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This table shows the active championships and champions of the promotion at the beginning of the show.
Title changes during the event are not considered here.
NWA Central States Tag Team ChampionshipRon Etchison & Thor Hagen28.11.1957  (1100 Tage)  
NWA World Junior Heavyweight ChampionshipDanny Hodge22.07.1960  (133 Tage)  
NWA World Middleweight ChampionshipRene Guajardo13.10.1960  (50 Tage)  
NWA World Welterweight ChampionshipKarloff Lagarde31.01.1958  (1036 Tage)  
NWA Florida Heavyweight ChampionshipVAKANTxx.xx.1950  (? Tage)  
NWA World Heavyweight ChampionshipPat O'Connor09.01.1959  (693 Tage)8.38119
NWA Texas Tag Team ChampionshipCiclon Negro & Torbellino Blanco (2)15.11.1960  (17 Tage)  
NWA World Women's ChampionshipThe Fabulous Moolah18.09.1956  (1536 Tage)  
NWA World Light Heavyweight ChampionshipGori Guerrero29.07.1960  (126 Tage)  
NWA International Heavyweight ChampionshipRikidozan27.08.1958  (828 Tage)  
NWA Capitol Wrestling United States Tag Team ChampionshipThe Fabulous Kangaroos (Al Costello & Roy Heffernan) (3)28.11.1960  (4 Tage)  
NWA Texas Junior Heavyweight ChampionshipHaru Sasaki08.11.1960  (24 Tage)  
NWA Pacific Northwest Tag Team ChampionshipHerb Freeman & Nick Kozak (2)01.12.1960  (1 Tage)  
NWA Florida Southern Tag Team ChampionshipDon Curtis & Eddie Graham10.05.1960  (206 Tage)  
NWA Florida Brass Knuckles ChampionshipMike DiBiase19.04.1960  (227 Tage)  
NWA Florida World Tag Team ChampionshipThe Sharpe Brothers (Ben Sharpe & Mike Sharpe)xx.xx.1958  (? Tage)  
NWA Florida Women's ChampionshipVAKANTxx.10.1956  (? Tage)  
NWA Florida Junior Heavyweight ChampionshipBill Ludwig04.09.1944  (5933 Tage)  
NWA British Empire Heavyweight ChampionshipBilly Watson (12)18.06.1959  (533 Tage)  
NWA Canadian Open Tag Team ChampionshipIlio DiPaolo & Billy Watson (4)18.08.1960  (106 Tage)  
NWA Los Angeles World Tag Team ChampionshipVAKANTxx.xx.1960  (? Tage)  
NWA Hawaii Heavyweight ChampionshipAl Lolotai (3)08.07.1959  (513 Tage)  
NWA San Francisco Pacific Coast Heavyweight ChampionshipEnrique Torres (7)09.09.1960  (84 Tage)  
NWA World Tag Team ChampionshipAlberto Torres & Ron Etchisonxx.12.1959  (? Tage)  
NWA Georgia Southern Heavyweight ChampionshipTiny Evans18.11.1960  (14 Tage)  
NWA Tennessee Tag Team ChampionshipChris Tolos & Roy Welch10.07.1956  (1606 Tage)  
NWA Amarillo North American Heavyweight ChampionshipNikita Mulkovitch24.11.1960  (8 Tage)  
NWA Gulf Coast Southern Tag Team ChampionshipDon Fields & Bobby Fields (3)27.04.1960  (219 Tage)  
NWA Texas Heavyweight ChampionshipTorbellino Blanco (4)02.09.1960  (91 Tage)  
NWA Texas Brass Knuckles ChampionshipDanny McShain (6)10.11.1960  (22 Tage)  
NWA Hawaii Tag Team ChampionshipShoulders Newman & Tom Rice02.11.1960  (30 Tage)  
NWA Gulf Coast Heavyweight ChampionshipPancho Villa30.11.1960  (2 Tage)  
NWA Calgary Canadian Heavyweight ChampionshipCyclops14.10.1960  (49 Tage)  
Iowa Tag Team ChampionshipEmil Dusek & Ernie Dusekxx.xx.1958  (? Tage)  
NWA World Tag Team ChampionshipThe Heavenly Bodies (Al Greene & Don Greene) (3)19.11.1960  (13 Tage)  
NWA Southern Tag Team ChampionshipEl Toro & Whitey Whitlerxx.xx.1955  (? Tage)  
Texas Women's ChampionshipNell Stewart (2)19.01.1951  (3605 Tage)  
Texas Junior Heavyweight ChampionshipHaru Sasaki08.11.1960  (24 Tage)  
NWA Eastern Heavyweight ChampionshipBill Miller (4)19.11.1960  (13 Tage)  
NWA Mid-Atlantic Southern Tag Team ChampionshipRay Villmer & Jack Curtis03.10.1960  (60 Tage)  
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