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DateEvent NameRatingVotes
05.07.2022New Japan Pro Wrestling NJPW New Japan Road 2022 - Tag 8Card  
04.07.2022New Japan Pro Wrestling NJPW New Japan Road 2022 - Tag 7Card  
03.07.2022Tenryu Project Tenryu Project Next RevolutionCard  
03.07.2022Itabashi Pro Wrestling Itabashi ProCard  
03.07.2022Gatoh Move Pro Wrestling Gatoh Move ChocoPro #242 Card  
03.07.2022PURE-J PURE-JCard  
03.07.2022DDT Pro Wrestling DDT King Of DDT 2022 Final RoundCard8.338
03.07.2022New Japan Pro Wrestling NJPW New Japan Road 2022 - Tag 6Card  
02.07.2022Gatoh Move Pro Wrestling Gatoh Move ChocoPro #241Card  
01.07.2022Pro Wrestling WAVE WAVE PHASE 2 Reboot 3rd ~ NAMI 1Card  
01.07.2022GLEAT GLEAT Ver. 3 ~ 1st AnniversaryCard7.296
01.07.2022Michinoku Pro Wrestling Michinoku Pro Michinoku Pro Wrestling 2022 Tokyo Conference Vol. 1 ~ Genko ItchiCard  
01.07.2022Pro Wrestling ZERO1 ZERO1 22nd Midsummer Festival ~ Fire Festival 2022 - Tag 1Card  
30.06.2022SEAdLINNNG SEAdLINNNG Early Summer GamesCard  
30.06.2022Wrestling In Japan - Freelance Shows Shota Nakagawa Produce MONSTER'S PARTY #03Card  
30.06.2022VAMOSTAR Pro Wrestling VAMOSTARCard  
29.06.2022DDT Pro Wrestling DDT Ganbare Pro Kindergarten Cop 2022Card  
28.06.2022World Wonder Ring Stardom StardomCard7.335
27.06.2022Big Japan Pro-Wrestling BJW Bloody Musou Tournament Opening RoundCard  
26.06.2022 Batos Cafe Beautiful Girls Festival ~ Indie Girls FightingCard  
26.06.2022PURE-J PURE-JCard  
26.06.2022Gatoh Move Pro Wrestling Gatoh Move ChocoPro #240Card  
26.06.2022Pro Wrestling A-TEAM A-TEAMCard  
26.06.2022Ice Ribbon Ice Ribbon New Ice Ribbon #1210 ~ After The Rain, Ribbon 2022Card  
25.06.2022Gatoh Move Pro Wrestling Gatoh Move ChocoPro #239Card  
25.06.2022Wrestling In Japan - Freelance Shows Prominence Haten KuenCard  
25.06.2022Big Japan Pro-Wrestling BJW Sanzen SekaiCard  
24.06.2022Wrestling In Japan - Freelance Shows Big Bear Produce Mini BearCard  
24.06.2022Marvelous That's Women Pro Wrestling MarvelousCard  
23.06.2022Pro Wrestling NOAH NOAH N InnovationCard  
23.06.2022Pro Wrestling FREEDOMS FREEDOMS No Pain, No Gain 2022Card  
22.06.2022Gatoh Move Pro Wrestling Gatoh Move ChocoPro #238Card  
22.06.2022Actwres girl'Z AWG ACTwrestling Step 7Card  
22.06.2022Pro Wrestling WAVE WAVE Weekday WAVE Vol. 125Card  
21.06.2022Pro Wrestling BASARA BASARA 195 ~ Koo ~Card  
21.06.2022New Japan Pro Wrestling NJPW New Japan Road 2022 - Tag 5Card6.757
20.06.2022New Japan Pro Wrestling NJPW New Japan Road 2022 - Tag 4Card6.505
19.06.2022DDT Pro Wrestling DDT Zelvia x Cyberfight Machida Otoko Matsuri Pro Wrestling FestivalCard  
19.06.2022DDT Pro Wrestling DDT King Of DDT 2022 2nd RoundCard6.675
19.06.2022Total Triumph Team TTT Big Match 2022Card  
19.06.2022Pro Wrestling HEAT UP HEAT UPCard  
19.06.2022Gatoh Move Pro Wrestling Gatoh Move ChocoPro #237Card  
19.06.2022All Japan Pro Wrestling AJPW Champions Night 4 ~ 50th Anniversary TourCard  
19.06.2022PURE-J PURE-JCard  
19.06.2022Wrestling In Japan - Freelance Shows Masamune Produce Murasaki Hige Dokugan 3Card  
19.06.2022OZ Academy OZ Academy Noise, Noise, NoiseCard  
19.06.2022Tokyo Joshi Pro-Wrestling TJPW Additional Attack '22Card7.0012
18.06.2022Gatoh Move Pro Wrestling Gatoh Move ChocoPro #236Card  
18.06.2022New Japan Pro Wrestling NJPW New Japan Road 2022 - Tag 2Card  
17.06.2022Big Japan Pro-Wrestling BJWCard  
