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jboyaquar wrote on 15.06.2017:
"Many prelim matches aired on P Time wrestling's episode on Feb 17, 1986. From the studio Jesse is wearing a blinding red & white magisterial get-up that only Liberace or G George would appreciate. Moondog/Morales: The dog dominated so much of this match-up that the commentators remarked on how Pedro has lost a step or two. A missed dive from the SW by Spot led to Pedro's comeback and the P Rican face won / a "reverse Sunset flip, " a back roll-up off the W ropes. 2 Spivey/Goulet: Gorilla calls Rene the "Michael Jackson of the wrestling world. " Y? Maybe it's from the white racquetball glove he often adorns. The commentators wax adoringly on DS's thighs. I found this match dull as thirteen minutes is too-long and a lot of it is spent staring at Goulet employing the claw. DS won after a high atomic drop, a purposeless Irish whip from SE to NW that Goulet aptly sells by ramming his head into the buckle, and then an average bulldog. 1 3/4. The cool Don Muraco delivered an interview putting over Fuji as the next big Hollywood star. Funny stuff. Sharpe/Wells: As tonight's card had 11 matches I don't see why this went 19 minutes, but this was not as terrible as one would think as these two clobbered each other something fierce. It meandered a bit but wasn't bogged down by too many restholds. The match ended w/ both guys on the E outside punching away, the bell ringing just prior to GW connecting w/ a chair on Mike's head. 2 1/2 T C Lee/Arcidi: Miscommunication t/out as most would agree that the strongman sucked. He won w/ his bearhug. 1 1/2 McGhee/Funk: Poor Scott, he like B Boone, were the victims of being too-small for their era to ever get a push. It didn't stop him though from delivering keen efforts. He takes a beautiful bump to the E outside that even Funk momentarily stared at to marvel. The bout is just there until the final two minutes that's action-packed. The face connected w/ a top SE headbutt leap... into TF's knee and was pinned. 2 3/4"
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