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[5.0] "I'm with everyone else. WTF was this a submission match between two brawling hosses? Neither man had ever even attempted a submission move, much less won a match with one until now when they randomly decided to make Ice Train win a match. It's like they were challenging them to be creative or something."
[7.0] "This was a decent match. Ami Sohrei is a weird one because some matches of hers I watch and think that she's coming along nicely and then others I just think she's boring and not urgent or hard hitting enough. Kid's got some cool reversals and strength spots in there though, some of them were very nice."
[10.0] "I know that I could be mad but to me this match isn't such far to the legendary BOLA's trios. Obviously thai match was based on the "Suck It" and on LeRae trying to castrate Cole and the Bucks but there are also a lot of spots and spamming Superkicks; just 20 minutes of pure comfort food. *****"
[8.0] "This was pretty good, after the hot start to the tournament Momo has now lost 2 in a row which was predictable. Mariah keeps improving her game which is always great to see, that new pin is quite cool. I think the match would've benefited from being a bit faster paced at points but that's really my only complaint."
[7.0] "First, Swinger has the best promo of his career and then he and King go out and have a much better, less comedic match than I expected. A lot of good work from two veteran performers. Throw in King and Jean getting heat on him and Tommy after and the whole thing was very entertaining."
[4.0] "The added twist in this match is that Iceman King Parsons and Buddy Roberts are handcuffed to each other outside the ring. This one went by too quickly to matter, so it shouldn't be any surprise this wasn't a MOTY candidate or an epic brawl. Kerry wrestled this one barefoot like Kevin for some odd reason."
[8.0] "Good match despite I thought that only the second half really mattered - that is around ten minutes -. At least they surely did the chops I was looking for but as a complete Dream Match I don't think it really lived up the hype (at least in 2023). ****"
[10.0] "You know what? This could be one of the best comedy matches I have seen this year. The action was just ridicoulus from start to finish and the point in which they started to spam watermelon - shots was a mix of brutality and fun. If you like this style watch it as soon as possible. *****"
[0.0] "An absolutely nothing battle royale where nothing interesting happens and no one got to shine. To make it worse Santino in drag wins, and to make it even worse Kid Rock took up 15 minutes of screen time before, don't particularly hate his songs, but a pre match concert shouldn't take more space than the match is introducing. And that also robbed us of getting Miz & Morrison on the card."
[7.0] "Why is the rating of this match so low? It deserves more. Shirakawa and Mariah just worked great as a team, it was a real pleasure to watch their interactions together. And their comedic interactions with Meghan were hilarious, camera man's work when Mina was shaking her boobs was just iconic, I hope he got a pay raise."
[7.0] "I would be happy not to write a comment and save myself time, but this match clearly deserved at least one 7. Entertaining, emphasizing the characters of each participant, endlessly funny, and at the same time very convincing from the in-ring side, every woman was able to shine, and, most importantly, May and Shirakawa stood out for the best side as a threat to Megan, showing consistency as a team. A really good match (***1/2)."
[6.0] "Adams and Garvin had pretty good chemistry. That's saying something considering Jimmy Garvin sucked in later years, but I feel like WCCW is the peak of Garvin's career, not Crockett or WCW. Chris Adams was always underrated. Pretty decent for a 10-minute time limit draw."
[7.0] "At this point it just feels like diminishing returns between these four. In a vacuum it is very good but we have already seen it multiple times and it doesn't feel like they have added something new or have fresh ideas so it just feels like you have already seen this match which of course you have."
[7.0] "Fun laddder match with fun spots as expected from this type of match specially thanks to Kofi and Shelton. Finlay is also a realiable guy for the more brawl-like segments. Kane and henry as the two monsters to neutralize early on was a nice touch. Good Match but slightly below the previous editions"
[7.0] "It's kind of in a tough spot, sandwiched between two world title matches, but it hits the beats it needed to as a comeback for the new/old version of 'Taker. Nice pops for the apron leg drop, the sit up and old school. Kind of funny that they went really hard on the "Taker is a magic man" stuff in the build up to this with him levitating and tilt the ring and making Kane lose his footing, then come the match Kane ducks out of the ring to dodge a clothesline and this temporarily stumps Taker. Undertaker logic is funny and cool."
[7.0] "For 7 minutes it's almost as good as it can get in a non high speed style. One of my favorite things about this tournament has been watching Hanan mature as a performer. She's not really having particularly great matches with exception of the AZM one but she's developing her moveset and getting better at her timings and it's very nice to see. Saori is great, I want to see her get a singles title shot, she hasn't yet."
[4.0] "Bobo Brazil is a legend of wrestling but his heyday was 20 years before this match took place. At this time Bobo made Kevin Nash look like Dean Malenko. It just doesn't work. Brisco did what he could but it's just bad beyond the initial thought of this match never happening before and being a generational clash."
