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DateEvent Name  RatingVotes
16.07.2024Dragongate Japan Pro-Wrestling DG/Masaaki Mochizuki Produce Buyuden Rei ~ Zero ~ Vol. 5Card   
14.07.2024OZ Academy OZ Academy Serpent's TemptationCard   
11.07.2024Pro Wrestling ZERO1 ZERO1 Dangan Senshi Masato Tanaka's 30th Anniversary ShowCard   
10.07.2024DDT Pro Wrestling DDT Road To Peter Pan 2024 Tour In ShinjukuCard   
09.07.2024P.P.P. Tokyo P.P.P. Vanquish Heaven ~ Heavenly FeastCard   
08.07.2024Wrestling In Japan - Freelance Shows Cherry Produce Cherry 20th Anniversary Anata No OkageCard   
03.07.2024Pro Wrestling WAVE WAVE ReAL NAMI NO HI 2024Card   
26.06.2024DDT Pro Wrestling DDT Sanshiro Takagi vs. Super Sasadango Machine One Match ShowCard   
12.06.2024SEAdLINNNG SEAdLINNNG Shinjuku Lighting Up!!Card   
09.06.2024Sendai Girls' Pro Wrestling Sendai GirlsCard   
09.06.2024OZ Academy OZ Academy No Time To CryCard   
08.06.2024Wrestling In Japan - Freelance Shows T-HEARTS Yumiko Hotta Debut 39th AnniversaryCard   
07.06.2024Pro Wrestling WAVE WAVE Kabukicho Weekender '24Card   
05.06.2024DDT Pro Wrestling DDT What Are You Doing? 2024 Tour In ShinjukuCard   
30.05.2024Gatoh Move Pro Wrestling Gatoh Move Road To Korakuen - Apple AmbitiousCard   
29.05.2024Pro Wrestling NOAH NOAH Limit Break 2Card   
27.05.2024P.P.P. Tokyo P.P.P. Fantastic Phantom ~ A Dreamlike NightCard   
12.05.2024OZ Academy OZ Academy Paradise LostCard   
22.04.2024Pro Wrestling NOAH NOAH Monday Magic Season 2 Final EpisodeCard   
17.04.2024GLEAT GLEAT LIDET UWF Ver. 4Card   
15.04.2024Pro Wrestling NOAH NOAH Monday Magic Season 2 #3Card   
08.04.2024Pro Wrestling NOAH NOAH Monday Magic Season 2 #2Card   
07.04.2024Pro Wrestling Secret Base Secret Base Spring-Colored Afterimage 2024Card   
04.04.2024GLEAT GLEAT G PROWRESTLING Ver. 71Card   
03.04.2024Pro Wrestling WAVE WAVE NAMI1Card   
01.04.2024Pro Wrestling NOAH NOAH Monday Magic Season 2 #1Card   
27.03.2024Best Body Japan Pro-Wrestling BBJ Shinjuku Spring 2024Card   
21.03.2024Dragongate Japan Pro-Wrestling DG/Masaaki Mochizuki Produce Buyuden Rei ~ Zero ~ Vol. 4Card   
19.03.2024Wrestling In Japan - Freelance Shows Kuroshio TOKYO Japan Produce ~ Everyone Will Love Tokyo And Japan Even MoreCard   
18.03.2024Dotonbori Pro Wrestling Dotonbori Pro Phantom Funakoshi Retirement Commemoration ~Final Phantom~Card   
16.03.2024Wrestling In Japan - Freelance Shows T-HEARTS Yumiko Hotta's Return Tournament ~ RestartCard   
10.03.2024OZ Academy OZ Academy Sweet TearsCard   
06.03.2024DDT Pro Wrestling DDT Judgement Tour 2024 In ShinjukuCard   
03.03.2024Tokyo Joshi Pro-Wrestling TJPW Live Tour 2024 SpringCard 7.4218
01.03.2024Pro Wrestling WAVE WAVE NAMI 1Card   
29.02.2024Wrestling In Japan - Freelance Shows Toru Owashi Produce Toru Owashi Debut AnniversaryCard   
28.02.2024Pro Wrestling NOAH NOAH Sunny Voyage 2024Card   
16.02.2024Pro Wrestling ZERO1 ZERO1 REAL ZERO1 Produce Noto Hanto Earthquake Disaster Charity ~ Keep On Running!!Card   
15.02.2024Wrestling In Japan - Freelance Shows Masato Yoshino Produce Unity The FirstCard   
14.02.2024DDT Pro Wrestling DDT Heatwave Over Flowers 3 ~ Tototonoi To YouCard   
13.02.2024SEAdLINNNG SEAdLINNNG Valentine Of ViolenceCard   
11.02.2024Sendai Girls' Pro Wrestling Sendai GirlsCard   
11.02.2024OZ Academy OZ Academy All I WantCard   
07.02.2024DDT Pro Wrestling DDT Into The Fight 2024 Tour In ShinjukuCard   
02.02.2024GLEAT GLEAT G PROWRESTLING Ver. 69Card   
31.01.2024Best Body Japan Pro-Wrestling BBJ 2024 Opening BattleCard   
17.01.2024Pro Wrestling NOAH NOAH Sunny Voyage 2024Card   
16.01.2024Wrestling In Japan - Freelance Shows Sareee Produce Sareee-ISM Chapter IIICard 7.576
12.01.2024Wrestling In Japan - Freelance Shows ARSION The FinalCard   
10.01.2024Gatoh Move Pro Wrestling Gatoh Move To The FutureCard 7.3613
09.01.2024P.P.P. Tokyo P.P.P. The New Year Glory ~ Glorious FeastCard   
07.01.2024Sendai Girls' Pro Wrestling Sendai GirlsCard   
07.01.2024OZ Academy OZ Academy The Wizard Of OZ 2024Card   
06.01.2024JTO JTO Girls SpecialCard   
06.01.2024Tokyo Joshi Pro-Wrestling TJPW Inspiration #8Card 8.1832
05.01.2024DDT Pro Wrestling DDT Sweet Dreams! 2024 Tour In ShinjukuCard   
01.01.2024Pro Wrestling WAVE WAVE NAMI1 ~ 2024 New Year Nami Hajime ~ GO WAVECard   
01.01.2024YMZ Pro Wrestling YMZ The 11th SunriseCard