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XICW Homecoming 2021 - Memorial Show For The BU F'n G


Name of the event:
XICW Homecoming 2021 - Memorial Show For The BU F'n G

Singles Match
Nate Bock vs. Royce Carney III
Tag Team Match
The Grey Wolves (Jheras Grey & Jimi Grey) vs. The Puerto Rican Wrecking Crew (Johnny Dynamo & Timo Cruz)
Singles Match
Levi Blue vs. Brutus Atwell
Singles Match
Adam Wick (w/Jeremiah Goldmain) (c) vs. Alex Weir
Dread King Logan (c) vs. Malcolm Monroe III (w/Jeremiah Goldmain) vs. Justin Dream
Four Way Match
Six Man Tag Team Match
The Purge (Kevin Kalloway & Sean Tyler) & Mitch Hewitt vs. Darren McCarthy, Eddie Venom & Jamiy Coxxx
XICW Xtreme Intense Title Four Corners Of Pain Match
Tommy Vendetta (c) vs. DBA

All workers
Aaron Orion, Adam Wick, Alex Weir, Billy Ray Daniels, Brutus Atwell, Darren McCarthy, DBA, Dread King Logan, Eddie Venom, El Ridiculoso, Jack Price, Jamiy Coxxx, Jeremiah Goldmain, Jheras Grey, Jimi Grey, Johnny Dynamo, Justin Dream, Kevin Kalloway, Levi Blue, LJ Lawrence, Malcolm Monroe III, Mitch Hewitt, Mysterious Movado, Nate Bock, Rhino, Royce Carney III, Sean Tyler, The Grey Wolves, The Puerto Rican Wrecking Crew, The Purge, Timo Cruz, TJ Meyer, Tommy Vendetta
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