[6.0] "There was some few good spots as a whole but the pace was so damn slow for 95% of the match. The best part is easily the last 2mins where everyone but mostly Jaki & Yuko decided to go faster to do a good finishing stretch. Kinda a missed opportunity to work that slow. ***"
[6.0] "The JOYA team is both a rather surprising but also very entertaining association. While offering solid action in the ring. A decent match, without much suspense that gives Momentum to JOYA while being a funny hype for the main show. special mention for the theme of JOYA !"
[5.0] "As far as Johnny Mantell Vs. Buddy Roberts matches go, this is probably the best one you'll find. Going through WCCW, I've come to accept that I'm going to be overloaded in Johnny Mantell matches, and while I usually grown whenever I see this guy, he's not technically a bad wrestler. He just has a realistic style, which I don't like. But I liked watching him beat up on Buddy Roberts, so there's that."
[3.0] "I bet this is as close as we get to Russian bear wrestling in New Japan. These two twins got off their matching motorcycles to put on some sort of match with Inoki here. Antonio wasn't even on the ground when he got the final pin. I've seen a lot of big wrestlers over the years but I've never seen anyone so big that that happens."
[8.0] "Maybe this match deserve better that the countdown, but who could complain about having free access to a Mike Belay match? Alan Angels is also a very good wrestler and a good opponents for Mike Belay (even if I feel like he loses very often at Impact) ... and I discover in the site that he has only 25 years old..."
[2.0] "I can't help but agree with the previous commentator, even though I feel a little better for Jake than he does. But the truth is that Lee is a very boring wrestler. I love his series of matches with Kento Miyahara, but there is one nuance - I haven't seen one of their matches since Jake heel turned and changed his gimmick. Previously, he lacked charisma and interaction with the audience, now he has it, but lacks wrestling. There are matches that piss you off, and there are those that put you to sleep. For me, this match was the second type. I had to use all my willpower to stay awake. It was just a snoozefest, and my 2 only for a couple of Masa's moments. What a terrible match."
[6.0] "I have some mixed feelings on this. Parts of this I really enjoyed. Parts of it, IN THIS CONTEXT, took me out of the match. The exchange of Canadian destroyers will be a hinge moment for some people. I think it would've been ok or even a high spot in a less serious match, but in THIS match, which carried some gravitas into it as Orange breaks down, this was not appropriate use of no selling. Especially the egregiously goofy selling afterwards. I also hated the ending with ANOTHER roll up steal. Orange cuts a really great promo after though to potentially cap off a great reign."
[5.0] "This one was just okay to me. The name power of these two fighting may make my rating even higher than it deserves. This is very slow at points and had a lot of Inoki's spirit being willing but the flesh being weak (I'm talking about trying to get Andre up into a bow & arrow and submission moves that didn't work. I especially liked when Inoki had Andre's legs wrapped up and was going to go for a Muta Lock but said "". I do admire Inoki doing extra to make Andre appear even stronger. The way he runs when Andre whips him is faster than I've seen him do with anyone else. Great touch."
[8.0] "These two have a solid history in the tag division which may have informed their good chemistry in this match. Quite an intense match, with a real desire to win on both sides. Ami Sohrei, who has lagged a bit lately, especially fought with a convincing sense of urgency, and the approach Hazuki took to the size disparity was compelling. ***3/4"
[8.0] "This may have been the match that surprised me the most because I really wasn't expecting much, and it turned out to be in my opinion the most fun match on the card and was very action packed. Christian and Sting prove that they can both still go and the spot with the coffin being shut on swerve's arm was gnarly. Kind of feel bad for saying this but kind of happy we got this instead of Fox and Swerve."
[0.0] "Pathetic. I spent the whole match just thinking this was utterly pathetic. Apparently Tyrus is the babyface in this which is all well and good but I imagine he gets gassed cleaning his teeth and and his offense has about as much snap and aggression as a kitten playing with a particularly soft ball of wool. His rope whips in particular were laughable. Speaking of laughable, I watched this match hoping to get a few laughs but honestly every minute is a grind and makes you wonder why you even like pro wrestling."
