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Jordan Devlin vs. Tyler Bate

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126.05.2020Iceq9.0Bate gegen Devlin sind beides Wrestler, die ich schon seit längerem nicht mehr in Aktion gesehen habe. Zum Glück habe ich mir das Match angeschaut, denn das war einfach nur Klasse. Mir gefiel der sehr gut, war sehr BritWres-esque mit schönem Grappling. Man arbeitete auf die etwas größeren und bedeutenderen Spots schön hin. Darunter fallen Sachen wie der Airplane-Spin oder der stiffe Schlagabtausch. Kickouts gab es auch nicht viele und so haben die paar die es gab gut gewirkt. Ein sehr gutes Match und bislang sicher eines der besten im Jahr 2020(****1/2).
429.04.2020idk9.0Excellent match! There was a bit of Story Telling but it? s not the most interesting in this case. The two wrestlers are MACHINES, the match is just amazing, I almost did not bother. [****1/2]
716.04.2020TSwifty8.0A very 50/50 exhibition type of match with no real story or feud but that didn't matter because these two set out to have a great match and they succeeded. A slick start with some nice grapple exchanges and some brutal mid-section work on Bate by Devlin built nicely to the fast paced sequences and brutal spots. This didn't go into overkill either as everything they did flowed beautifully. Highlights were that Spanish Fly/Suplex combo and the stiff striking sequence. The best part though was the finishing stretch which was super hot with Bate getting the win and hopefully setting up a rematch with WALTER. Devlin proved himself here by showing he can work in an NXT ring and have a quality match when given the chance. Good stuff. ****1/4
1002.04.2020bugsy mcgraw9.0
1122.03.2020LegalManOrton8.0A very brutal and athletic match between these two, with a whole bunch of incredible counter sequences and stiff strikes and a glorious finishing stretch which saw Bate use the Corkscrew Moonsault to pick up the win, but Devlin looked strong in defeat. (****1/4)
1219.03.2020PUNQ7.0Tyler Bate -vs- Jordan Devlin [*** 1/2] Amazing nonsensical killer fantasy wrestling sending fans into the atmosphere!
1319.03.2020Crippler Crossface9.0
1414.03.2020HudE8.0Ein sehr gutes Match, das einige großartige Sequenzen hatte. Das Tempo am Anfang war etwas langsam aber vor allem das letzte Drittel hatte es wirklich in sich. Da gab es einen großartigen Kickout nach dem anderen und vor allem der Schlagabtausch bevor die Endphase eingeleitet wurde war großartig mit anzusehen. Am Ende hat mir vielleicht noch der ein oder andere Konter gefehlt für eine höhere Bewertung, aber nichtsdestotrotz bleibt ein großartiger Gesamteindruck zurück. ****
1508.03.2020SimonBRUH4199.0One of the slickest wrestling matches I? ve seen in a long time. Very few sequences in wrestling today encompass how great wrestling can be like the entire striking sequence, or the Spanish Fly/Devil Inside combo. The finish was very commonplace especially when compared to a lot of matches that take place today, but very few can do it as well as Devlin and Bate.
1706.03.2020RatingsMachine6.0This was a good match, one that was very tight and very solid. The crowd were super into it the match at certain points, and they definitely elevated it and made it seem better than it actually was.
1805.03.2020joel marston 19998.0
2222.02.2020Smi-488.0Wieder ein ziemliches Brett unter Beteiligung von Tyler Bate. Der Junge ist echt stark, auch heute beeindruckt wieder die Sauberkeit seiner Moves und seine hohe Qualität in Offensive und Selling. Aber auch Devlin hat hier einiges vor und deutet an, am Main-Event der Marke kratzen zu wollen. Insgesamt ein abwechslungsreiches, vielleicht manchmal etwas hastig vorgetragenes Match.
3305.02.20207OEA78.08. 4/10 : You knew this was gonna be fire from the get-go, hell even before the get-go. You knew this was gonna be the MOTN so I can't even call it a show-stealer; it was their show in the first place. Two of the brightest talents on the other side of the pond. With their constant improvement in storytelling and match structure, they can compliment their top-shelf wrestling ability with a match worth paying attention to; that's exactly what they just gave us.
