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123.03.2018Mizzle Assault Ant9.0Great episode of Challenge, actually! Martel/Piper is a great sprint with a lot of storytelling, and the Demolition and Koko matches are really very good squashes, highly entertaining. Plus, great commentary! GM: It? s mother? s day and we? re here in Texas this week, home of the Alamo! I? m joined by Bobby ? The Armadillo Brain? Heenan! BH: Very funny! Well you can forget the Alamo and you can forget mother? s day, if she can? t get me enough gifts for Christmas then she can do without! GM: Didn? t go see the Alamo, did you? BH: Why would I want to see some dumb old building? GM: History! BH: Pal, I MAKE history. BH: Just put two drops of arrogance on your arm, and you won? t be able to keep the ladies off you. GM: Ladies of what species, tarantula? GM: I think you got the short end of the stick when you purchased the Barbarian instead of the Warlord. BH: Ha! Remind me to never let you go out and buy anything for me! GM: Oh, you won? t have to remind me?
207.06.2017Fountain of Misinformation4.0Das seltene Singles Match zwischen Piper und Martel war ganz nett und das Segment mit Rick Rude am Strand als Läufer mit Bobby Heenan in Bezug zum Ultimate Warrior war gut gemacht, ansonsten das übliche Challenge-Programm.
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