[8.0] "It was really great, it was really great, it was really great, and we hope that it will be better and more great with new and creative ideas and innovations. Again, I say that for a newly born company, that too with a little more than 5 years after going through all the challenges and hardships and the pandemic, this is really great, attractive and big. Thank you and good luck"
[10.0] "Known for the brutal "Muta Scale" but this match is deeper than that. First, there's some great technical wrestling within all of the violence. Second, although on a smaller scale; this match shows two characters, each one becoming something different by the end of the match. Similar to the Bret Hart vs Steve Austin classic from Wrestlemania 13. Great Muta is a super natural heel character who often quickly resorts to weapons to violently destroy his opponents. Hiroshi Hase is the technical baby face character. But in this match, Hase decides to beat Muta at his own game after stealing his weapon of choice (a spike) and using it to create one of the bloodiest scenes in wrestling history. Hase doesn't stop there, he fully adopts the Muta way; attacking the wound, even biting it and spitting out the blood. Disgusting. What follows is an amazing babyface comeback that see's The Great Muta channel his other persona; Keiji Muto. Muta has now become the babyface in this match and the crowd is fully behind his charismatic comeback. Picture perfect; bloody, bridging dragon suplexes, backdrop suplexes and the patented Muta Moonsault close out one of the best matches from the 90's. This match is everything we love about pro wrestling. It's dramatic, it tells a story, it's technical and it's violent. *****"
[1.0] "Jake Lee is the worst main eventer of recent years among all more or less significant Japanese promotions, and this match is just a vivid illustration of why exactly. Monotonous, uninteresting, incapable of at least some meaningful domination, and when it comes to the reverse role, it's even worse, I don't understand the meaning of his mysterious views, I don't understand the atmosphere of this threat around him, I don't understand why Kitamiya, for a split second, is scared of him, if it's not for anything it affects. I'm not a fan of drawing conclusions about wrestlers from a match with others, but if you show such a lifeless match with Masa, one of the most electrifying wrestlers in the ring, then there's definitely something wrong with you. Perhaps it would have looked better if the GHC champion treated his opponent appropriately and sold the pain in his leg, but I really didn't understand how I could get involved in Prison Lock if Jake didn't even bother to limp before getting into this submission. 30-minute matches are based on such little things, allowing you to enjoy the details, but, damn it, Lee never treated it properly, reminding me of Ibushi in the match against Sabre at NJC 2020 (1/2*)."
[7.0] "i kind of actually liked this match a lot of cool spots from the curb stomp to Toni accidentally decking Saraya's mom to the finish. I don't get the crybabies complaining about Saraya winning it feels like these are the same people who whine about talent not being utilized and when the women's division finally gets something a little fresh they complain."
[8.0] "The first ever Club Venus intra-unit singles match was physically and emotionally charged, as intra-unit matches often are. After all, the best opponents are generally those who have a high degree of trust. Mina Shirakawa's strong match composition and Mariah May's incredible explosive power matched up well. The pacing was easy to get into and did a good job establishing heat. May's rapid integration into Stardom's ring style is remarkable. She can be called a blue-eyed "jyoshi" of the highest order. ****"
[10.0] "Mayu Iwatani and Tam Nakano's first singles bout since their Osaka-Jo Hall classic (2021). The match echoed previous encounters while weaving in fresh elements. The impact of the strikes told the whole story. They hit with such blistering intensity and each big hit resonated with emotion. The spin kick counter by Tam and the thrust kick return by Mayu at the end was simply amazing. Korakuen Hall was filled with a super palpable tension from start to finish. To encapsulate such a grand sense of magnitude within 15-minutes is masterful. ****1/2"
[4.0] "This was a miss for me. It's a good job Eddie is such a great character, because his matches just do not do it for me if it's anything but a brawl or a stip. There was not a single memorable moment here, and I echo a previous comment when I say that Yuta is just not engaging as a character. He needs a top tier performer to guide him to a having a stand out performance rather than rely on character work, and Eddie is not that person."
[5.0] "Personally, I don't understand the hype the camera work during the match was atrocious often panning to the action right after it happened. I was also heavily disappointed the stadium stampede name is not warranted here, and this match was nothing like the other stadium stampede matches and was more like an anarchy in the arena match. Given that we just had a match like this a few months ago it doesn't feel new although there were some cool spots but overall kind of a disappointing meh."
[8.0] "I am angry that TK doesn't book Joe beating up Darby every week. As TV matches go this is almost perfect and it was an absolute joy to watch. These combination works perfectly and they really should run it back and see what else they can come up with."
[7.0] "An absurd match that I'm pretty sure I only like because I was there and got sucked into the drama. I've never cared for telling instead of showing, or really any kind of big acting pieces in a wrestling match, so I should by all rights think little of this, but the atmosphere was nutty and hey it certainly wasn't boring. It's at least something different in how its all laid out rather than *purely* move-kickout-repeat. Bryce taking a Panama Sunrise popped me. ***1/2 somehow."
[6.0] "This was a fine though somewhat underwhelming match. While both men certainty tried, I just didn't feel like Aries and Sanada clicked here. The quick first fall was a nice surprise and I enjoyed Aries' attempts to get a cheap countout win shortly afterwards."
[5.0] "Chop exchange was a short, but good moment, and it was one of the few moments of the match that I liked. Some moves from Lance looked cool. Shiozaki wasn't so impressive, and I really can't recall what he did outside the chop exchange. Anoai's victory was unexpected."
[7.0] "Well, this sure started out fast-paced. Dropkick after dropkick at the bell and a false finish within 5 minutes. Inoki is so athletic here and really brings the fire throughout this one. Strong Kobayashi was alright and after the match had some color I think it was improved due to him appearing even more monstrous but at that point, the crowd was so amped up seeing that Inoki had the upper hand that everything felt bigger. I also loved that they kept playing with pinfall counts being stopped due to Inoki & Kobayashi's feet on the ropes after the first "finish". Really good callbacks. And one final thing, that cross-body head scissors that caused the two combatants to fall outside of the ring was insane."
