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This table shows the active championships and champions of the promotion at the beginning of the show.
Title changes during the event are not considered here.
NWA World Junior Heavyweight ChampionshipEd Francis11.04.1955  (165 Tage)  
NWA World Middleweight ChampionshipEl Santo01.01.1954  (630 Tage)  
NWA World Welterweight ChampionshipBlue Demon25.07.1953  (790 Tage)  
NWA Florida Heavyweight ChampionshipVAKANTxx.xx.1950  (? Tage)  
NWA World Heavyweight ChampionshipLou Thesz27.11.1949  (2126 Tage)8.40117
NWA Texas Tag Team ChampionshipPepper Gomez & Rito Romero28.07.1955  (57 Tage)  
NWA World Women's ChampionshipJune Byers20.08.1954  (399 Tage)  
NWA World Light Heavyweight ChampionshipFrank Stojack10.08.1953  (774 Tage)  
World Heavyweight ChampionshipLou Thesz21.05.1952  (1220 Tage)9.3218
NWA Texas Junior Heavyweight ChampionshipEl Mongol01.09.1955  (22 Tage)  
NWA Pacific Northwest Tag Team ChampionshipDick Torio & Luigi Macera19.09.1955  (4 Tage)  
NWA Florida World Tag Team ChampionshipThe Smiths (Al Smith & John Smith)xx.xx.1954  (? Tage)  
NWA Florida Women's ChampionshipGloria Barattini (2)07.03.1955  (200 Tage)  
NWA Florida Junior Heavyweight ChampionshipBill Ludwig04.09.1944  (4036 Tage)  
NWA British Empire Heavyweight ChampionshipBilly Watson (10)12.10.1950  (1807 Tage)  
NWA Canadian Open Tag Team ChampionshipLord Athol Layton & Billy Watson14.07.1955  (71 Tage)  
NWA Los Angeles World Tag Team ChampionshipThe Dusek Brothers (Emil Dusek & Ernie Dusek)xx.xx.1951  (? Tage)  
NWA Hawaii Heavyweight ChampionshipZebra Kid10.04.1955  (166 Tage)  
NWA San Francisco Pacific Coast Heavyweight ChampionshipEnrique Torres (3)09.07.1953  (806 Tage)  
NWA World Tag Team ChampionshipGene Kiniski & Lord James Blears (2)09.08.1955  (45 Tage)  
NWA Chicago World Tag Team ChampionshipPat O'Connor & Roy McClarty19.03.1955  (188 Tage)  
NWA Georgia Southern Heavyweight ChampionshipFred Blassie (2)16.09.1955  (7 Tage)  
NWA Calgary Canadian Tag Team ChampionshipAl Mills & Tiny Mills (2)16.11.1954  (311 Tage)  
NWA Gulf Coast Southern Tag Team ChampionshipRed Roberts & Mario Galento (2)05.07.1955  (80 Tage)  
NWA Texas Heavyweight ChampionshipPepper Gomez05.08.1955  (49 Tage)  
NWA Texas Brass Knuckles ChampionshipBull Curry (2)15.03.1955  (192 Tage)  
NWA Hawaii Tag Team ChampionshipVAKANT08.05.1955  (138 Tage)  
Southwest States Junior Heavyweight ChampionshipBob Geigel11.10.1954  (347 Tage)  
NWA Calgary Canadian Heavyweight ChampionshipGeorge Gordienko13.06.1955  (102 Tage)  
NWA World Tag Team ChampionshipGarza Lozano & Jack Purdin30.04.1945  (3798 Tage)  
NWA Southern Tag Team ChampionshipArt Neilson & Jack Steele31.08.1951  (1484 Tage)  
NWA Los Angeles Beat The Champ ChampionshipSandor Szabo (3)03.02.1953  (962 Tage)  
Texas Women's ChampionshipNell Stewart (2)19.01.1951  (1708 Tage)  
Texas Junior Heavyweight ChampionshipEl Mongol01.09.1955  (22 Tage)  
NWA Eastern Heavyweight ChampionshipBill Miller (3)26.07.1955  (59 Tage)  
NWA Mid-Atlantic Southern Tag Team ChampionshipGeorge Becker & Jack Witzig27.07.1955  (58 Tage)  
NWA World Tag Team ChampionshipArt Neilson & Reggie Lisowski (2)xx.xx.1955  (? Tage)  
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