisp and painful. This is probably the most offense Warrior takes as well. And it shows that, with the right opponent, Warrior can still look strong while taking punishment instead of the traditional super man babyface no-selling he usually does. Both of these guys look strong coming out of the match. I think the finish was a little weak only because the referee wasn't in a good spot when it came down, so he had to awkwardly face away from the ropes Warrior's feet were under to not cause a break and count the three. If he was in a better position and made it less awkward, it'd have been a fine finish. In any case, Warrior still comes off strong and can argue he was screwed but Rude put in the performance of a life time and earned the title as well. I also admit, I might be biased, because anytime an overrated babyface that rarely loses gets their shoulders counted to the mat, it makes me super happy. I elevate this match a little bit simply due to the novelty of Warrior getting his shoulders counted down. It doesn't happen much at all. Bottom line, though, is that Rude worked his butt off and then some, and he made a match that should have been subpar into something extremely memorable."
[5.0] "This was decent but ran just a bit long for how much of a basic slugfest it was. The extra dynamic between Henare and Tonga Loa was a cool extra dimension, but didn't seem to really pay off over the course of the whole match. Henare and Okhan have been very back and forth this tourney."
[7.0] "Bit of a hidden gem this one as it's very rare to see a 15 minute Iron Man stip, especially in the tag division. The only thing I thought went against the match was the timing of the commercial break where it missed what ended up being a decisive fall. Still though, I thought the pacing of this was very good particularly after the commercial break because of the urgency with the face team 2-0 down. It got really good after Haas pulls it back as MNM continue to get the heat on him and Holly tries everything to get into the match, even trying to drag his partner to the corner. The hot tag made the finish really exciting to watch and I though the ending where Melina covers Nitro just to buy that extra time was very creative. Haas and Holly might have looked a bit thrown together at first, but I really enjoyed the effort with the matches."
[5.0] "I would have given this match 6 points if not for the finish. There's no reason the Hart Foundation should be cheating to win this match. It didn't make sense, and they could have gotten over stronger without it. Honestly, this is probably the best overall match on Wrestlemania 5, and that's really because it's the Bret Hart show. I'll never stop putting Bret over. His moves are so crisp and fluid, and he's in there for the vast majority of the match. Anvil is only in there twice in brief moments. Honky's selling is fun, and Valentine can keep up with Bret nicely. They both make for nice foils for him. Definitely not match of the year quality, but still a good match and easily one of the better moments from this pretty lackluster show."
[8.0] "This was a great match. I have never seen Asahi wrestles before, but she had a really good performance here, and was a believable threat for Aono's title. Aono had good matches during her reign with the title, but this is the first match that I can say that was great. As mentioned below, Aono's selling was on point, and so as of Asahi's offense, which at once locked a brutal looking armbar variation. Couple of great false nearfalls, with Asahi even kicking out from the Style Clash (I don't know how Aono calls it lol). So, yeah, great match, which I wouldn't mind seeing Asahi being the one to dethrone Aono. [****]"
[9.0] "On par with their previous match, maybe slightly better. Garcia's fight to prove himself in this tournament has been a good story so far and he impresses in the ring as usual. Daddy Magic should really lay off the dancing and tell him to stop leaning back on his sharpshooter though, that's always how they break the hold man!"
[9.0] "Ah, this was wacky as hell but it was very fun in my opinion. Booker put on a hell of a showing, pulling out a lot of his best stuff, and JBL was hard hitting as usual and knew just how much to bump and stooge. It did devolve into interference but I gotta give it up to Orlando Jordan, that dude was working overtime. I dunno, it won't be for everyone but I really enjoyed it."
[5.0] "This was an extremely good match for the time these guys were allowed, but they just didn't have enough time to turn it into an outstanding match. Perfect wasn't on his A game either, but both he and Owen were bumping amazingly. The bump Owen takes when Perfect gets his knees up looks like devastating! All in all, I can't rate this match higher than 5 points because the overall crowd at Wrestlemania 5 and the short time they were both given. I compare this match to some extremely good fast food. It might be your favorite fast food, but it's still fast food at the end of the day. You'd need to spend more time to get a truly masterful experience."