[7.0] "Good match: I was expecting some chairs or tables spots but most of the match took place on the stage but it's not a problem because there were some cool spots and the action in general was fun and excting. Jungle Boy's maturation had come to an end with him saying goodbye and burying alive his mentor. Christian is perfect heel and I hope Jungle Boy has a bright future ahead of him maybe with some single gold around his waist. 7/10 - 3.75*/5*"
[7.0] "Solid opener, nothing crazy or fantastic but a good way to start the show. A couple of good counters like the codebreaker to counter the spear and that smooth counter to the judas effect by Starks. Both men delivered good perfomances and I was very happy to see Starks get his first Pay-Per-View win. 7/10 - 3.5*/5*"
[5.0] "Yes, Kenoh and Morris showed some cool spots, and that's why my rating is not lower, because the rest of the match was absolutely unexciting, and even the dynamic moments looked pretty tedious because they were still common. And the final part could fix the situation and continue good trend, but no, it was too abrupt."
[7.0] "This was something like a house show match in that it did not take itself too seriously but was a lot of fun and out the crowd in a good mood. Some of the memorable sequences involved Maki Itoh, Yuki Kamifuku and Miu Watanabe but everyone looked good. ***1/4"
[8.0] "Really good match: Beretta delivered a great babyface perfomance and showed once again how underrated he is. Danielson was great as well, especially his strikes and his work on Beretta's neck. The action was hard-hitting and fast-paced with some nice exchanges and sequences. No crazy manuevers, just great wrestling. 8/10 - 4*/5*"
[5.0] "The standard Kenoh collided with the standard Morris and turned out to be a standard match, differing from that only by the fact of the super Full Nelson suplex. The last minutes were, again, standard, and Morris' win was also a little funny. It is strange that Inamura with such an approach couldn't defeat Kenoh 30 times in a match (**1/2)."
[3.0] "These are two of my all times favourites and I think this is their last ever singles match which makes it a real shame that this is pretty crap played out in front of a basically silent crowd. The post match scrap is the highlight but even that feels lifeless due to hardly any crowd reaction."
[10.0] "This was definitely my 2nd favorite match on the card, after Stadium Stampede. From the mega-cool entrance of Sting and Darby, all the way down to the last bit of crazy action, I was digging this one in a big way. Darby is just something truly special, the way he moves, the way he throws himself with 200% energy into every attack and every bump. Meanwhile Sting is somehow on the best run of his career, I don't know how he is pulling off moves in his 60s that he probably wouldn't have tried in his 30s, but it rules. Strickland is on an incredible run as well, and while I missed AR Fox and the extra craziness he would have brought, Christian did an admirable job and kept up very well with the younger guys. This had big personality, great vibes, and crazy spots galore, more or less everything I love to see in a match."
[0.0] "I thought this sucked. No story told, no psychology, just moves for the sake of moves. False finishes that felt like "we need to make this EPIC" instead of being earned through telling a compelling story. Just a lazy indie spot fest match. The Canadian Destroyer spot especially was just cringe. That move should be a match ender. And the "selling" of it afterwards was pure comedy. Stumbling around like complete idiots AFTER being spiked on their head multiple times. The finish was also bad but at least kind of makes sense for OC's "I'm working hurt" gimmick. Gonna close my eyes during Mox/OC at All Out because the no selling there will probably be somehow even worse than it was in this match. Just terrible in my opinion. Please never do this kind of match again. [DUD]"
[8.0] "Both men delivered really good perfomances and the action was great with lots of nice exchanges and sequences. Every move they landed looked just so good. Christian was amazing here, especially considering how old is he. Cole didn't wreslte his usual spotfest but was he still able to deliver a solid perfomance and look great. The finish protected Christian but didn't make Adam Cole look weak. Post-match was really cool as well. 8/10 - 4*/5*"
[] "Incredibly underwhelming and slow, it felt like it was 20 minutes and there didnt seem to be a spark. So disappointed and then just as it was getting good, the finish happened and felt like I had wasted my time. Makes me worried for Omega vs. Takeshita."
[6.0] "Pretty alright, the relatively brisk length and pace made this not half as bad as it could've been. Not the smoothest match in the world but Jericho turning back the clock a bit was neat. It didn't drag on enough to get caught up in forked epic tropes and the Stormbreaker nearfall was pretty good. ***"
[4.0] "Not as bad as the reputation suggests due to being an extremely funny spectacle that represents a turning point in audiences being clued up to the internet rumours & gossip, there are even some moments where the crowd temporarily forget their agenda to sabotage this match and pop for some of the more explosive moves in this match. I am convinced that if both guys were motivated to go out with a bang since we know that the two would produce great things together a whole twelve years later, the boo-fest would have been nullified since these two were such one-of-a-kind freak athletes. Instead, we got what we got, but it's never that painful to revisit. Austin stunnering them both post-match was appropriate and nice."
