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Paul Allain wrote on 28.03.2021:
[8.0] "The FWA Tag Team Championship Match was fun, exciting, had variety and suspense a plenty, a really good match that belonged much further up the card. Berk/Mongoose is an interesting early look at guys that would develop a strong chemistry in CZW in the future, but was way too short to mean anything, a waste of undercard talent really. Dino/Havochad lukewarm action, but a dose of efforts and energy spent that shows glimpses of potential that really wants to develop. Blakic/Shi9rt was a great tag team match, taking time to develop and provide a big load of cool action that flew by and entertained to the maximum. Cremator/Greco was a weird brawl, with a very overbooked ending, and The Cremator is pretty much spinning his wheels in FWA. The structure of the Handicap Match was odd and the title change feels very off, abrupt and undeserved, but the match itself had cool action and was fun to watch. The Ultimate Jeopardy main eventfilled its promise of being a fun brawl that got the crowd involved, but it felt very short for its position and the finish was a letdown, in the sense that it really did not get the blow-off feeling intented yet will be complicated to follow up on. Despite the various flaws of the night, I must say this was a very solid show, probably the best in FWA jistory by a good margin, as pretty much everything felt purposeful and had a meaning, opening doors for future development, in addition to being a pretty fun watch with sensible booking, summing up as a big success for the small promotion."
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