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DOA The Art Of War
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Singles Match
Tag Team Match
Bulletproof Kings (Caden Cassidy & Sid Sylum) vs. Cole Rivera & Lo Devereaux
Tag Team Match
Def Threat (Nathan Foxx & Zebadiah Saint) vs. Eliza True & Marcus Eriks
I Quit Match
Four Way Match
Big Ugly vs. Matt Brannigan vs. Back To School Brian vs. Grizz Broady
Tag Team Match
The Academy (Nick Radford & Thom Alman) vs. The Flamin' Aces (Spencer Scott & Zaye Perez)
The Hammer Brothers (Jack Hammer & Sledge Hammer) (c) vs. HBQ & Kris Brady

All workers
Abigail Warren, Amira, Back To School Brian, Big Ugly, Bulletproof Kings, Caden Cassidy, Cole Rivera, Def Threat, Drake Kwon, Drexl, Eliza True, Grizz Broady, HBQ, Jack Hammer, Jonas Albert Robinson, Kris Brady, Lo Devereaux, Marcus Eriks, Matt Brannigan, Max Burnside, Nathan Foxx, Nick Radford, Rebel Kel, Sid Sylum, Sledge Hammer, Spencer Scott, Steve Migs, The Academy, The Flamin' Aces, The Hammer Brothers, Thom Alman, Wade Hess, Warhorse, Zaye Perez, Zebadiah Saint