[6.0] "Anzai's jumping knees were really amazing and his perfomance in the match was fine, but not as impressive as it was in the previous match of this young boy. Nakajima did his stiff kicks, but they worked in a few moments, and in others it just looked boring. Not a bad match anyway."
[6.0] "Slightly better than against Shiozaki, but worse than against Manabu. Nakajima hits painfully again, and builds on this his match, no different from the others, but Anzai tries to make the most of it and looks completely in accordance with his status and position. I would like to put 7, if not for the ordinary ending (***1/4)."
[7.0] "One of the more interesting matches in both wrestlers' careers - both tried to walking the line between going outside of their comfort zone and wrestling a style that audience knows them for. They even did a blade job to try and up the ante in the last third which was all about big moves and pin-falls."
[9.0] "How beautiful it will be to see KAMILLE'S power against two teammates like KENZIE PAIGE and her teammate in a long two-on-one fight, or a beautiful HANDICAP MATCH full of submissions in the ring or inside a STEEL OR METAL cage. A good idea can be a very good and difficult and interesting challenge for dear KAMILLE to be portrayed so that she can be tested in a difficult challenge so that maybe she can be more empowered to see how possible this is. She has a lot of power and can in The women's professional wrestling division has made a lot of progress and we hope that the officials of the NWA will think about this big challenge and implement it."
[7.0] "Unexpected decent interaction between two strangers in this promotion, and in general excellent mutual understanding, excluding suicide dive. Maybe I lacked a little bit of personality in this match, but focusing on technical skill gave this match a lot of opportunities (***1/2)."
[7.0] "Suicide dive botch was an extremely hilarious thing, this is why I love fun botches in wrestling. And I'm a bit surprised that I really enjoyed the action. Brooks had not only laughable, but good moments even though Yoshioka was definitely the MVP here."
[7.0] "Very good match: Andrade attacked Darby even before the bell rang and the brawl that followed was very fun and excting. Andrade looked like a monster here and Darby's selling was amazing as usual. Darby's code red was really cool as well as his avalanche crucifix bomb and the series of slaps spot was amazing. The ending was fantastic: Darby's dive to save Sting was great and Andrade's powerbomb into the turnbuckle looked brutal. Happy to see Andrade get his first big win in a main event. 7/10 - 3.75*/5*"
[7.0] "Initially a bit heatless and featuring maybe one or two too many wrestlers - Shannon Moore and Akio don't really contribute anything other than some really quick pinfalls - but this did get pretty damn cool. Billy Kidman's SSP to the outside was a terrific near-death experience - he may have had the ugliest SSP of all time but it very much worked in his favour in this setting. Then once Rey gets in it's excellent. You could say the match type works against it and that a Rey/Chavo singles match would be better, but I could argue in favour of it too. It's a minor title so you don't want to water down the 'heel champ gets comeuppance' factor in the undercard, it appropriately feels like Rey got screwed. Rey & Chavo would have a wonderful, much more fleshed-out match at the Great American Bash this year so it all worked out in the end."
[6.0] "This was a really fun sprint. Slightly weird dynamic with having a face tag team and two heels in there. Plenty of good MCMG double team moves. Kendrick did a blade job so we are two for two tonight. The finish was fun with Homicide tricking Kendrick before escaping."
[3.0] "How bad it was. And absolutely at all stages. The first is the absence of any eyeliner, because the conditional Baker in this match looked frankly superfluous, but they could have somehow done so that she was there in her place. The second is the choice of the winner, and this is bad under any conditions, although it is clear why this was done. If you really wanted to give the title to Saraya in her homeland, then you would bring it to the plot so that it looks beautiful, and do not do it as slurredly as possible and right in the middle of the match. Saraya herself does not look like a good champion in 2023 under any circumstances. And finally, the very quality of the match, which could at least somehow smooth the impression, but no, because it wasnt very good here either."
[5.0] "The fact that Inaba was injured in this match makes some moments more impressive than they would otherwise be. Daiki deserves respect, that's undoubtedly, he felt like a hero when he executed his moves. But in general the match was boring, which is what I expected from these two."
[5.0] "Possibly the biggest disappointment of the whole show for me. No, it wasn't really terrible, but if you compare the names in the ring and what happened there, you understand that we were so much missed. It was good in places, but only in places. The problem is that it seemed to be excerpts from a good match, and if for highlights it goes with a bang, then for a full-fledged viewing it is given too hard. In addition, I will not talk about the spontaneity of the appointment of this match and, in fact, its uselessness in principle. But these facts are also worth considering."
[5.0] "Inaba was injured in this match, but managed to finish the job and continued to fight like a real warrior, and in the context of what was happening, I liked how they continued. In addition, the match seemed interesting to me from the very beginning. The shock ending turned out to be appropriate (**3/4)."
