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Average rating based on the displayed comments: 5.25
GD wrote on 04.12.2016:
[7.0] "A fun first day. Rush was a huuuge surprise. Billy Gunn also looked really good and in fantastic shape. Looking forward to this tag league."
jboyaquar wrote on 03.12.2016:
[4.0] "Since the tag division represents such little value in the NJPW universe this annual tradition, which should mean a lot more considering its consistent presence over the past couple decades, now stands for the dead two month period between 'Power Struggle' and the Dome. There is nothing worthy on this show save for the Main event in which the total 'Los Ingovernables' presentation reeked of charisma and attitude. Their dismantling of a game babyface tandem was enjoyable as was the appeal of watching two of the best heels in the biz team-up. Yet I'm a bit put-off by the too-easy acceptance of the LIdJ by the Japanese crowd in that Naito's cheating ways and total lack of respect for his institution should put-off more people than what comes across on the broadcast. It weakens the notion that sekigun can be cool, and I put that on the ghetto stylings of the heels who book the company and the fact that the most capable & strongest (not a pun) babyface is out injured due to an errant sliding kick. Elsewhere, Henare will be taking all the bumps 'the Wooden one' cannot. Ironically, B Breaker's face and manner is more akin to what I thought H Race's son would look like. The real thing, sadly, isn't all that. I wish Omega played his heel character more like a main eventer or Y2J, who doesn't want to be cheered, instead of the dude who's smiling and what-uppin' the people as if he's been made too conscientious that merchandise is the primary indicator of standing w/in the company. 4. 25"
Glover wrote on 20.11.2016:
[7.0] "I didn't really watch the undercard of this show outside of bits here and there, but it was decent. Billy Gunn being in NJPW is kinda fun to see. The tournament matches were pretty good. War Machine had a really good debut here and got over very quickly in Korakuen, which was really cool; Nakanishi gave it his all and Henare was solid for a young lion, but Hanson's agility was the standout of the match and got some big pops from the crowd as they picked up the win (***1/4). Leland & Breaker feels like such a generic team, with the only notable thing about them being their connection to Harley Race; Yujiro is as mediocre as always in the ring and Page is good but not anything stand-out, leading to this being incredibly standard (**1/2). TenKoji brought their A-Game to their match with GoD; the crowd was behind them 100% and was really into the final minutes of the match, which itself was pretty good and elevated by that atmosphere (***1/2). The reveal of X as Rush was a cool moment, and his return to NJPW was a cool match that got him and Juice over very effectively while extending the Tanahashi/Naito feud a bit more; Juice's resilience got very over with the crowd, and Rush's brawling and high-momentum offense was a highlight here. A very strong main event, but nothing truly must-see unless you really like the matchup on paper (***3/4). A solid opening to the Tag League with an uppercard worth a look considering it's free."
JacobsBawks wrote on 19.11.2016:
[7.0] "Pretty fun show and was a breeze to get through (only 2. 5 hours). The young lions are getting better (**1/2). Billy Gunn in NJPW in surreal and the match wasn't bad (N/R). LiDJ vs. Shibata and Friends was solid (**3/4). CHAOS vs. Bullet Club was a pretty fun affair (***). The War Machine match was an extended squash, but it was great fun to watch and War Machine worked so well here (***1/2). Page and Takahashi carried the newcomers in a meh but not unwatchable match (**). TenKoji put in a really good performance against the Guerillas, who also did really well. A really fun sprint with all four guys looking good and playing their roles well (***1/2). Naito and Tanahashi took a backseat to Juice and Rush who were the clear stars of the match. Rush in NJPW is a lot of fun, Juice keeps getting better, and the short interactions between Naito and Tanahashi were good. Action was good throughout, but it did drag a teeny bit in places although it ended well (***1/4). Nothing great here, but I had a lot of fun watching it and it was a very easy watch."
Robert Taylor wrote on 19.11.2016:
[5.0] "Insgesamt ein solider Start in das Turnier. Undercard war noch okay, hoffentlich hat sich Sanada nicht ernsthaft verletzt. Dass Billy Gunn Finlay derart schnell besiegt, fand ich nicht gut, die Rolle als großes Powerhouse, die er hier verkörpert hat, passt auch nicht zu ihm, obwohl er echt gut in Form ist der alte Powerlifter. Beeindruckendes Debut von War Machine und die beiden haben hier bereits bessere Reaktionen erhalten als die Briscoes bei allen Auftritten zusammen. Nakanishi und Henare waren zudem ein sehr geiler Gegenpart, 100% motiviert und die beiden geben in diesen 7 Minuten alles. Ehrlich, fand ich echt stark. Breaker und Race sind ziemlich Indy, vor allem Race ist extrem Indy. Das Match war okay. Lustig, dass Brian Breaker dem guten Harley Race deutlich ähnlicher sieht als sein Partner. TenKoji vs. GOD war ebenfalls ganz nett und der Main Event ist auch völlig in Ordnung. Robinson machte erneut eine gute Figur aber mit Rush kann ich immer noch nicht so viel anfangen, das Timing hat hier auch nicht immer gepasst."
The Intellectual Savior wrote on 19.11.2016:
[3.0] "Der Opener war halt da. Mehr braucht man dazu eigentlich nicht sagen (¾*). Das zweite Match war schlecht (*). Das 6 Man Tag Match danach war auch nicht viel besser (*½). BC vs. CHAOS war ganz okay (**¼). War Machine vs. Henare & Nakanishi war eher schwach (*½). Page & Takahashi vs. Breaker & Race war auch nicht ausreichend (*¾). TenKoji vs. GoD war okay (**½). Der ME war recht gut mit einer netten Schlussphase. Rush als Partner gefällt mir ebenfalls (***¼). Insgesamt sind das dann 3, 63 von 10 Punkten, belasse es jedoch bei 3 Punkten - 'nicht ausreichend'."
Codebreaker wrote on 19.11.2016:
[4.0] "Wohl die schwächste Korakuen Hall Show von New Japan dieses Jahr. Typischer Young Lion Opener. Danach darf Finlay Jr. auf Dolp Ziggler Level die Moves von Billy Gun oversellen. Das 8 Man Tag Team Match zwischen CHAOS vs. BULLET CLUB fand ich besser als die meisten World Tag League Matches. War Machine mit guten Showcase. Breaker/Race geben mir gar nichts. Main Event war solide und das beste der Turniermatches des Tages."
umarthegreat15 wrote on 19.11.2016:
[5.0] "OKAY show. Main event was enjoyable. It was a typical New Japan show. Couple surprises and upsets through the duration of the show. Omega looked good. Leland and Brian, too. War Machine impressive on their NJPW debut."
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