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129.01.2020Danil Czar5.0
528.07.2017ErycK244.01 okay match between two up and coming wrestlers is what I expect from WWE PPV preshows. This preshow was exactly that, and it displayed a some of Tye Dillingers and Aiden English's abilities in the ring.
624.06.2017Smi-483.0Maestro of Mayham, Picasso of Pain, Rembrandt of Rage. English singt, weil es Vinnie amüsiert. Und wir müssen leiden. Aber nicht lange, da Dillinger den ehemaligen Vaudevillain recht zügig erlegt. Ansonsten ist das wieder der übliche Hype um die anstehende Show, der mich aber, mit Ausnahme des Owens-Styles Matches, kaum ergreift.
726.05.2017marselfish4.0Das Panel ist solide. Interessante Anspielung von Booker auf den möglichen Hass, den Reigns in Chicago erwarten würde. Etwas unpassend bei einer SD-Show, aber geschenkt. Die konsequentere Trennung der Roste würde da gut tun. Zigglers Interview ist ok, der Auftritt von Rowan hilft Erick hoffentlich in seiner zukünftigen Wahrnehmung, zumal sein Auftritt bei Talking Smack nach der SD Go-Home-Show für Backlash ebenfalls gut war. #asksami dagegen leider etwas austauschbar. Irgendwie ganz schön, dass English die Bühne im Rahmen eines PPV bekommt, aber das Match ist nicht der Rede wert. Typisches TV-Match, einen Nearfall am puren Showcase-Match vorbei.
825.05.2017Juicefacekillah4.0Dillinger has yet to wow me on the main roster, but at least they've given English something to do. A mediocre match that would have been right at home on an episode of Smackdown.
1022.05.2017Scotty 2 Hotty5.0Ordentliche Einstimmung auf Backlash mit einem fragwürdigen Booker T, aber einem sehr ordentlichen Match zwischen Dillinger und English.
1122.05.2017OneOfTheBeatles6.0The match was good, Aiden is perfect (pun intended) at his role and Tye is perfect (yes, again) at getting the crowd hyped. Sami was well-spoken, Rowan took an interesting route with his character, it's cool to see. The kick-off show managed to get me hyped for the main card so I enjoyed it.
1322.05.2017jackleone4.0Aiden English vs Tye Dillinger is nothing worthy to be seen, just a Smackdown match that finished in a preshow of the event. Also the rest of the preshow isn't anything special. It's a typical match and it was easy to predict the winner.
1522.05.2017sebawwe4.0Let me assess the kickoff only on the basis of the fight that took place during the kickoff. Match was solid for kickoff, but it was still too little to call this fight good. It was just the usual episode of Smackdown, which is just ok. You can see this if you have lot of time, but nothing happens when we don't watch this. The result is predictable, I'm waiting for Tye in midcard and I'll be happy to see him in Money in the Bank match, but Aiden can't be in this match. Please WWE.
1622.05.2017jboyaquarI think Sami comes off a tad better on this 'Twitter: Ask the Superstars' than he previously did as he's now far less 'taking for granted' his spot on the WWE roster. Prior he behaved as if he was on the fast-track to major success, but now he's acting less cocky and more calm. I know, for most people labelling him 'calm' would be a stretch, but though the nervy spikes are still apparent, he's at least projecting himself w/ an assured self-belief. I dug Aiden English's entrance as it was easy but quality heat and proficiently set-up the pop for Tye's entrance. The match was 2 1/3 - 1/2, w/ one quality near-fall in which I thought English may win. He did lose to the 'Tye-breaker, ' but I thought the totality of AE's performance was intended to potentially out-shine his opponent, and it did.
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