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106.04.2018Mizzle Assault Ant7.0Good episode of Challenge, hosted by Heenan and McMahon (not Monsoon). The Harts stepped up and had the match of the night, they've really gotten great after being overrated in their early years. Perfect also had a great showing. And, even with Monsoon out, still great commentary! BH: Once all my men win at Summerslam, it? s gonna be a celebration. It? s gonna be Family night! VM: Family night? Just you and all the other weasels, eh? BH: Tugboat looks like the Titanic lying at the bottom of the ocean, and as for Big Bossman, it? s clear his mother didn? t teach him right from the way he butts into everyone? s business. Of course she couldn? t teach him much, I happen to know she? s an illiterate. VM: I think you owe the Bossman an apology right now before we go any further! BH: Mother nature owes him an apology for giving him that mother! BH: Everyone has a price for the Million Dollar Man. VM: Not everybody! BH: I have a price. VM: Somehow I? m not surprised. I bet it? s not very high, either. BH: Well, it? s negotiable. VM: I bet you can? t do the Jim Duggan HOOO! BH: I have never tried and I have no desire to.
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