[8.0] "This was a good match with nice sense of urgency, both trying to claim the vacant AWG Single Championship. First time seeing Kouki and I was impressed, she came across as well rounded. I really liked Miku's burst of energy after kicking out the diving splash, although I prefer the Style Clash as her finisher. But strong effort by both. [***3/4]"
[9.0] "Deathmatches are hit or miss for me but this one was definitely a hit. There's a certain amount of overkill that comes with these matches but if they walk the line just right it can be super engaging, and they did it here. Some tremendously impressive bumps."
[8.0] "If they had grown a pair and had Jey win after the spear/splash combo, I would go higher. As it stands, a very fun but simple main event with a solid final stretch undermined by the classic "Seth forgets his back injury and hits 8 finishers to win" finish."
[6.0] "This was a pretty nice match, although it lacked for me a sense of urgency, they did show some near the end. First time seeing Irie, she is a fun babyface and sold the leg well during the match. Aono continues to be the ace of AWG, and that lariat at the end much works for her as a finisher. [***]"
[8.0] "There really is no reason for this not to be the world title feud going into WrestleMania. Such great chemistry here to solidify Drew's full turn with great selling from Sami. Loved it."
[10.0] "Highly underrated in my opinion. The draw they had at the 2016 G1 is rated much higher here and honestly I think this is a better match. Also that little moment where Tana slaps the mat in frustration is golden and great comedic timing."
[8.0] "Both guys were huge ! Great show of athleticism in that first fall. They worked well together. Love the first and second fall finishes, not so much that last fall but it's the 70's."
[10.0] "This was their first match against each other and it was insane. Dragunov threw everything at Hayes, but he wouldnt back down. The finish was well done and it kept both men protected in the process."
[8.0] "Very good match, crowd well behind Nakamura and the two played well of eachother. Last 5 minutes were really great."
[7.0] "These two tell a good story with some impressive chain wrestling sequences. They move onto Sasha doing some holds but the two of them are able to keep things interesting throughout several chinlocks. The finish is short and sweet. Solid effort from the two young competitors."
[6.0] "This was a fun watch but nothing out of this world nothing that you should go out of your way to see but if you want a fun attitude era brawl this is your kind of thing. Nothing technical about this one although the rules were kind of convaluted and it was basically a handicap match, they just didn't outright say it was a handicap match."
[6.0] "Nothing extraordinary but this was good for what it was. The match ended seconds after Ishikawa took it seriously but what it followed holds up on its own. Shinjuku wrestled smart here and didn't fall for any of Ishikawa's tactics while Yuki kept on getting lured in by Shark's."
[5.0] "I quite enjoyed the big men here but I'm only a few matches into watching Kuroshio's stuff and his shtick is already grating on me hard. Tachibana can go I think but as long as he's with Kuroshio he'll always be a dork. The match was fine but I just couldn't stand some of the goofiness. **3/4"
[7.0] "Good match. Both guys worked hard. They worked at a good pace, they are both big stars and Dillon was good as a manager too."
[9.0] "Amazing match, definitely one of the best of this year's G1. This used well the winner advances story, both guys did electric moves and the ending was one of the most breathtaking I can remember of, incredibly fast paced and a lot of sequences and nearfalls."
[6.0] "Fun enough start to the show. Honda looked strong in particular but there was nothing major to take away from this. ***"
[9.0] "This was tremendous and way better than the bout these two had in Apache Pro. I don't know much about Shinjuku but this was easily his best match. The crowd was pretty active throughout the match and was encouraging both to keep on fighting. This is definitely my style of match, two skinny dudes in boxing trunks, wearing gloves, kicking and punching the life out of each other. One of the best matches of 2008."
[10.0] "a legendary match. one that you hear about and think sounds crazy. then you actually watch it and realize how insane it actually is. can only imagine the feels of people watching this live as it happened."