3531.01.2020KENTAfan9.0Both these guys are incredible. Really great match, Bate was an awesome babyface as always, and Devlin continuing to impress with his heel work . Loved the story that was told, with Devlin being 100% ready for Bate, countering almost everything that was thrown at him. However, in the end, Bate was just too tough. Even though Devlin was able to kick out of a picturesque Tyler Driver, Bate quickly followed up with a top-rope corkscrew senton for the win. Great stuff. ****1/4
4226.01.2020taabr29.0Just an exhibition match as there was no real feud between the two but that didn't stop these guys from having an absolute banger. It was a total 50/50 match as Devlin got his first real opportunity to show how good he is in WWE and he nailed it. Devlin was great here playing heel and riling up the crowd which was pro-Bate. Bate was his usual self and the dude is clearly the MVP of the UK division. The match was great up really went up a notch after the slugfest between Bate and Devlin. It seems at the moment that WWE is building Bate back up for another crack at WALTER I totally wouldn't mind that. ****1/2
4620.01.2020MetalSlash9.0Hell of a damn match from two of the very best. It was kind of a movez match, but it was an incredibly entertaining one. The strike exchange was really damn good, especially on Tyler? s part, and the way they set up the top rope Spanish Fly was legitimately terrifying yet impressive. The last few minutes were hot as well, with the crowd going crazy and the two lads just throwing bombs, and even tho Jordan lost he looked strong in defeat, since he kicked out of the Tyler Driver. My only quibble is that the selling could have been better at certain points, but that is a small nitpick. ****1/2
5318.01.2020White Silkie10.0
5517.01.2020blackgoku9.0Great reversals and counters throughout this match. Loved the finishing stretch. Some great striking too.
5617.01.2020Robert Taylor9.0Fantastisches Match zwischen Devlin und Bate. Die 22 Minuten vergingen wie im Flug und haben durchgehend sehr gutes Wrestling geboten. Es gab viele Details, die dieses Match aufwerten (z. B. die vielen Konter um Bates Punch), die man sonst bei WWE selten sieht. Beide gehen auch ungewöhnlich stiff zu Werke, die Headbutts und Punches sahen verdammt intensiv aus.
5817.01.2020rhyno19899.0****1/2 rating. Excellent match. Amazing wrestling match. Bate is an elite worker and Devlin is improving and almost at the same level.
5917.01.2020Joy Black9.0
6515.01.2020comradevanz4.0Nobody is selling a thing in this intense, brutal, hard-hitting match. Nothing make sense. Spanish fly, fist fight, finisher - and Bate is JUMPING after the match. This is a very bad storytelling. Selling is good, remember it guys.
7514.01.2020Funk Muncher9.0
8114.01.2020Briefcase 19929.0
8813.01.2020Seosi8.0I thought this was a very good match, and this was the perfect placement for this match to happen on this show. Very smooth and innovative transitions from both of them. Bate showed as usual a ridiculous amount of strength, while Devlin really delivered as the heel in the mach. I wasn't that of a fan of that finish, as it look like the splash didn't really connected, but that was just a minor issue for me. ****1/4
9313.01.2020marselfish9.0Großer Sport der Herren Devlin und Bate. Ohne dass es thematisiert wurde, fühlt sich die Paarung, wie eine No. 1-Contender-Match an und die Matchqualität rechtfertigt das spielerisch. Die ganze Paarung ist von guten Kontern geprägt, die immer wieder unterstreichen, dass Beide wissen, worauf sie sich hier einlassen. Die Sequenzen steigern Intensität und Risiko sukzessive und liefern so den Aufbau für eine ziemlich kompakte Schlussphase. Das Finish geht etwas an mir vorbei, aber ein sehr starkes Match und ein früher NXT UK MOTYC.
9713.01.2020Loulou Montoya9.0
9813.01.2020Okaro1439.0This was the MOTN. Tyler Bate continues to be one of the most if not the most promising wrestler under 30 yrs old. It was a hard hitting match and also a great wrestling clinic. ****1/2
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