16.06.2022DDT Pro Wrestling DDT King Of DDT 2022 1st RoundCard7.448
16.06.2022Sendai Girls' Pro Wrestling Sendai GirlsCard  
15.06.2022Tenryu Project Tenryu Project Wrestle And Romance Vol. 3Card  
15.06.2022Wrestling In Japan - Freelance Shows Fortune Dream 7Card  
14.06.2022Wrestling In Japan - Freelance Shows PleinsGaz!Card  
12.06.2022Pro Wrestling Secret Base Secret Base After Rain SpectrumCard  
12.06.2022All Japan Pro Wrestling AJPW Dynamite Series 2022 - Tag 2Card  
12.06.2022Gatoh Move Pro Wrestling Gatoh Move ChocoPro #235Card  
12.06.2022PURE-J PURE-JCard  
11.06.2022Gatoh Move Pro Wrestling Gatoh Move ChocoPro #234Card  
11.06.2022Wrestling In Japan - Freelance Shows Yujiro Yamamoto Produce Battle Art Pro WrestlingCard  
11.06.2022Pro Wrestling BASARA BASARA 194 ~ Takagari 9Card  
10.06.2022SEAdLINNNG SEAdLINNNG Shin-Kiba Night!Card  
09.06.2022Real Japan Pro Wrestling RJPW Strong Style Pro-Wrestling Vol. 17Card  
09.06.2022Pro Wrestling FREEDOMS FREEDOMS New Generation Is Here 2022Card  
08.06.2022Gatoh Move Pro Wrestling Gatoh Move ChocoPro #233Card  
08.06.2022Ice Ribbon Ice Ribbon Odekake Pro WrestlingCard  
08.06.2022Pro Wrestling NOAH NOAH Star Navigation 2022 - Tag 2Card  
07.06.2022DDT Pro Wrestling DDT Ganbare Pro Pumping Iron 2022Card  
07.06.2022Pro Wrestling NOAH NOAH Star Navigation 2022 - Tag 1Card  
06.06.2022666 666 Vol. 117Card  
06.06.2022Big Japan Pro-Wrestling BJWCard  
05.06.2022Wrestling In Japan - Freelance Shows Grace Project Chapter 8Card  
05.06.2022World Wonder Ring Stardom StardomCard6.387
05.06.2022J STAGE Pro Wrestling J STAGECard  
05.06.2022YMZ Pro Wrestling YMZ Tsuyu KameariCard  
05.06.2022PURE-J PURE-JCard  
05.06.2022Wrestling In Japan - Freelance Shows Kotaro Nasu Produce Over The FutureCard  
04.06.2022Pro Wrestling BASARA BASARA 193 ~ Oji No Kitsune 20 ~Card  
04.06.2022Pro Wrestling BASARA BASARA 192 ~ Oji No Kitsune 19 ~Card  
04.06.2022Pro Wrestling ZERO1 ZERO1 Osu Premium One Team ZERO1 Shinjiro Otani Aid! Get Up As Many Times As You WantCard  
03.06.2022Dragongate Japan Pro-Wrestling DG Toryumon Reunion Vol. 2Card  
03.06.2022Big Japan Pro-WrestlingPro Wrestling ZERO1 BJW/ZERO1 ClashCard  
03.06.2022New Japan Pro Wrestling NJPW Best Of The Super Junior 29 - Tag 13Card6.5314
02.06.2022Dragongate Japan Pro-Wrestling DG King Of Gate 2022 - Tag 12Card  
01.06.2022DDT Pro Wrestling DDT What Are You Doing? 2022Card  
01.06.2022Pro Wrestling WAVE WAVE NAMI 1Card  
31.05.2022Marvelous That's Women Pro Wrestling MarvelousCard  
31.05.2022Wrestling In Japan - Freelance Shows NPH/Kyohei Wada & Fumihito Kihara Produce Jumbo Tsuruta 23rd Anniversary Memorial ServiceCard  
30.05.2022P.P.P. Tokyo P.P.P. TokyoCard  
29.05.2022Gatoh Move Pro Wrestling Gatoh Move ChocoPro #232Card  
29.05.2022All Japan Pro Wrestling AJPW Super Power Series 2022 - Tag 2Card  
29.05.2022Wrestling In Japan - Freelance Shows Prominence Kuen RanbuCard  
29.05.2022Tokyo Joshi Pro-Wrestling TJPW Spring Tour '22Card7.175
29.05.2022PURE-J PURE-J MANIAX 2022Card  
29.05.2022New Japan Pro Wrestling NJPW Best Of The Super Junior 29 - Tag 11Card7.2321
28.05.2022GPS Promotion GPS HERO31Card  
28.05.2022World Wonder Ring Stardom Stardom Flashing ChampionsCard8.4640
28.05.2022Big Japan Pro-Wrestling BJW Sanzen SekaiCard  
28.05.2022Gatoh Move Pro Wrestling Gatoh Move ChocoPro #231Card  
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