[6.0] "A fairly high paced opener that was fun for what it was and at least had some stakes to it. RVD got a nice little blade job. It started outside the cage which I would normally whinge about but that is no bad thing on a show full of cagematches which never really worked as a concept."
[6.0] "A pretty good match dragged down by Marina Shafir breaking the flow of the action when she had to tag in. Kris and Shida did particularly well here, really helping to bring up the energy of the crowd. Britt was fine, Nyla and Emi made a good team. A decent match overall."
[7.0] "Seconds, she couldn't wait even for the belt to claim what is hers, Queen's We Will Rock You, taken by Saraya at Wembley. Sakura attacked Shida as soon as she arrived even if it was finally her former trainee who rocked her. Well, two stories to be told and no much time to do it. First Shida and Baker disagreement, with a mistake by the doctor kicking Shida's neck. Second, the construction of All Out match between Statlander and Soho, easily solved by a treachery attack after the bell, stoling the belt. Flight back from London to Chicago, twenty seconds of action again, woman you're killing it... absolutely, just a few seconds and you have added drama to the Outcasts blow up and get a reaction for your All Out belt match. To sum up, going on with the troubles between the Homegrowns for a belt at the same time we build a PPV match for a different belt, whike dynamiting the Outcasts. From All In to All Out, from World Champion title to TBS. Well this can be script gold if managed well, let's see Collision match. The heels did well their work, Sakura and Rose are excellent, while Shafir keep the pace. The action was scarce, nothing spectacular until Statlander got into it, not a coincidence I guess, she's in perfect shape right now. One extra point for Shida and DMD, today basically selling, for being able to go and come back to England in a short time and do their best. I cross the Atlantic and I have a week of jet lag, they were able to do a demanding and risky work, well done. Finally, the night also offered another hilarious promo from Mae West, whose wrestling is much better than her heel fire, Dasha deserves a shoe to her head too, this is history of wrestling"
[9.0] "The beginning was great but then the match slowed down and (especially during the break) it was a bit boring. But after the vertical suplex off the apron the match gets better and leads us to an amazing final stretch with a lot of near falls and great counters. The strikes were hard-hitting and the action was stacked, this is how women's wrestling should be done. Britt Baker's interference was bad but doesn't ruin the whole match. Both ladies delivered an incredible performance and this is one the best matches in the history of AEW women's division and the crowd was very hot for it. 9/10 - 4.75*/5*"
[8.0] "Seeing Danielson play the role of bully veteran was amazing and I loved seeing him beat the shit out of Yuta, especially those stomps after Yuta spat in his face. Yuta delivered a great perfomance as well, his offense looked good, he had a nice comeback and looked very strong going face to face with Danielson many times. Great storytelling and good action for what would just be the first step in Yuta's journey to join the Blackpool Combat Club. 8/10 - 4*/5*"
[7.0] "Nice showcase for both athletes, especially for Lethal. The action was good: there it was some good mat wrestling at the beginning until Lethal hit two beautiful suicide dives and started working on Moxley's leg. The two went into a good back and fourth, Moxley sold his leg very well and both men's offense looked great. The closing stretch was really good. 7/10 - 3.5*/5*"
[6.0] "Good match with a bad end. Pretty competitive. Knight looked good in defeat. The booking of this match was good in terms of furthering Dango's most recent heel character. In-ring wise more of a showcase for Knight however, the few spots Dango had he made them count."
[8.0] "Never in a million years would have thought that Baba was gonna take the win here. Now I'm hooked on the saga of Baba as NWA World Champion. The match itself was similar to their encounter from three days ago but both Baba and Brisco took spots from the first match and expanded on them and added a little more to this one than the last."
[5.0] "Apart from a delayed start, this is a usual Hirota match with a few cool things to it, like her walk on the barricade. Referee Tommy contributes a bit to the early match antics, which was interesting, but as mentioned below, the two opponents are just pantomiming for a while."
[5.0] "Mania XX was a great show, but the offering from the two tag divisions was a disappointment. Maybe one can be a thrown together four-way, but both? Booker T & RVD were hilariously sandwiched together with their dreadful mash-up theme, but both were over enough to carry a 'Mania match. Dudleyz aren't in a great spot but they are the Dudleyz. La Resistance could get heat but not in this scenario. Jindrak & Cade, without wanting to sound disrespectful to two decent wrestlers, should've been nowhere near this show unless it was on the preceding episode of Heat. Mix 'em all together and you get an inoffensive but totally forgettable match."
[7.0] "very exciting action from all sides , with Kyoko Inoue impressing me a lot with her crowd reaction. It's crazy to think how the only person in this match who isn't still wrestling is the one who looked the most like an experienced grappler, Cutie Suzuki. [3.75]"
[8.0] "Not a great match in the traditional sense, but if you love brawls, weapons, drama, and blood (I do) then this will be right up your alley. Just a good old fashioned stadium stampede/anarchy in the arena kind of match. Lots and lots of fun weapons spots."
