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The table shows additional events of this promotion within one month of the current event's date.
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DateEvent NameEvent typeRatingVotes
31.01.2011Impact Wrestling TNA Xplosion #333TV-ShowCard  
31.01.2011Impact Wrestling TNA iMPACT #343TV-ShowCardReport7.8722
12.01.2011Impact Wrestling TNA Xplosion #332TV-ShowCard  
12.01.2011Impact Wrestling TNA iMPACT #342TV-ShowCardReport7.0615
11.01.2011Impact Wrestling TNA Xplosion #331TV-ShowCard  
11.01.2011Impact Wrestling TNA iMPACT #341TV-ShowCardReport5.0010
10.01.2011Impact Wrestling TNA Xplosion #330TV-ShowCard  
10.01.2011Impact Wrestling TNA iMPACT #340TV-ShowCardReport6.9313
09.01.2011Impact Wrestling TNA Genesis 2011Pay Per ViewCardReport5.0848
10.12.2010Impact Wrestling TNA iMPACT #339TV-ShowCardReport4.3610
09.12.2010Impact Wrestling TNA Xplosion #329TV-ShowCard  
09.12.2010Impact Wrestling TNA iMPACT #338TV-ShowCardReport5.3610
09.12.2010Impact Wrestling TNA iMPACT #337TV-ShowCardReport7.2312
08.12.2010Impact Wrestling TNA Xplosion #328TV-ShowCard  
07.12.2010Impact Wrestling TNA Xplosion #327TV-ShowCard  
07.12.2010Impact Wrestling TNA iMPACT #336TV-ShowCardReport4.8014
06.12.2010Impact Wrestling TNA Xplosion #326TV-ShowCard  
05.12.2010Impact Wrestling TNA Final Resolution 2010Pay Per ViewCardReport6.3141
16.11.2010Impact Wrestling TNA Xplosion #324TV-ShowCard  
16.11.2010Impact Wrestling TNA Xplosion #325TV-ShowCard  
16.11.2010Impact Wrestling TNA iMPACT #334TV-ShowCardReport6.6912
15.11.2010Impact Wrestling TNA Xplosion #323TV-ShowCard  
15.11.2010Impact Wrestling TNA iMPACT #333TV-ShowCardReport6.1413
09.11.2010Impact Wrestling TNA Xplosion #322TV-ShowCard  
09.11.2010Impact Wrestling TNA iMPACT #332TV-ShowCardReport5.1711
08.11.2010Impact Wrestling TNA Xplosion #321TV-ShowCard  
08.11.2010Impact Wrestling TNA iMPACT #331TV-ShowCardReport5.8014
07.11.2010Impact Wrestling TNA Turning Point 2010Pay Per ViewCardReport3.3846
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