[10.0] "The definitive match to the series, where Tanahashi looked to ride the lightning one more time in the house he built. This was the moment Okada stopped being 1A and became a dynasty. In the next 3 years at Wrestle Kingdom, Okada was chased by Kenny, Naito, and then Jay White. He was the standard bearer because he beat Tanahashi. No qualms. Tana changed too, losing High Energy for Go Ace, a theme that came to embody his will to Never Tire, Never Give Up, even though he saw the wave rolling past him. Only two artists like Kazuchika Okada and Hiroshi Tanahashi could continue this rivalry in various ways up to the present day, but as a final stamp to the greatest rivalry in NJPW history, this was ******. Next up, when Okada and Naito go one-on-one for the final time next year. But Tranquilo, see you next time."
[9.0] "like the women's match a bit more since this match ends very quickly once randy gets involved, but the buildup to this match was incredibly well done and was super satisfying to watch in action. oh and cm punk returned but everybody knows that already"
[7.0] "This was a big surprise, didn't expect to see these guys in the main event. Shiga & Hashi really busted their asses to prove that they are good enough for this level. The highlights here were the interactions between Hashi & Akiyama. 3.5 stars"
[9.0] "an absolute blast from beginning to end. everyone in this match does a great job, but my god iyo sky was so much fun to watch tonight. that spot with the trash can (you know the one) made me yell so loud that i thought the night had already peaked (it didn't)."
[7.0] "Fun match. You have Ken Patera in his prime and Lothario still very good. Good match to push Patera as a threat. There was a woman who yelled the whole match, she was very annoying."
[6.0] "fun, not my favorite but i quite like santos as a heel and lee is super talented. ended when things started picking up but such is the nature of this ppv i guess"
[8.0] "I think it was the very first time I've watch a bout which included Windsor. She's good ! Her technical craft is enjoying to watch, while against a talent like Rae, she can do everything she wants. Rae's lovable character cemented well Windsor's heelwork. Kudos to both ladies for this meticulous fight, it brought the emotions back down after hard-hitting and/or intense bouts. They brought up intensity at the right moment, even though they could have brought it a bit more during the final minutes. Nevertheless, that went upon 20 minutes and I didn't see them go by. A great showcase for both Windsor and Rae, as well as women's wrestling in the UK. BritWres defintely has a good fish tank of women wrestlers."
[5.0] "This was a fine tag team match, the ending with Kane joining the Corporation was just silly though and it was a swerve just for the sake of it."
[7.0] "A really cool sprint between two hungry talents. It was a good old brawl/slugfest. Nothing more, nothing less. It showcased well both lads, while it was Kidd's return after some months of absence. Moloney is a jacked dude, and it's cool to watch him perform. He has great potential. Funny that one year later, they're both part of the Bullet Club."
[9.0] "This was an amazing match. The action was fast paced and the dynamic between the two teams was amazing. The third fall is when the match hit that second gear. I hope this is where DIYs push starts."
[8.0] "In a stacked roster like RevPro has, you have to be hungry and show you deserve to be here, and so Jacobs and Robbie X showed it once again. The lads went all out for 15 minutes and threw some hard strikes and took some risky bumps. They showed superb fighting spirit, especially Robbie, even though it was a bit too much at some moments. The cool side is that Jacobs had to kill Robbie if he wanted to win. Jacobs' technical side is always enjoying to watch, moreover."
[6.0] "Fujiwara vs. Kane is real. And it's pretty solid. Nothing to right home about here, just some lock based grappling with couple of nice transitions. Jacobs never really used his muscules as much as I wished he would, but he was much better at catch than you may expect. Yoshiaki is a master of the craft, so it's always good stuff from him."
[1.0] "Whenever anyone tries to tell you, with a straight face, that Jinder Mahal's title reign "wasn't actually that bad", just remember what you sat through here. Remember how this is a near 30 minute rest hold match. Remember that they had a Great Khali appearance in 2017. 1 point for the heinous bump that Singh bro took. That's literally it."
