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Inspire Pro Ecstasy Of Gold 6

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Singles Match
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Battle Royal
Moonshine Mantell and Ryan Davidson defeat Ashton Jacobs and Baby D and Cam Cole and Dan The Man and Jaxon Stone and Joe Demaro and Kiefer Bartek and Luigi Primo and Raychell Rose and Reiza Clarke and Bruno De La Rosa (12:32)
:::: Not recommended yet. ::::
Inspire Pro Title #1 Contendership Four Way Match
J Serious defeats Terrale Tempo (w/Maxwell Jacob Friedman) and Ethan Price (w/Roxy Castillo) and Andy Dalton (7:40)
:::: Not recommended yet. ::::
Three Way Match
:::: Not recommended yet. ::::
Inspire Pro Undefinable Title #1 Contendership Match
Kody Lane defeats Steve O Reno (15:33)
:::: Not recommended yet. ::::
Maxwell Jacob Friedman (w/Dan The Man) (c) defeats Nick Gage (11:43)
:::: Not recommended yet. ::::
Singles Match
Ricky Starks defeats ACH (26:54)

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