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Name of the event:
CAP Dreamland USA

Singles Match
Aaron Rourke vs. The Sweeper
Singles Match
Singles Match
CAP TV Title Three Way Match
Bobby Orlando (C) vs. Dante Drago vs. Jack Tomlinson
Six Man Tag Team Match
Liam Davis & The Birds Of The Sun (GKM & Leo Sparrow) vs. The Midlife Express (CPA & Kevin Tibbs) & Tommy Dreamer
CAP Mayhem Medal Title Five Way Match
Evil Kip (c) vs. Pat Fitzpatrick vs. Jay Klang vs. Nick Robles vs. Sebastian Amor
Tag Team Match
Gabby Forza & Zuleyka vs. Nat Castle & Sazzy Boatright
Best Two Out of Three Falls Match

All workers
Aaron Rourke, B3CCA, Bobby Orlando, Brian Myers, Bronson, C, CPA, Dante Drago, EJ Risk, Even Stevens, Evil Kip, Gabby Forza, GKM, Jack Tomlinson, Jay Klang, JGeorge, Kevin Tibbs, Leo Sparrow, Liam Davis, Nat Castle, Nick Robles, Paris Van Dale, Pat Fitzpatrick, Phil Cardigan, Sazzy Boatright, Sebastian Amor, Stephen Azure, Steve Somerset, The Adrenaline Express, The Birds Of The Sun, The Midlife Express, The Sweeper, TJ Crawford, Tommy Dreamer, Vargas, VSK, Zuleyka
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