[6.0] "27/11/91 Survivor Series WWF. Not the best of matches, not really a good match-up, probably a hard one to work out either way. And it was around this time I began losing interest in the WWF at the tender age of 9, well the World title at least. A good finish to a drab enough match and always good to see Hogan lose fair and square, crowd were electric, Hogan's pop not as big as it was and Undertaker got a fine pop himself. Hogan milked the tombstone finish, but it was good watching the Hulkamaniacs crying. A kind 5.5*"
[5.0] "This was a good match, the Corporation screwing D-Generation X continues after the match with HBK coming out and saying this was never a title match."
[2.0] "Because when I think of a blood feud between two best friends/practically brothers, born out of pain from their third going away to literally fight for his life... I THINK OF HEADLOCKS! AND PISS POOR CHAIN WRESTLING! AND THE MOST HEATLESS FINAL STRETCH POSSIBLE! WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED HERE? !"
[8.0] "Man, this was a great sub-10-minute sprint that ALL action with zero waste. The GYV were looking to get revenge over Wentz for their lost to him and Wes Lee in 2021 NXT. But this time Myron Reed to Wes's place and the action was HOT. Qucik tags and big moves from the Rascalz and good tuff Heel work from the GYV. The GYVs Indie return has been great IMO. Check this match out. 8/10 4.25"
[5.0] "The weirdest thing about this match is that it was apparently exclusive to Facebook (yuck). It was mid."
[10.0] "A fantastic match and a good introduction to lucha libre, a good brawl that felt like a actual shoot fight. The low quality of the recording I found on YouTube makes this more gritty, there are no bright colors except MS1's bright red trunks. Ms1 starts this match by attacking Sangre Chicana on the outside while he is doing his entrance, Chicana still has his entrance gear on. Ms1 shoves Sangre Chicanas face to the apron and now he is juicing hard, he continues the assault by stomping him violently on the face. Ms1 is great as a cocky heel. The punches in this match look stiff. Sangre Chicana does a great job selling. There are minimal high flying moves in this match, even though there are some dives, which is not what I expected from lucha libre, instead it has a focus on brawling and punches, which makes it more a hate filled brawl. MS1 scores the first fall by doing a splash onto Sangre Chicana. You'd think that by the lengthy control segment that MS1 would win, but that changes after Sangre Chicana lands a huge punch after dodging a punch from MS1, the crowd get really loud as the face gives the heel what he deserves. MS1 also gets juiced as Sangre Chicana slams his face on the ring, now they're equal. The white ring gets really bloody by the second fall. The third Fall is where this match gets really great, everytime MS1 attempts a big move he misses Chicana and pays for it hard everytime. Sangre Chicana wins after doing a submission. And there's also some good post match stuff where the two wrestlers are still fighting because MS1 does not want to cut his hair. Finally after some time Sangre Chicana forces MS1 into a submission and a barber cuts his hair. Really weird for the barber to cut hair on a person who is really bloody, probably he's been used to this I don't know. After getting his hair cut MS1 is still the same old heel. I was not used for pins over really simple moves, maybe it was just me being used to more modern wrestling and the need for an absolute killer of a move to be a finisher, but the match was paced excellently and the roles these two wrestlers played were good, I even thought the match went longer and was surprised it was about 18 minutes. Not a match I necessarily enjoyed, but this is a great match to study if you want to be a wrestler and have a hate filled brawl. (****3)"
[6.0] "Another good match here, always enjoy watching Hardcore matches and this is one of the first best ones. A lot of involvement outside of the ring and Mankind comes and helps Road Dogg win"
[0.0] "I mean... what else can be said? Other than this being my personal most hated match of all time, what else could you say about this complete dumpster fire? A complete character assassination of two characters, an entire show, and a beloved stipulation ALL at once. Insulting that this is one of the major things Bray Wyatt will be remembered for. I truly despise this match with every part of me."
