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Name of the event:
RCCW WrestlingCon 6

Singles Match
Brock Garvin vs. Travis Locke
Singles Match
RCCW Television Title Match
Barry Kolhoff (c) vs. Sinn Bodhi
Six Man Tag Team Match
Orion Bishop, Scrap Iron Lewis & Tiger Kid #1 vs. The Boys (Brandon & Brent) & Dalton Castle
RCCW World Heavyweight Title Match
Mike Jackson (c) vs. James Cicero (w/Steve Pleezing)
RCCW American Heavyweight Title TLC Match
Judakai Malik (c) vs. Billy McCloud
Rocket City Rumble Match
Christian Valor vs. Brock Garvin vs. Zeus Thundar vs. Aiden Myles vs. Axanor vs. Big Booty Judy vs. Havoc vs. Homage vs. Johnny Lovelady vs. Omen vs. Onyx vs. Prophet Yoder vs. Scrap Iron Lewis vs. Steve Pleezing vs. The Angry Amish Brawler

All workers
Aiden Myles, Axanor, Barry Kolhoff, Big Booty Judy, Billy McCloud, Brandon, Brent, Brock Garvin, Chase Owens, Christian Valor, Dalton Castle, Havoc, Homage, James Cicero, Johnny Lovelady, Judakai Malik, Lutha X, Mike Jackson, Omen, Onyx, Orion Bishop, Prophet Yoder, Scrap Iron Lewis, Sinn Bodhi, Steve Pleezing, The Angry Amish Brawler, The Boys, Tiger Kid #1, Travis Locke, Zeus Thundar
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