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DateEvent NameRatingVotes
25.10.2021Pro Wrestling WAVE WAVE Halloween Wave 2021Card  
24.10.2021OZ Academy OZ Academy All Out AttackCard  
24.10.2021Wrestling In Japan - Freelance Shows AKINO Produce ~ Happy Birthday To MeCard  
22.10.2021Actwres girl'Z AWG Act In Shinjuku FACECard  
09.10.2021GLEAT GLEAT LIDET UWF Ver.1Card  
01.10.2021Wrestling In Japan - Freelance Shows Masahiro Takanashi Produce The Return Of YopparaiCard  
26.09.2021Pro Wrestling Secret Base Secret Base Secret Stardust 2021Card  
23.09.2021Wrestling In Japan - Freelance Shows Japan Marrow Bank Charity CHAKURIKI 12 ~ Girls Bravo 2Card  
15.09.2021Tokyo Joshi Pro-Wrestling TJPW Tokyo Joshi 2021 Autumn ~ Kacho Getsuro ~Card  
14.09.2021P.P.P. Tokyo P.P.P. SOD BASARA Presents Shuchinikurin FestivalCard  
12.09.2021OZ Academy OZ Academy One Shot One KillCard  
06.09.2021Pro Wrestling NOAH NOAH N-1 Victory 2021 Special PrologueCard  
18.08.2021Pro Wrestling BASARADove Pro Wrestling BASARA/Dove Pro RespectCard  
15.08.2021All Japan Pro Wrestling AJPW Royal Road Tournament 2021 - Tag 1 (Abend)Card  
15.08.2021All Japan Pro Wrestling AJPW Royal Road Tournament 2021 - Tag 1 (Nachmittag)Card  
13.08.2021GPS Promotion GPS HERO29Card  
01.08.2021DDT Pro Wrestling DDT Beer Garden Fight-Like Pro Wrestling - Tag 3Card  
01.08.2021DDT Pro Wrestling DDT Ganbare Pro - Mean Street 2021 ~ Beer Garden Like Ganbare Pro Wrestling ~Card  
31.07.2021DDT Pro Wrestling DDT Beer Garden Fight-Like Pro Wrestling - Tag 2Card  
31.07.2021Tokyo Joshi Pro-Wrestling TJPW 8th Tokyo Princess Cup - Tag 5Card7.7113
30.07.2021DDT Pro Wrestling DDT Beer Garden Fight-Like Pro Wrestling - Tag 1Card  
26.07.2021DDT Pro Wrestling DDT DAMNATION Produce Illegal Assembly Returns Vol. 4Card  
22.07.2021Pro Wrestling Secret Base Secret Base Secret Galaxy Days 2021Card  
15.07.2021DDT Pro Wrestling DDT Summer Vacation Tour 2021 In ShinjukuCard  
11.07.2021OZ Academy OZ Academy The FortressCard  
07.07.2021Pro Wrestling BASARA BASARA 163 ~ Hoshiai No SoraCard  
01.07.2021Pro Wrestling WAVE WAVE Catch The Wave 2021 FinalCard  
28.06.2021Best Body Japan Pro-Wrestling BBJ Summer TokyoCard  
13.06.2021Total Triumph Team TTT Big Match 2021Card  
13.06.2021OZ Academy OZ Academy The End Of BrightCard  
10.06.2021DDT Pro Wrestling DDT King Of DDT 2021 First RoundCard6.4510
09.06.2021GLEAT GLEAT LIDET UWF Ver. 0Card  
01.06.2021Pro Wrestling WAVE WAVE Catch The Wave 2021 Opening RoundCard  
28.05.2021Best Body Japan Pro-Wrestling BBJ Satsuki 2021Card  
27.05.2021DDT Pro Wrestling DDT Ultimate Tag League 2021 The FINAL!!Card  
09.05.2021OZ Academy OZ Academy Spring Storm AssaultCard  
02.04.2021SEAdLINNNG SEAdLINNNG Arisa Nakajima 15th SPRiNNNGCard6.228
01.04.2021Pro Wrestling WAVE WAVE Phase 2 Reboot 2nd ~ NAMI 1Card  
26.03.2021Wrestling In Japan - Freelance Shows Chikayo Nagashima Debut 25th Anniversary ShowCard  
23.03.2021P.P.P. Tokyo P.P.P. Tokyo ~ Frenzy Bubble Hyakka Ryoran FestivalCard  
14.03.2021World Wonder Ring Stardom Stardom New Century 2021 In ShinjukuCard6.3610
12.03.2021Oriental Wrestling Entertainment STRONGHEARTS Action MaxCard  
11.03.2021Sendai Girls' Pro Wrestling Sendai Girls Don't Forget That Day 2021 - Tag 1: 10 YearsCard  
07.03.2021OZ Academy OZ Academy Sanctuary - Tag 1Card  
28.02.2021Pro Wrestling Secret Base Secret Base Blooming MirageCard  
28.02.2021Pro Wrestling Secret Base Secret Base 12th Anniversary Raise The FlagCard  
26.02.2021SEAdLINNNG SEAdLINNNG New Leaf 2021Card5.866
25.02.2021Pro Wrestling BASARA BASARA 150 ~ Tsukasa Kumu Jitsu - Kinkon Ichiban ~Card  
19.02.2021DDT Pro Wrestling DDT DAMNATION Produce Illegal Assembly Returns Vol. 3Card  
18.02.2021JUST TAP OUT Professional Wrestling JTO Just Tap Out In Shinjuku FACECard  
07.02.2021OZ Academy OZ Academy Maximum BlizzardCard  
06.02.2021World Wonder Ring Stardom Stardom New Year Stars 2021 - Tag 7Card6.009
01.02.2021Pro Wrestling WAVE WAVE NAMI 1Card  
28.01.2021DDT Pro Wrestling DDT Dramatic 2021 January Special!Card  
27.01.2021Best Body Japan Pro-Wrestling BBJ 2021 Opening BattleCard  
16.01.2021Pro Wrestling WAVE WAVE Kabuki-cho Week EnderCard  
10.01.2021OZ Academy OZ Academy 25th Anniversary YearCard  
10.01.2021Sendai Girls' Pro Wrestling Sendai Girls Road To GAEAism - Tag 1Card  
09.01.2021666 Shinjuku 2-Chome Pro Wrestling Mix DayCard  
09.01.2021666 666 Vol. 102 ~ 2021 Dark World Opening BattleCard  
09.01.2021666 666 YOUNG Pro Wrestling Wasshoi!Card  
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