[9.0] "I love Pom and Max as a tag team so much. I'm glad Heidi and Max aren't tagging. Pom and Max have natural chemistry. This match has everything in it. Comedy, hard hits, story, and good wrestling. Only a few moments where the momentum lacked for me, otherwise I would be rating a 10."
[10.0] "The quintessential David vs Goliath match, and the performance of a lifetime from Tyler Bate. The way this match effortlessly swings from sequence to sequence is like watching a fantastic film. From WALTER's complete domination of Bate in the early stages, to the attempted and failed comebacks leading to a rousing series of nearfalls for Bate, bridged into WALTER's savagery in the final stretch, climaxing at the single greatest 1 count kickout of all time to give the people hope that maybe "David" can pull off the upset... only for Goliath to crush his dreams and the spirits of everyone watching. Yet all the people can do is applaud having watched two masters of the craft put on their own masterpiece for over 40 minutes... its just fucking beauteous. If WWE truly understands what they have in this pairing, the next time we see Bate and WALTER run it back will be in the main event of WrestleMania. Cause watching this match feels like I'm watching the biggest match of all time, every single time."
[7.0] "Weird one for me in that the climax to the match definitely got the crowd going and had some intrigue, but throughout the match I just struggled to get engaged. Rollins runs the ropes at almost half speed these days, really feels like his heart isn't fully in it. The pedigree counter at the end also wasn't particularly crisp. Jey is just extremely mid to me, don't know why he's so over. It was a good match, just not great to me. ***3/4"
[10.0] "Is it too long? Absolutely! Did it kind of ruin Takeover main events from here on out? Sure! Do either of those facts change that this match, particularly the 3rd fall, still hits like crack whenever I rewatch it and that I shed tears when Johnny finally became champion? FUCK NO!"
[6.0] "The Japanese announcers going "ECW! ECW! ECW! " should tell you all you need to know about a match like this. Featuring ECW originals like Masato Tanaka and Super Crazy, this also featured ECW original action like garbage brawling and kendo sticks. This was spot to spot to spot, and Ninja Mack winning was cool to see, as he's really put his time in in NOAH."
[3.0] "Pom Harajuku is one of the worst wrestlers in the world. She is almost incapable of doing anything well and this match was a great example of her incompetence. She almost single handedly brought this match down with her terrible gimmick. I'm not going to praise the rest of the wrestlers either they just attempted to have a wrestling match."
[10.0] "A fantastic match, somehow it has elements that I would normally would not like in a wrestling match like over the top melodrama, Flippy moves, acrobatics. But this match makes sure they fit all these elements together. This was my first aew and young bucks match. I heard that the young bucks were all Flippy flopping doing acrobats no selling around the ring. even though there was a moment of no selling, I thought they did all right. I was used to Kenny omegas over the top wrestling style and facial expression and thought the combination of Kenny omegas cartoony faces and over the top wrestling style and the young bucks Flippy moves would make me not enjoy this match but this match just kept getting better and better and escalating to a grand conclusion. The atmosphere in the arena is great and the match has a big fight feel. At the opening minutes very graceful but when Matt Jackson did his occasional flips, I was scared thinking that he is going to do this all match, adding unnecessary acrobatics and Flippy aspects to basic wrestling moves, but thankful that he did not overuse them. The young bucks probably do all these flips to show off their atheletic prowess. They did a very good job implementing the inner turmoil of the four men in this match. I loved the opening stretch also because it showcases how much these 4 men know eachother. The young bucks in this stretch have absolutely beautiful double team acrobatics and graceful fast paced offence, utilizing their fast paced and creative offense to isolate Adam page. Matt Jackson did have corny selling but that didnt matter. When Nick jackson first tagged in, which in this match I thought was better than his brother matt had absolutely phenomenal offense utilizing kicks, knee strikes, and aerial moves. The match has great escalation through out, in my opinion the best performer in this match is nick jackson, he does a lot of moves sure, but what's important is that he does these moves is that he does them with such grace, I especially love the sunset flip powerbomb he did on Adam page. The only bad thing in this match is that while matt Jackson is selling his back, he does three northern light suplexes where the third one he