[4.0] "Don't know what else I expected from a Michael Oku vs. Trent Seven, Oku provides a lot of empty calorie wrestling and Seven is just an absolutely vacuous presence. All of the shenanigans did not nothing but add more time to this already meandering match."
[6.0] "Very solid match, my only gripes with it are that Jericho got a little too much offense in & the amount of botches. There wasnt anything egregious but I think considering the spottiness of Jerichos record in AEW (hes a great worker still & a huge name, but hes always trading wins and losses), I think Ospreay should have been a little more dominant. Also took like 4 finishers to put Jericho away lol again, good match. easily 3 stars, just not an all time classic or anything."
[8.0] "A really good old-school with some great in-ring psycology. The exchanges in the early goings were very smooth and once Dax took the upper hand he started working on his back/midsection. Punk had a comeback and Dax hit a beautiful superplex. They had a bit of a back and fourth and the closing stretch was very good. Dax's slingshot powerbomb is fantastic and Punk's sharpooter counter into the anaconda vice was amazing. 8/10 - 4*/5*"
[9.0] "They were able to keep it simple in the sense that it wasn't that much bloody but there was a ton of crazy and nasty bumps on the barbedwire, the kenzans where Isami got one stuck on his head, gadgets, those big spikes and some ladder spots that were awesome. ****1/4"
[5.0] "Not as good as their lights out match and even if took alone (without the comparison to their previous match) this match is still pretty bad. The first part was sloppy and slow. Then Britt brought some chairs in the ring and Rosa had a good comeback. The avalanche air raid crash on the chairs was amazing and easily the best moment in this match. Britt fell from the top rope on a pile of chairs and completely no sold it, she later got hit with a powerbomb on the thumbtacks and completely no sold it. The ending was strange, the two were just moving around and I was afraid that one of the two was hurt. Not the best way to end their feud. 5/10 - 2.5*/5*"
[3.0] "Wow! What a disappointment for the only women's match on the card. This division continues to sink. Saraya winning the belt is not helping the situation especially because Shida wasn't given the time for a full run. The match felt like it went 5 minutes not 8, if it wasn't for Britt and Toni this match was likely a 2 for me. Not excited for where Saraya's reign is headed."
[6.0] "This was a odd one for me as there was enough story for these two teams but the match took awhile to get moving, and once it did it felt repetitive. I found there previous two matches better. Maybe my expectations were a little to high for these teams considering their work recently has been fantastic, but this was just fine and nothing more."
[8.0] "Fair play to all four (six? ) guys, what could have been a bog standard, trashy bingo hall brawl contained enough ingenuity and memorable moments to warrant the Wembley setting. The tease of Swerve potentially ending Sting's career was note perfect and carried some solemn weight. And Derby was at his bonkers best throughout ***3/4"
[8.0] "There are two main stories in the match: Choshus last ride and Chono is hurt, tired and vulnerable after working an incredible bout against his main rival while Choshu is fresh without working a match. Choshu takes advantage with his quick start. No waiting around as he hit 3 consecutive suplexes with no reply from Chono. Chono instead goes for the knee which has been given Choshu trouble all G1, similar to Hashimoto, doing cool knee bar before basically doing a STF without the F. Choshu is hurt and in trouble as both Kensuke Sasaki and Tatstumi Fujinami cheer and encourage him to continue on. The closing stretch wasnt amazing but the heat was off the charts for the match and utilised Choshus strengths well. Choshu wins his final G1 after a long scorpion hold, beating the former three time winner. ****"
[8.0] "Great match: both teams delivered amazing perfomances and the action was very fun with lots of cool spots and nice sequences. The tripe moonsault spot was amazing as well as Jungle Boy's double doomsday device. Page is always impressive and had an incredible comeback for his team in the early goings and ReDragon were great as well. The finish looked awesome. 8/10 - 4*/5*"
[8.0] "Orange Cassidy's current title reign has had a superb arc. At first it was a simple grudge match against his rival, PAC. As it's progressed, with Cassidy accepting every challenge and making a few himself, the champ has had to find secret reserves of stamina, he's had to bust out "cheap" flash pins and count outs. This match saw Cassidy pushed to the limit, taking the biggest beating of his title reign, and somehow find it within to kick out of Penta's offense. OC has really been able to work these injury angles to their fullest, milking all the damage he took to the arm. I went into this feeling quite sure that OC would retain and we'd see him vs. Mix at All Out. Over the course of the match, I became less and less sure all the way til Penta stuck OC with the Fear Factor in the middle of the ring. Then I was sure I was about to see a title change! But no, the promise of the match against Mox unlocked perhaps the final bit of strength Orange had and he was able to kick out and get the win. A super match, with both guys looking strong as hell. The dueling Canadian Destroyers was a cool as hell spot. The only negative I have is that it felt a bit slow during some points in the middle with the picture-in-picture breaks, but a great TV match nonetheless. OC made me believe he can take down Jon Moxley."
