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HARASHIMA vs. Masato Tanaka


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Average rating based on the displayed comments: 8.44
PUNQ wrote on 01.06.2020:
[7.0] "HARASHIMA (c) -vs- Masato Tanaka - (KO-D Openweight Title) [*** 1/2] Pure Tanaka set-up! And that's not a bad thing for main events like this. Definitely added a lot more ruthless aggression to a DDT match. Tanaka went all in on the exchanges. The guy it careless and goes the extra mile for big matches. Not that HARASHIMA can't go, for he did hang with the aggressive one in a impressive manner. And Sliding D's look murderous! The big show-ended they needed."
Sebastian V wrote on 16.04.2020:
[8.0] "Ein Match, welches erstmal methodisch und mit der Bearbeitung und der damit verbundenen Zermürbung des Gegners beginnt. Bereits früh zeigt sich in dieser Phase, wie widerstandsfähig Tanaka ist und das sieht man dann auch besonders in der Phase, die dann folgt: Eine Serie von sich in den Finishbereich steigernden, stiffen Schlagabtäuschen, an deren Ende Tanaka das Match gewinnen. Es gab keine krassen Spots, die in Erinnerung bleiben oder eine besonders tiefgründige Matchstory aber das war ein insgesamt wirklich gutes Match, welches in meinen Augen 8 Punkte verdient."
Makai Club wrote on 22.03.2020:
[7.0] "I enjoyed this match a lot but its one of the more flawed HARASHIMA matches I've seen and I think some of the blame lies with Tanaka? s match structure. The opening exchanges were super generic and the lead off with the chairs into HARASHIMA? s leg seemed tacked on given it had not much barring on the match or HARASHIMA. There were too many strike exchanges as well, too many for the match? s own good. It gave the match a real stop/start feel. And HARASHIMA had one really egregiously bad no sell of the Sliding D as well. HOWEVER, I said that I still liked it. Tanaka brought it big time, doing all he could to stay on top of HARASHIMA, not going down to the Somato or the 450 Splash. Loved Tanaka pulling out all of his old tricks like his flash Sliding Ds, his big bombs. The table spot was extremely well done as well, with HARASHIMA fighting and struggling his way out of that predicament and then putting Tanaka through it himself. HARASHIMA did well to incorporate his style into Tanaka? s as well. ***1/4"
Default91 wrote on 25.02.2020:
[9.0] "Masato Tanaka is still awesome! One of my favorite wrestler of all time! Great matches in 90s, in 2000s, 2010s and in 2020s he still got it in this business. HARASHIMA is also perfect wrestler. Great exchanges of Somato and Sliding D."
LatinoHeat93 wrote on 05.02.2020:
[9.0] "Kaum zu glauben das hier zwei Mitte vierzig übers gesamte Match so ein hohes Tempo halten können. Dieses Match stand ihrem Grand Prix Match in nix nach. Das war hier kompakter und unglaublich Stiff alleine die harten Strikes und Kicks lassen ein zusammenzucken. Das Finish hat man dann auch klasse erzählt . Auch wenn Tanakas Titelregentschaft von kurzer Dauer seinen wird, absolut verdient ihm hier den Sieg zugeben (****1/2)"
Milquetoast wrote on 28.01.2020:
[9.0] "This match was really good. Both Tanaka and Harashima have had really good matches in the past year and this wasn't an exception. It is hard to say for me if the 15. 12. 2019 D-Ou GP match was better as it was quite longer, but it doesn't matter. Even as standalone match without the short background this was really good wrestling."
motasos wrote on 26.01.2020:
[9.0] "Great match! Slightly surprised by the finish. Will be interesting to see what DDT do with Masato Tanaka as the champion."
thepioverlord wrote on 26.01.2020:
[8.0] "This was no doubt a great match, but it didn't quite hit the level I thought it could or would. I never really bought that Tanaka was winning until, well, he did."
ParanoidEngi wrote on 26.01.2020:
[10.0] "Two of the most consistent veterans in wrestling today going at it in a gangbusters title match. You wouldn't guess that their combined age is 90+ when Tanaka's hitting a sunset flip powerbomb and Sliding D's on the apron, HARASHIMA is busting out a Firebird Splash and an (admittedly very basic) top-rope splash through a table, but they combined their amazing in-ring with a great story that drew on the history of FMW as a through-line to the DDT of today. The finish also gets points for being the elusive but always hype "wrestler keeps hitting the same move on an opponent until the opponent dies" finish, always a great way to close a top-tier title match"
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