does a release northern lights suplex he clearly lands on his back and he doesn't sell it, but all the other moments in this match are awesome. I normally don't like one counts but this match implement this trope perfectly. There is a moment in the match that after the young bucks gave Adam page a meltzer driver, they isolate Omega with superkicks and being the heels they are, they give Omega a golden trigger his tag team finisher with Kota Ibushi as the golden lovers after the young bucks hit them with the move, Omega springs up at one! . Omega is so filled with rage and anger that his friends would do this that he starts pounding his fists on the mat and does a over the top cartoony angry face. the bucks hit them with superkicks and pin him but Omega still kicks out. THIS MOMENT IS EPIC AND THE BEST SPOT OF THE MATCH. The acting with Matt Jackson stomping on omegas shoulder that has been damaged and then acting like he regrets what he just did should be corny, but with the over the top natute of the elite, this was acceptable. A awesome moment in this match also is that Adam page does the one winged angel for his tag mate Kenny Omega, but still the young bucks get interrupted. This match is a perfect example of modern wrestling, showcasing all the highs, the MOVEZ, even though this match is very over the top and I do not want for all matches to be like this. But if a match is like this, they should go all out like this match. The perfect blueprint of modern wrestling. (*****3)"
[10.0] "The match that made me fall in love with wrestling and understood why I loved it. When Kawada kicked Misawa as he was going through the ropes, I knew this was going to be a great match. What unfolded was the finest heel performances by any wrestler ever, every time Kawada is in the match I feel a sense of dread as I don't know what he might be doing. Kawada is very disrespectful in this match and will use every opportunity to get in offense to get the win. Everyone execution of moves and psychology is great. There is never a dull moment in this match, the match is great bell to bell. Great babyface performance by Kobashi as he is selling the leg very well, the injured leg of Kobashi leads to some great moments like him trying to save Misawa from the evil holy demon army but gets interrupted and dropped on his head. The heels are absolutely fantastic in this match so are they babyfaces. Great performance by Misawa as he is the enforcer of match by beating the heels up. At the end of match I know that Kobashi and Misawa are absolutely destroyed as they are no way they will survive the absolute destruction caused by the holy demon army, I accepted that they will never win the match. No matter how much Kobashi and Misawa try to be defiant, in one way or another they will get destroyed by the holy demon army. After the match I clapped and cried because of the absolutely fantastic match. As with other matches I get distracted, but in this match my eyes were locked in with focus as I watch the masterpiece unfolding before me , the match was very dramatic, unlike some other matches where the drama is told not by fighting but some other forces that influences the match, but in this case it is told purely through wrestling, and because of that you don't need to understand the story the enjoy it. and the selling was very realistic. I did not know some months after this match is that it was Kawada's first time pinning Misawa in a big match, so you could also call it a story of people who will do everything to win, destroying everything in their path to those that have wronged him, the pin was for Misawa beating taue in the champion ship carnival in 1995 and Kawada who has been with wars with Misawa in the past especially the phenomenal 6/3/94, the pin was for both of them. but you don't need to understand the story to understand that this match is a masterpiece. (******). GREATEST TAG MATCH OF LL TIME"
[6.0] "Acceptable match. It is a match of less than 10 minutes that meets the minimum, it lasts just as long as necessary, at the in-ring level it is not the most technical, nor impressive, but it compensates very well with the entertainment. Martina entertains quite well, Jinny does her heel part well, and the spot with Di Matteo was good."
[5.0] "Seth Rollins can't sell. He has no ability to lay his shit in.. None of his offense feels believable and impactful. He works like a slowmo bad imitation of a faux-NJPW epic. This match is no exception. Jey Uso needs a great worker to carry him to a good match like Danielson did beforehand. Seth is not that guy. Typical big match WWE formula of kickout fests at the end to pop the crowd too. This is just not good. It's unbelievable that anyone can think this is good. This is a stark contrast to the Collision main event last week in terms of a match made to make you feel emotions and not just pop at moves and counters. The difference between masters of the craft and the current generation."
