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"Man, and they say that Kurt Angle sucks"


Date: 29.03.2004
Promotion: World Wrestling Entertainment
Event: WWE RAW #566 (Card with guide)
Feud: Wo die Liebe hinfällt: Jericho vs. Christian
Chris Jericho: "Oh yes... you know, I have to be honest with you. I have to congratulate Christian and Trish Stratus. I mean what can I say? They really got me. At WrestleMania they humiliated me in front of the world at the biggest event in the history of this company. I mean got me. But I also wanna let them know that I haven't forgotten. I'm gonna have my revenge, I'm gonna get you two. But just not tonight. You see, tonight Bischoff told me that if I put my hands on Trish, that I'll be fined and suspended - and I don't want that. Tonight, I want an explanation. So tonight my guest owes me an explanation. Please welcome to The Highlight Reel: Trish Stratus!"

Trish Stratus: "So you can't touch me? You can't touch me! I know you want to, but you can't touch me. Not like I touched you at WrestleMania when I slapped you right in your mouth.

So you want an explanation? It's pretty simple, Jericho: You see, you just weren't there for me. I mean, here I am last month, in a match against Christian. And where were you? What, what? You had a bummed knee, huh, you had a bummed knee? Oh poor thing, poor thing. You know what? A real man would have hopped one-legged in the ring to make sure that I was untouched. A real man would have sacrificed his body - for this body! Hello? I'm Trish Stratus... I'm Trish Stratus, I'm not like these people here. I'm Trish Stratus and you weren't there for me.

But you know who was there for me? Christian! Christian was there for me. You know, at first when he knocked on my hotel room, I thought I didn't wanna talk to him. But you know what? Everything he said just made sense. You were trying to do to me what you did to him. You were trying to use me. You never cared about me. You never appreciated me, you never appreciated this. Honey, I'm a three-time Babe Of The Year. You're not even in my league.

See, you know what? That night, Christian and I came up with a little plan and that was to humiliate you at WrestleMania. And I have to say [Slut! Slut! Slut!] You know what, call me what you like, but I think our plan worked out pretty good, I'm gonna pat myself on the back for that one. Because, we humiliated you on the Grandest Stage of all. And you know what? That night we plotted and planned all night long. And Chris, this wasn't the only thing we did all... night... long! How's that for an explanation?"

Jericho: "I... I guess I understand where you're coming from, Trish. That's an explanation. I mean, look at you: You're Trish Stratus. A former Women's Champion and the three-time WWE Babe Of The Year. And also, from listening to your speech, I have to say, you're also the biggest SLUT OF THE CENTURY!

Oh yeah, oh yeah: I mean, I like to thank you for coming out here and putting me... and putting me in my place. I mean, it makes perfect sense to me. I mean, you made me go through all that and all I did was put my foot in my mouth - and that's nothing compared to what you've been putting in your mouth! I mean, you're saying that I blew it, I have to say you've been doing all the blowing around here, sister! Man, and they say that Kurt Angle sucks! You're easier than Paris Hilton on Viagra! I mean, three-time Babe Of The Year... wasn't Babe a talking pig? Oh I get it, I get it.

But in all seriousness, I'd like to thank you for coming out here and opening up. Because it seems to me that this is what you do best, right? I mean... I'm not in your league? I'm Chris Jericho! I'm a sexy beast, baby! But all props to you and Christian, the CLB and the FDDBBFTBH! Don't understand that? Let me spell it out for you: The Creepy Little Bastard and the FILTHY, DIRTY, DISGUSTING, BRUTAL, BOTTOM FEEDING TRASH BAG HO! Did the Jerichoholics like that one? [YEAH!] Well then let's say it together: She's a FILTHY [FILTHY], DIRTY [DIRTY], DISGUSTING [DISGUSTING], BOTTOM FEEDING [BOTTOM FEEDING] TRASH BAG HO [TRASH BAG HO]!

[Trish verlässt den Ring entrüstet, aber Jericho macht munter weiter]

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