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DateEvent Name  RatingVotes
06.06.2023666 666 Vol. 130Card   
01.06.2023Pro Wrestling WAVE WAVE NAMI 1Card   
31.05.2023Pro Wrestling NOAH NOAH Sunny Voyage 2023 - Tag 15Card   
29.05.2023Gatoh Move Pro Wrestling Gatoh Move Mei Suruga Debut 5th Anniversary ~ Under The Big Apple TreeCard   
16.05.2023Wrestling In Japan - Freelance Shows Sareee Produce Sareee-ISM ~Chapter One~Card   
14.05.2023OZ Academy OZ Academy Valley Of The DallsCard   
07.05.2023DDT Pro Wrestling DDT King Of DDT 2023 2nd RoundCard   
06.05.2023GLEAT GLEAT G PROWRESTLING Ver. 51Card   
06.05.2023DDT Pro Wrestling DDT King Of DDT 2023 1st RoundCard 6.6014
28.04.2023Pro Wrestling WAVE WAVE X Bushiroad Jumbo ForeverCard   
27.04.2023DEADLOCK Pro-WrestlingGatoh Move Pro Wrestling DPW x Gatoh Move Tokyo Crossover - Tag 2Card 8.1216
15.04.2023DDT Pro Wrestling DDT Max Bump Tour 2023 In ShinjukuCard   
14.04.2023Wrestling In Japan - Freelance Shows NOMADS' Freelance Summit Vol. 3Card   
09.04.2023Pro Wrestling Secret Base Secret Base Afterimage Of Spring ColorCard   
04.04.2023Dragongate Japan Pro-Wrestling DG/Masaaki Mochizuki Produce Buyuden Rei ~ Zero ~Card   
02.04.2023Pro Wrestling WAVE WAVE PHASE 2 Reboot 4th ~ NAMI 1Card   
24.03.2023DDT Pro Wrestling DDT Dramatic Dream Tour 2023 In ShinjukuCard   
22.03.2023Tokyo Joshi Pro-Wrestling TJPW Live Tour In Spring '23Card 6.209
15.03.2023GLEAT GLEAT G PROWRESTLING Ver. 46 ~ OriginCard   
14.03.2023All Japan Pro Wrestling AJPW Dream Power Series 2023 - Tag 1Card   
12.03.2023OZ Academy OZ Academy Who Knows?Card   
07.03.2023GLEAT GLEAT LIDET UWF Ver. 3Card 6.7310
06.03.2023Tokyo Joshi Pro-Wrestling TJPW The Night Before Grand PrincessCard 6.005
16.02.2023SEAdLINNNG SEAdLINNNG Vibrant FebruaryCard   
15.02.2023GLEAT GLEAT G PROWRESTLING Ver. 44Card 6.866
14.02.2023DDT Pro Wrestling DDT Heatwave Over Flowers 2 ~ The World Unknown To Everyone ~Card   
13.02.2023JUST TAP OUT Professional Wrestling JTO Tournament 2023 First Round - Tag 2Card   
12.02.2023OZ Academy OZ Academy Mayumi Ozaki Produce R45 ~ Don't Underestimate The Old WomenCard   
12.02.2023OZ Academy OZ Academy Restricted-18Card   
07.02.2023P.P.P. Tokyo P.P.P. SODxP.P.P. TOKYO Love & Party 2023Card   
19.01.2023Tokyo Joshi Pro-Wrestling TJPW Futari Wa Princess Max Heart Tournament 2023 - Tag 2Card 6.9019
18.01.2023GLEAT GLEAT G PROWRESTLING Ver. 42 ~ OriginCard   
13.01.2023DDT Pro Wrestling DDT Sweet Dreams! 2023 Tour In Shinjuku ~ Fire! ~Card   
11.01.2023Best Body Japan Pro-Wrestling BBJ 2023 Opening BattleCard   
10.01.2023JUST TAP OUT Professional Wrestling JTOCard   
08.01.2023Sendai Girls' Pro Wrestling Sendai Girls Step And GoCard   
08.01.2023OZ Academy OZ Academy The Wizard Of OZ 2023Card   
03.01.2023Kyushu Pro Wrestling Kyushu Pro Jokyo 2023Card   
01.01.2023Pro Wrestling WAVE WAVE NAMI 1 ~ Nami Hajime ~ GO WAVECard 7.008
01.01.2023YMZ Pro Wrestling YMZ The 10th SunriseCard   
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