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Paul Allain wrote on 25.12.2019:
[4.0] "Sabian/Swann was nothing but an entertaining squash, not even scratching the surface of Rich Swann's potential. Pinkie/Blood was shackled with heavy shenanigans, the impopular return of DJ Hyde, the overbooked and rushed match and most of all the obnoxious egocentrism of Zandig making the whole match about himself. Thankfully, this ends the horrible Pinkie/Blood feud, that actually benefited the inept Drew Blood much more than the underused Pinkie Sanchez. Moore/Callaway wasn't awful wrestling, but despite being short it felt way too long, Cole Callaway's stereotyped character feels regressive and Nick Gage's hate crime is simply appalling, making CZW look like the lowest trash in all of wrestling. Best/H8 is an insult to anything being called a wrestling match, and Nick Gage keeps being a selfish unprofessional piece of shit that should be banned from pro wrestling. Carter/Gulak was admittedly lacking in the entertainment department, but despite the cheap finish it feels like a valuable step in the development of Carter Gray. Ruckus/Excellent was all-around decent, but meandered and had unpleasant interference in the ending . McBride/Fantastico was a bit better and more consistent than last month, but still feels bloated, concluding the worst reign in the history of the belt, but Egotistico Fantastico has probably hit the ceiling his current character might be able to reach in CZW. Drake/Dingo never captured my imagination, but they were well-matched, gave their best efforts and made for a fine wrestling match that adds to Drake's championship reign. Sami Callihan garnered incredible heel heat, but the asshole who keeps bringing a airhorn into the crowd needs to be silenced forever. Moxley/Brain was just disgusting gratuitous weapons shots that lasted a long while until a weak ending. Callihan/Acid was clunky and plodding, with a weak Trent Acid obviously not boosting Sami Callihan's career as strongly as desired. The show has good ideas but stumbles in execution."
Soeren wrote on 10.06.2009:
[4.0] "Show konnte alles andere als überzeugen. Positiv aufjedenfall mal wieder Drew Blood vs. Pinkie Sanchez und Dingo vs. Younger. Die ganze Sache mit dem Kettensägenmensch und Trent Acid nervt gewaltig."
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