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26.09.2022Dragongate Japan Pro-Wrestling DG Storm Gate 2021 - Tag 8Card   
25.09.2022Xtreme Intense Championship Wrestling XICW Proving Ground S8#2: The RebootCard   
25.09.2022Osaka Pro Wrestling Osaka Pro Tennozan 2022 - Tag 1Card   
25.09.2022Wrestling In Japan - Freelance Shows Pro Wrestling Bukotsu ~Autumn~Card   
25.09.2022Pro Wrestling Society PWS Phoenix RiseCard   
25.09.2022Pro-Wrestling Shi-En Shi-EnCard   
25.09.2022 Prominence Kuen BanjouCard   
25.09.2022Active Advance Pro Wrestling 2AW 3rd Chiba Community Pro-Wrestling In Hata Community CenterCard   
25.09.2022Ice RibbonWrestling In Japan - Freelance Shows Ice Ribbon & CMLL Joint ShowCard   
25.09.2022Michinoku Pro Wrestling Michinoku Pro 2nd Fukumen Oogama League - Tag 6Card   
25.09.2022PROGRESS Wrestling PROGRESS Chapter 142: The Deadly Viper Tour - Codename: California Mountain SnakeCard   
24.09.2022Anarchy Wrestling  Anarchy WrestlingCard   
24.09.2022Wrestling In Europa - Freelance Shows ABCA La Fete A Neuneu Show #2Card   
24.09.2022Wrestling In Europa - Freelance Shows ABCA La Fete A Neuneu Show #1Card   
24.09.2022American Wrestling Experience AWECard   
24.09.2022SCW Pro Wrestling SCWPro Hawkamania XXV: Bring The NoiseCard   
24.09.2022World's Finest Wrestling WFW HomecomingCard   
24.09.2022Pro Wrestling Allstars PWA All Aboard The Party TrainCard   
24.09.2022Evolution Wrestling ForceMighty Pro Wrestling Conselho Gaucho de Lutas apresenta: Luta Livre no 4° DistritoCard   
24.09.2022FUTR Wrestling FUTR Bohemian GrapsodyCard   
24.09.2022Dragongate Japan Pro-Wrestling DG Storm Gate 2022 - Tag 7Card   
24.09.2022Pro Wrestling Chaos PWC Total ChaosCard   
24.09.2022Active Advance Pro Wrestling 2AW Chiba Fight Series ~ THE RULE ProduceCard   
24.09.2022Pro Wrestling BASARA BASARA 200 ~ Takagari 12Card   
24.09.2022Total Triumph Team TTT Innovation 7Card   
24.09.2022World Wonder Ring Stardom Stardom 5STAR Grand Prix 2022 - Tag 19Card   
24.09.2022Michinoku Pro Wrestling Michinoku Pro 2nd Fukumen Oogama League - Tag 5Card   
24.09.2022Big Japan Pro-Wrestling BJW Edogawa Children's Charity ~ Edogawa Rising 7Card   
24.09.2022PRIZE Wrestling PRIZE Saturday Night Slam MastersCard   
24.09.2022Resist Pro Wrestling RIOT ReignitionCard   
24.09.2022Pro Wrestling Society PWS Pub BrawlCard   
24.09.2022Ice Ribbon Ice Ribbon New Ice Ribbon #1230 ~ Ribbon No Kishitachi 2022Card   
24.09.2022Impact Wrestling Impact Wrestling Victory Road Fallout 2022Card   
24.09.2022IWI Wrestling IWI Wrestling Live IIICard   
24.09.2022Wrestling Institute Of Northampton WIN It'll Be Allbright On The NightCard   
23.09.2022North Pro Wrestling North Pro The EndCard   
23.09.2022Active Advance Pro Wrestling 2AW Chiba Fight Series ~ Flying Missile Kickers ProduceCard   
23.09.2022Pro Wrestling Magic Box MBPW Isesaki Pro Wrestling FestivalCard   
23.09.2022Michinoku Pro Wrestling Michinoku Pro 2nd Fukumen Oogama League - Tag 4Card   
23.09.2022Itabashi Pro Wrestling Itabashi ProCard   
23.09.2022Alianza Metropolitana De Lucha Libre AMLLCard   
23.09.2022Canadian Wrestling's Elite CWE The Extreme HangoverCard   
23.09.2022Yanagase Pro Wrestling YPW Ladius 3rd AnniversaryCard   
23.09.2022666 666 Vol. 120Card   
23.09.2022PURE-J PURE-J Fight Together Vol. 2Card   
23.09.2022New Japan Pro Wrestling NJPW Burning Spirit 2022 - Tag 13Card   
22.09.2022New Elite Wrestling NEW Laguneros Al Grito De GuerraCard   
22.09.2022Wrestling In Mexiko - Freelance Shows LLCLCard   
22.09.2022Crazy Freestyle Wrestling CFW Showdown Nova Era #2.8Card   
22.09.2022SEAdLINNNG SEAdLINNNGCard   
