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"I'm the man with the big dipper"


Date: 11.09.2000
Promotion: World Championship Wrestling
Event: WCW Monday NITRO #260 (Card with guide)
Scott Steiner: "That's right Mean Gene, I don't lay down for nobody and whether I leave here the world champion tonight, it don't matter because it's not going to change my focus on getting even with Goldberg for fracturing my face at Fall Brawl. Goldberg! I'm getting even for you fracturing my face and I'm gonna prove to you that I'm the man with the largest arms in the world! I'm the genetic freak and size does matter!

And that statement, Mean Gene, comes true whether I'm in the ring or out of the ring. See where all my freaks are horizontal, they understand size, they appreciate size and size does matter and they know that they don't have to wait for the Earth to rotate on a 47 degree axis so the stars can touch the sky and create an equinox so they see the big dipper. No no no, all they gotta do is call the Big Poppa, cause I'm the man with the big dipper and satisfaction's coming when I go behind and do the bump n' grind and it's only a matter of time before they call me the big bad booty daddy! So Goldberg, realize this. I only care about two things in this world: my freaks and my peaks and I'll beat your ass down at Fall Brawl and I'm about to put you in the Steiner recliner and I'm gonna whisper in your ear, 'Size does matter, bitch!'"
- Das Sternbild "Big Dipper" (wörtlich: Großer Schöpflöffel), den Steiner hier mit seinem Löffel vergleicht, ist hierzulande als Großer Wagen bekannt.
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# Date Title Promotion Workers Rating
1 14.03.2006 "Sting, he's running scared and I'm the new face of TNA" Total Nonstop Action Wrestling Jeff Jarrett, Scott Steiner 6.17
2 15.11.2009 "Kristal knows the Big Bad Booty Daddy can go" Total Nonstop Action Wrestling Scott Steiner 7.18
3 01.05.2008 "The numbers don't lie and they spell disaster for you" Total Nonstop Action Wrestling Scott Steiner, Petey Williams 9.28
Latest comments of the CAGEMATCH inmates
TheIbar wrote on 12.07.2013:
[10.0] "Every Scott Steiner promo is 10/10, but this one is really special. I laughed my ass off, that's why I absolutely love Steiner."

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Steve Austin (WWF, 1996)
Steve Austin: "Pink tights—what the hell is THAT all about, Bret? This ain't no ballet class. Sunglasses and sparklers? What a load of CRAP. So, Bret, you're coming back to continue a LEGACY? UH-UNH! Stone Cold's gonna make your comeback a living HELL. So, you...Read on!

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