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Dragon Gate Kobe Pro-Wrestling Festival 2010

Pay Per View

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121.12.2020arrancar7.0With one awesome match, one very good match, and a handful of alright-to-good matches, this ended up being the best DG show I've seen since Kobe World 2008. Kotoka, Tanizaki & Haskins vs Arai, Kzy & Kanda was a fine opener -- a bit sloppy and bland at times, but at least energetic. **1/2. Abdullah & Akebono vs Florida Borthers, Ichikawa & Syachihoko was stupid comedy without anything funny. *3/4. Rongai & Tozawa vs Doi & Pac vs Kong & Kagetora vs Kid & Saito was not a main-event- or semi-main-event-caliber DG multi-man tag, but it was still filled with a bunch of cool run-on exchanges and spots, all while making great use of each individual wrestlers. ***1/4 - ***1/2. Cima, Gamma & Horiguchi vs Buffalo, Bodyguard & Tigers was good as a standard 'home-town babyfaces vs dastardly heel invaders' match. The Warriors team were out of their depth in this sort of match, which just made them sympathetic figures as they faced their struggle head-on. ***. K-ness & Susumu vs Fuji & Mochizuki was a good little match. The work on Susumu's leg was meh, and Susumu's selling of it was inconsistent, but he at least showed off his passionate real-time selling and sold the leg well in those moments when he did choose to sell it. Both teams eventually began impressing with their tag spots while incrementally upping their pace. Mochizuki's kicks were wonderful. Watching Susumu and K-ness fight back after being so heavily dominated was endearing, though the completing of their comeback felt rushed. ***1/4. Shingo vs Hulk is my new all-time favourite DG match. It was the ultimate bully vs the ultimate babyface, and both men gave world-class performances. This was very similar to their similarly awesome Kobe World 2008 match, with Shingo absolutely destroying Hulk while Hulk bumped like an absolute mad man and showed off tonnes of fiery passion while executing his beautiful acrobatics and slick strikes. It got a bit 'samey' with finishers, signature moves, and kick-outs in the final 10 minutes, but the work-rate and technique here could not be denied, because this was a ridiculously physical match. ****1/4. Yamato vs Yoshino was yet another Dream Gate title match that was good (very good, in fact) but ultimately not the great match I was hoping for. Both guys displayed clean technique, sold well (in real-time, at least), and told an interesting story of dual limb-work, but the overall pace was so slow that it was difficult to get truly wrapped up in either guy's performance, especially when there wasn't any 'deeper' story to the match outside of the title. Yamato's strikes and power moves became more brutal as the match progressed, and Yoshino's signature moves became more impactful (aided by Yamato's strong bumping). Their slick submission transitions continued to be great, though they both also sadly dropped their limb selling. Final 3 mins were awesome enough to bump the match up. ***3/4
229.11.2016Crippler Crossface8.0
322.08.2010ARIZA9.0Starke Show. Der Opener war ordentlich. Abdullah & Akebono gegen die vier Comedy Wrestler war mies. Ich hoffe ich muss Abdullah the Butcher nie mehr sehen. Das Four Way Elimination Tag Team Match war cool, TOZAWA im NOSAWA Style war sehr cool. WARRIORS vs. Osaka Pro war gut. Knesuka gegen Fuji & Mochizuki fand ich am anfang langweilig, später dann besser. Hulk gegen Shingo war sehr gut und der Main Event war noch einen Tick besser.
410.08.2010Mick Funk8.0Tolle Show, die zumindest mit dem Co-Mainer und dem Main Event 2 Matches hatte, die man gesehen haben sollte. Das Four Way war ein typische Spotfest, was wohl auch beeindruckend war, wenn man sich nicht ständig DG Matches reinzieht. Der Opener war solide, das zweite Match leider der totale Müll und jemanden wie The Bodyguard bräuchte ich jetzt auch nicht in einem Ring. Trotzdem eine klasse Show.
521.07.2010blackwhitesun8.0Durchweg gute Veranstaltung mit zwei starken Mainevents. Nur Akebono und der Butcher gehören nicht (mehr) in den Ring.
621.07.2010Sunglasses9.0Und schon wieder eine gute DG-Show bzw. DG-PPV. Die ersten beiden Matches waren schwach, aber als Opener jeweils in Ordnung zum warm werden. Dann gings aber richtig los. Das 4-Way war überraschend gut, ebenso das Twin und Triangle Gate Title Match. Dann kam mit dem Hair vs. Hair Match ein potentielles MOTY, das alles was bisher in Japan abging in den Schatten stellt. Das war Krieg, Technik, Tempo - eine Fehde zwischen Hulk und Shingo, die seit Jahren anhält und hier einen weitern Höhepunkt erhält. Der Main Event viel zu dem Match etwas ab, war aber auch sehr gut und besser als vieles bevor.
714.07.2010STRIGGA8.0Die Show war mit Ausnahme des zweiten Matches gut und auch der Opener rund um das Deep Drunkers Heelwork hängt einem zum Halse raus... aber das ist ja nichts neues. Ab dem Open the Triangle Gate Match kann man sich die Show bedenkenlos ansehen und wird als Fan der Liga hochzufrieden sein. Die beiden Main Events boten Spitzenwrestling auf verschiedene Art und Weise: Hulk und Shingo führen einen Krieg im Ring, während Yoshino und YAMATO auf ein eher technisches Match aus waren.
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