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Stardom American Dream In The Big Apple

Pay Per View

Name of the event:
Stardom American Dream In The Big Apple
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Commentary by:
Fumi Saito & Jim Valley

:::: Not eligible for the matchguide: at least one worker in the match does not have a profile. ::::
Tag Team Match
JAN (Jungle Kyona & Natsuko Tora) defeat Sonya Strong & Violette (9:38)
:::: Not recommended yet. ::::
Three Way Tag Team Match
:::: Not recommended yet. ::::
Hazuki (c) defeats Dust (5:44)
:::: Not recommended yet. ::::
Elimination Eight Man Tag Team Match
- Andra Miyagi eliminates Saki Kashima (5:44)
- Arisa Hoshiki eliminates Martina (8:54)
- Kagetsu eliminates Tam Nakano (11:08)
- Mayu Iwatani eliminates Andras Miyagi (13:12)
- Arisa Hoshiki & Kagetsu eliminate sich gegenseitig (16:08)
- Mayu Iwatani eliminates Jamie Hayter

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