[9.0] "This had a wicked fast start with Muto hitting a dropkick before almost getting caught with an STF by Chono and that being followed up by a dragon screw and a figure four attempt by Muto, setting up what this match was intending to be. Parity is established further on with both having success with side headlocks and other wear down moves and both having trouble catching the other out once they try to add a little pace to it. They did a great job at getting drama out of simple holds, such as a standard switch around spot where Muto had a full nelson applied and Chono used a classic trick to escape and apply one of his own but rather than Muto escape quickly, Chono kept it locked in. A small but effective way to add to a moves significance. The match progresses in such a way that keeps the technical wrestling involved but establishes more layers, such as Chono using dirty tricks to gain an advantage over Muto after Muto looks to be getting ahead. The match has a terrific transition to the final portion of the match with Muto setting up for a frankensteiner only for Chono to powerbomb Muto on his head and lock in an STF for an incredible false finish. There is a cool subtle heel moment where Chono gets the STF on Muto on the outside and goes back inside, showing his willingness to win the match in a cheap way like a count out but Muto makes it back in to the crowd relief. Then they fight to the crowd where Muto runs into the entrance way and back, likely to hit a running lariat, but Chono kicks him in the stomach and winds Muto. Muto finally hit the frankensteiner but missed the moonsault! STF is applied but Muto gets the ropes after a moment. Chono tries to follow up with the kick but gets the dragon screw instead. Muto hits the moonsault but has his knee kicked out from under him by Chono in a piece of genius from Chono and rolled up to lose the match. Chono advances! Incredible match. Terrific escalation from the grappling to the closing stretch. Great character work from Chono and what a finish. ****1/2"
[4.0] "This was a perfectly adequete match without any standout moments. I honest to god can't remember the finish, which speaks volumes about how engaging it was. Love Eddie, but having him work a match without cutting a promo before or after is sacrilege. I don't feel anything towards Yuta. They're both definitely capable of more memorable matches, but this wasn't it."
[4.0] "Just like the Fennix match last week, this wasn't a good mesh between two different styles. Mox's in-ring work just isn't interesting enough to put him up against a luchadore in a regular, non-hardcore singles match. This went on way too long and didn't showcase anything you'd remember a week later. Kommander is getting better, but seemingly only against wrestlers who can pull the best out of him due to similarities in style (like Fennix). Mox is not one of those wrestlers."
[6.0] "A breezy tag match with some Misao comedy to it, not a stand out match but I thought everyone did well in this. My favorite spot is the one where Nao dragged Misao into the path of Toribamis signature, that was new to me. Nao seems like a fine tag partner for Haru."
[9.0] "Aew doesn't do triple threats very often byt when they do, these matches are always fantastic. I liked how Andrade was the powerhouse here so Sammy and Darby had to work together to take him out and then wrestle each other to try to win. The tower of doom spot was impressive and Sammy's coast to coast was awesome. The ending was amazing. The action was fast-paced, fun, exciting and all three men delivered great perfomances, especially Andrade who loooked like a beast. 9/10 - 4.5*/5*"
[8.0] "Chad Gable and Gunther wrestled a great match from start to finish which included some brutal chops and clotheslines ftom Gunther and moves that showed the technical and physical ability of Chad Gable. The match ending was a smart way to give Chad Gable a win and set up another title match at an upcoming pay per view. (7.5/10 or 3.75*)"
[10.0] "The entire match was building to a super hot finishing stretch between Genkai and Nozaki, which is simply must-see - to give an idea what it was I want to compare it to Kyona/Matsumoto vs. Hojo/Bito tag in STARDOM that happened 4 months prior to this match, with more involvement from both partners in the last few minutes but without a happy ending. It was rough around the edges when it needed to be and overall was one of those 'lightning in the bottle' matches, the crowd was living and dying with everything they were doing by the end. ****1/2"
[9.0] "This was a star making perfomance by Wheeler Yuta. They told a simple story in a perfect way. Yuta's bladejob was perfect and added an amazing visual that really tell you how much he was struggling but still was able to almost defeat someone like Moxley, who on other hand sold Yuta's offense very well and made him look like a big deal. Everything worked perfectly in this match and the two kickouts by Yuta on the two Paradigm Shift gave me goosebumps, especially the first one. 9/10 - 4.5*/5*"
[5.0] "You knew exactly what you were going to get from this and for good or ill that is exactly what you got. I enjoyed this in parts but by this point in the card I am ready for something more significant to get my teeth into. This is inoffensive and did its job well enough."
[4.0] "They could have had a good bout if they told the simple but effective story of the larger stronger outsider coming in and the local hero fighting from underneath. Instead we got a pretty average bout then went 50/50 which didn't really help either of them. As per usual with a foreigner coming in to do a one shot, they had issues with timing and working at the same pace."