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Paul Allain wrote on 18.12.2019:
[3.0] "The opener was a decent battle of rookies, with Team AnDrew standing out and Sumner's submission game prevailing. Chris Hero decimation of the ROH Students served a point in their interpromotional feud. The Masked Wrestlers Triple Threat Match was a great athletic contest with a struggle to win that shows the best of the wrestlers and puts over the importance of the tournament. Pandora's Box tag team match was awful and felt like forever, with Messiah obsession for Pandora feeling silly, but at least the LuFisto angle might make for a good match in the future. Hyde/Havoc was short and unsubstantial, but the two restarts that were designed to make Danny Havoc look tough only served to make him look stupid with the third fall being majorly botched and making his win look like crap. The crowd might have loved it, but I felt it made Danny Havoc into a moronic tool that is not ready to wrestle in CZW. The ROH/CZW Tag Team Match had nice intensity and is a decent firestarter for their feud. The Junior Triple Threat Match is very fun, packs a lot of action in a short time span and setup a good title match for the future. The main event was a decent match, and the heel turn of Checkmate could have led to an interesting alliance between groups to attack The Forefathers Of CZW, but instead Zandig had to interject himself into storyline like a prick, have his crew deliver a reckless beatdown to the guys he booked that way, verbally insult them to the point of hurting their credibility for his own stupid promotion and continue to expose himself as a bigoted asshole, further ruining his own storyline. The wrestling is the show isn't bad at all, with even hints of good storytelling in the undercard, but the general booking of the show was disastrous, hurting wrestlers more than it helped them, burying talent for no reason and centering on feeding Zandig's ego, so the good wrestling could only bring the show into moderately marginal entertainment surrounded by mediocrity."
sign squad wrote on 29.09.2009:
[3.0] "Zwei Gute Matches sind dabei. Dragon & Butcher vs Steen & Whitmer (ist auch die einzige Erwähnung des RoH vs CZW angles) (**1/2) und der knackige Main Event (**3/4)"
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