21.09.2022Pro Wrestling Phoenix PWP WrestleRamaCard   
21.09.2022Wrestling In Mexiko - Freelance Shows Dia Del Luchador 2022Card   
21.09.2022CanAm Wrestling CanAmCard   
21.09.2022Sportiva Entertainment Sportiva Wednesday Curry Pro WrestlingCard   
21.09.2022New Japan Pro Wrestling NJPW Burning Spirit 2022 - Tag 12Card   
20.09.2022Consejo Mundial De Lucha Libre CMLL Martes De GlamourCard   
20.09.2022Wrestling In Japan - Freelance Shows Punch Tahara Produce Punch Tahara 30th Anniversary Memorial Battle Of HonorCard   
20.09.2022666 Shinjuku 2-Chome Pro Wrestling Petit Nicho!Card   
19.09.2022Consejo Mundial De Lucha Libre CMLL Lunes Arena PueblaCard   
19.09.2022Tigers Pro Wrestling TPW Primal Episode #4Card   
19.09.2022Big Japan Pro-Wrestling BJW Sanzen Sekai (Afternoon Show)Card   
19.09.2022Big Japan Pro-Wrestling BJW Sanzen Sekai (Day Show)Card   
19.09.2022Michinoku Pro Wrestling Michinoku Pro September Series 2022 ~ Menpeki Kunen - Tag 3Card   
19.09.2022Active Advance Pro Wrestling 2AW Chiba Fight Series ~ Starlight Dreamers ProduceCard   
19.09.2022World Wonder Ring Stardom Stardom 5STAR Grand Prix 2022 - Tag 17Card 6.716
19.09.2022Pro Wrestling Secret Base Secret BaseCard   
18.09.2022Lucha Libre Total Chicago LLTCard   
18.09.2022Wrestling In Mexiko - Freelance Shows GILL 11. AniversarioCard   
18.09.2022Kumite Combat Wrestling KCWCard   
18.09.2022Supreme Pro Wrestling SPW No Rest For The WickedCard   
18.09.2022Dutch Pro Wrestling DPW High Voltage 2022Card   
18.09.2022Alianza Metropolitana De Lucha Libre AMLL Viva MexicoCard   
18.09.2022LEGEND Promociones LEGEND Mexico ManiaCard   
18.09.2022 BWE Viva MexicoCard   
18.09.2022Wrestling In Mexiko - Freelance Shows Arena Pepe Cisneros Aniversar10Card   
18.09.2022Lucha Memes Lucha Memes Battle Of Coacalco 2022Card   
18.09.2022New FrontierPro Wrestling OntarioNew School Wrestling New Frontier/Pro Wrestling Ontario/New School Wrestling Worlds CollideCard   
18.09.2022World Wonder Ring Stardom Stardom 5STAR Grand Prix 2022 - Tag 16Card 8.008
18.09.2022International Wrestling Revolution Group IWRG Relevos Increibles Suicidas De Mascara Y CaballeraCard   
18.09.2022Consejo Mundial De Lucha Libre CMLL Domingos Arena MexicoCard   
18.09.2022The Syndicate 33 The Syndicate 33 Super Domingos FamiliaresCard   
18.09.2022OZ Academy OZ Academy Bad Moon Rising At OsakaCard   
18.09.2022All Elite Wrestling AEW Fight Forever @ Tokyo Game Show - Tag 3Card   
18.09.2022Michinoku Pro Wrestling Michinoku Pro September Series 2022 ~ Menpeki Kunen - Tag 2Card   
18.09.2022Active Advance Pro Wrestling 2AW Chiba Fight Series ~ BUG's MUTATION ProduceCard   
18.09.2022Wrestling In Japan - Freelance Shows Yujiro Yamamoto Produce Battle Art Pro WrestlingCard   
18.09.2022Pro Wrestling WAVE WAVE Carnival WAVE WESTCard   
18.09.2022Dotonbori Pro Wrestling Dotonbori ProCard   
18.09.2022Pro Wrestling A-TEAM A-TEAM 1st Chitose Inage Summer FestivalCard   
18.09.2022Ice Ribbon Ice Ribbon New Ice Ribbon #1229Card   
18.09.2022PURE-J PURE-JCard   
18.09.2022Major League Wrestling MLW Super SeriesCard   
18.09.2022PROGRESS Wrestling PROGRESS Chapter 141: Handshakes & CheeseburgersCard   
17.09.2022Target Wrestling TargetCard   
17.09.2022Elevation Wrestling Elevation Saturday Night ClashCard   
17.09.2022Continental Wrestling Entertainment CWE Saturday Night ShowCard   
17.09.2022Northern Championship Wrestling NCW Soiree Des Champions 2022Card   
17.09.2022Wrestling In Mexiko - Freelance Shows Mexicanos Al Grito De TexasCard   
17.09.2022Hurricane Pro Wrestling Hurricane ProCard   
17.09.2022LDN Wrestling LDNCard   
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