[7.0] "The match started well, with good grappling between the two bit it somewhat lead to nothing really interesting. Not bad but a bit bland *** 1/4"
[6.0] "An ECW tribute match starring two of the dead company's stars and fucking Ninja Mack, who nabs the whole thing! Some very funny spots here including the helmet and trash can bits. Mack pulls off some crazy destroyer shit to get the win in a fun, swift match."
[7.0] "I really enjoyed this match with some really good work by both competitors. A lot of the foreign talent that have worked in TJPW have not been great but I was really impressed by Viva Van who was excellent and showed really good in ring skills. They hit some really nice moves and built the match well and kept the crowd invested. TJPW needs more matches like this and less awful niche comedy."
[7.0] "A heater of a Shiozaki/Kojima singles match with tough strikes and shotgun-blast chops and the occasional assists from Kenoh and Soya. The beginning of the match with Kenoh kicking Kojima out of the ring was very funny. I was surprised to see Go get bitched out clean in just 10 minutes."
[5.0] "I love Killer Khan, but he was way past his prime here. They recycle the ending from at least two of Khan's matches with Hogan by having Savage put up his hand when the "poison mist" is blown into his face and then wipes it in Khan's eyes and allows him to get the victory."
[5.0] "The crowd, of course, is with this one all the way. A huge singles match between 2 of the biggest stars in the biggest feud in AJPW at the time. But my goodness I don't see the appeal of this. Repetitive moves, Haguchi reffing one of his worst matches I've seen (Including a 3 count that somehow wasn't), and I get building up Yatsu so you want to do a draw but he had only just won his first tag team championship and the draw of the team was obviously Choshu. Not a great one for me."
[6.0] "Third match in and finally a decent attempt at a wrestling match. This wasn't great by any means but these two have some talent particularly Uehara who could be a star if TJPW learned how to book emerging talent. HIMAWARI did well here too and they showed how young talent should work just do what you can do and do it well."
[6.0] "They began this with a homoerotic "posedown" between these two bodybuilders who both think they're the shit. To me, Rude is easily in better shape, but the crowd cheers Orndorff to win it because that is what Vince wanted them to do. The match itself was kind of fun and th feud between Orndorff and Rude/Heenan Family begins to take off here."
[6.0] "As far as Billy Graham in 1987 matches go, this one wasn't terrible. Butch Reed bumps all over the ring for Graham and makes him look good. Graham does ok for an over-the-hill guy with a bad hip."
[1.0] "An awful comedy match. The start of this was just not wrestling instead it was a parody of the worst kind. A bunch of bad wrestlers who seem to think their profession is a joke and they aren't any good at comedy either. There was a couple moments when they put the pillows and the spray away when it looked like the match may be worth something then it just became awful again so very close to being a complete dud."
[3.0] "Billy Jack Haynes was not very active of late on the WWF shows, but returns from an injury here to face Nikolai Volkoff in a match that didn't have much meat on the bone. It was fine for what it was, but it wasn't that fun to watch."
[5.0] "I thought this match was alright, nothing special for me but I am not a big fan of Izumida so that may be why. Taue got some fun spots and it's cool to see Bison Smith this early in his NOAH career. 2.5 stars, skippable for sure but not unwatchable."
[6.0] "It was bizarre to see Ueno leading Higuchi into his match, and the end result was a generic 'your turn/my turn' match with few cool spots here and there, like many you've probably seen before."
[2.0] "Catastrophically stupid on all fronts. Such a boring slog where even the technically good spots fall flat for a crowd who just didn't care, it goes on and on and ON without an ending being in sight, and then when it finally does end, its just the same old Roman title defence finish we've seen a hundred times over at this point, only with a bafflingly stupid twist thrown in to make the match memorable for all the wrong reasons. Say what you will about the Bloodline storyline good or bad, but there is absolutely no defending Jimmy's turn, it still doesn't make sense months later, and it spat in the face of the arch him and Jey had up to this point. Just more proof that Roman should've lost to Cody or Sami, this match doesn't come remotely close to the excellent pair of matches Roman and Jey had in 2020. What a mess!"
