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Name of the event:
CZW Dojo Wars Mega Event

:::: Not eligible for the matchguide: at least one worker in the match does not have a profile. ::::
Six Man Tag Team Match
Business Casual (Hous Blazer (Dave McCall) & Pete Lightning (Nate Carter)) & Penelope Ford defeat Gunz A Blazin (America Monroe, Gully Washer Greg & Mike McCallister) (w/Ken Phoenix)
CZW Medal Of Valor Title Best Two Out Of Three Falls Match
Brittany Blake defeats Conor Claxton (c) - TITLE CHANGE !!!
- Brittany Blake besiegt Conor Claxton [1:0]
- Conor Claxton besiegt Brittany Blake [1:1]
- Brittany Blake besiegt Conor Claxton [2:1]
:::: Not eligible for the matchguide: at least one worker in the match does not have a profile. ::::
Cage Of Death Qualifying Battle Royal
- ??? und Frankie Pickard eliminate ???
- Dan O'Hare eliminates ???
- Pete Lightning eliminates Isaac Atrox
- ??? eliminates Pete Lightning
- Laszlo Arpad eliminates ???
- Laszlo Arpad eliminates Qefka The Quiet
- George Gatton eliminates TJ Sykes
- El Gordo Libre eliminates Bad Boy 2
- ???, Blackwater, Penelope Ford und Trooper Audubon eliminate Mike McCallister
- Nick Berk eliminates Sam Adams
- El Gordo Libre eliminates Blackwater
- Curt Robinson eliminates Frankie Pickard
- George Gatton eliminates Gregory Iron
- America Monroe eliminates Penelope Ford
- Trooper Audubon eliminates America Monroe
- El Gordo Libre eliminates Kit Osbourne
- Curt Robinson eliminates Laszlo Arpad
- Nick Berk eliminates Chazz Glamrock
- YUTA eliminates Ace Austin
- Curt Robinson eliminates YUTA
- Trooper Audubon eliminates Xerox
- Curt Robinson und Nick Berk eliminate El Gordo Libre
- Curt Robinson, Dan O'Hare, George Gatton und Trooper Audubon eliminate Nick Berk
- George Gatton eliminates Trooper Audubon
- George Gatton eliminates Curt Robinson
- George Gatton eliminates Dan O'Hare

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