[6.0] "Rusher Kimura is bad but has some appeal to him, in an endearing sort of way. And I like how hes willing to cheat. Hamaguchi isnt great but he kicks some sort of ass and knows his shit so this turns out to be pretty damn good. Kind of long though. Only 15 minutes so its not a great sign. But it was a good match and heated too. It just lacked that smoothness needed for something better. ***1/4"
[9.0] "It started with a decent build-up from the video package for Jey leading up to the backstage encounter. As for the in-ring performance, both Seth & Jey put on a show. The match was quite a thriller with plenty of action, drama, and near-falls, making it feel even more exciting. I might be exaggerating, but this match was one of the best I've seen in a while. It was a definite PLE main event caliber match."
[7.0] "A cool match that instantly showcases Ishin Gun as a threat. Choshu is hugely over, one his way to becoming a star. And they fare very well against the legend, Sakaguchi. Saito and Sakaguchi have some cool amateur vs judo style stuff but the main talking point is Killer Khan joining Ishingun and joining in on the beatdown on Sakaguchi. The ring swarms with New Japan wrestlers and soon only Inoki can solve the mess and Ishingun gets contained to a section of the building, threatening to do more. Good match with a great angle. ***1/2"
[9.0] "This is great stuff. Four badasses going at an unrelenting pace, tons of personality on display and a crowd that's absolutely eating it up. Highly recommended."
[6.0] "This actually disappointed me. It was over for sure, and both guys worked hard, I just didn't like the structure. This was as standard a championship match as you could have, with bits of flourish on Seth's offense that I didn't really like (the springboard senton to lionsault looked meh). Jey looked good here and his setups for each of his nearfalls were really well-paced, but that final act with them is my issue; this felt so much like the kinds of matches Cena used to have in his prime as champion, where it was solid but uninspired back & forth with too many kickouts from the champ and a clean finish that makes the challenger look worse than they did going in. On top of that, that Pedigree reversal of Jey's spear looked awful. Fundamentally sound but mostly forgettable with a last 5 minutes that left a bad taste. ***"
[6.0] "This one didn't hit for me. I usually enjoy the Mini Estrellas but don't think Mercurio and Ultimo Dragoncito really gelled together all that well. This one only gets a 6/10 gor me and is the most skippable match on the show this week. Better Mini Estrella matches on other recent weeks."
[7.0] "Well worked match with some cool spots delivered smoothly. Really enjoyable opener for this episode of Super Viernes. Some of the best wrestling currently out there and these women thoroughly deserve their spots on the card each week. 7/10 for me...."
[8.0] "A good opener given heat right away from the promo before to solidify heel Drew. Sami working from underneath was good throughout. A very standard TV opener but one with heat. ***1/2+"
[7.0] "The push that The Creed Brothers have been getting since their main roster debut has been one of my favorite things on Raw in the past few weeks. The brothers show up and show out every time they're in the ring. It seems like a natural transition for them from NXT to Raw. Their physicality, athleticism, and teamwork make them truly special. Dom & JD were the latest victims. This pair from the Judgement Day lacks in-ring quality compared to Priest & Balor. The Creeds manhandled the heels in some parts of the match. Even a guest appearance from R-Truth wearing a "Mami is always on top" T-shirt didn't help..."
[6.0] "Fun match but not much more to it than the multiple suplexes and the finishing spot. The judgement day guys did next to nothing and there wasn't much connective tissue to the match. Fun, but nothing more. ***1/4"
[7.0] "This Tag Team match was the first of three highlights in this week's show. All four Superstars are very talented, so it's unsurprising that both teams looked good in the ring. They sure made this match feel more important than it is, with a sense of urgency that you don't usually see in non-title matches. I believe that this stipulation only made it better. With new cracks starting to show within Imperium, I can't wait to see how this angle will play out."