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"You woke up the SOB"


Date: 17.01.2000
Promotion: World Wrestling Federation
Event: WWF RAW is WAR #347 (Card with guide)
Feud: Der Geist, den er rief: Cactus Jack vs. Triple H
Cactus Jack: "First off, I believe congratulations are in order for Triple H - because he did something I believed could not be done. You see, he made Mankind mad. And the question is, Triple H, why? He was friendly - he was funny - he was downright huggable, but you shoulda known somewhere deep down in his twisted soul, there was a sick SOB waiting to be woken up! And you know what you did, Triple H? You woke up the SOB.

When you cracked me over the head with that ring bell, remember it well, remember it well! And when I felt that warm blood trickle down my face, I'd be lying if I said I didn't like it JUST a little bit! Because it was at that time that I realised who deep down I had been all along - Cactus Jack! And oh, Triple H - you should remember Cactus Jack, and if you don't, well I'd like you to pull up a seat and look at the TV monitor, because I"ve got one hell of a reminder of two and a half years ago, the man they said did not look like a star, the man they said was not cut out for the WWF rocked Madison Square Garden, and he rocked your world!

[Bilder von besagtem Match werden eingespielt]

Entering the hallowed halls - the same MSG I went to as a child, and you paid the price! You paid the price, Triple H, and you will pay again! How'd it feel, Triple H, knowing that I will make you suffer - that I will give you pain - that 1997 was just a little inkling of what I have in store for you. And I'll be upright, and I'll be honest - Mick Foley, Cactus Jack, Mankind, they took a hell of a beating for a hell of a long time, and there is no way that a normal man should still be walking around after the punishment that's been dished out, and therein lies the secret, because I sure as hell am not a normal man.

You see, I spent most of the last year worrying about the fact that I was not the man that I used to be, asking forgiveness from the fans, and you know what? The fans forgave me - because Mankind became one entertaining son of a gun. And I don't look down on Mankind, and there will be a day when he returns, and he will all make us laugh, but this Sunday will not be that day because there will be no laughter. You see, Triple H, in Madison Square Garden at the Royal Rumble, I am not going to pretend that I am the man I used to be - I'm going to be just a little bit better - and I don't regret a single night in the ten dollar motels. I do not regret a single freezing night in the back of a '78 Ford Fairmont. I do not regreat my wounds sticking to the sheets. I do not regret the ear that was cut off from my head and thrown out in the garbage can. Because it's all those things, Triple H, that made me what I am, and what I am is one bad son of a bitch! And this Sunday night, what I will be is one MAD son of a bitch *PIEP* out on your ass!

So when I sit backstage and I get goosebumps up and down my arms, and I lace up those leopard-skin boots, it's not just a change in outfit, it's a change in mindset that says I will not be denied, and I will make you suffer! So I will take those leopard-skin boots, I'll lace up the boots, and I will do with those boots what they weren't meant to do - I will kick your pansy little ass! And don't get me wrong, I can't wait 'til MSG, just six days away, and I can't wait for my shot at what I feel is rightfully mine, the WWF Championship, but all that I want right now, is just a little piece of your ass right away. So Triple H, if you've got the testicular fortitude - and that is a big if - come down here right now in New Haven, Connecticut. No titles on the line, just you and me, and that's all, so bring it, and bring it NOW!"

[Triple H betritt die Halle]

Triple H: "Cactus Jack. The myth - the legend. You know, for four days now I've thought about nothing else but Cactus Jack. You know, at the Rumble, it's gonna be you and me for the WWF title, in a street fight. Now I have to admit, that wouldn't have been my first choice of matches with you - that match was made under duress - [Asshole-Chants] - BUT be that as it may, a street fight it shall be. Cactus Jack and The Game will pull out all the stops - with THE most precious title there is on the line. But, as you stand in that ring, and you try to convince yourself and these people just how bad you really are...I'm gonna let you in on a secret. Because as sadistic as you can be at the Rumble, I will reach down to a place that I have never been in my life, and be THAT much more sadistic, be THAT much more twisted, be THAT - MUCH - MORE - EVIL - than you could EVER imagine you could be - in your life!

The other half of that secret is...that as sadistic as you are, I've figured something out. I have figured out that while Cactus Jack might be a sadistic sonofabitch...Mick Foley hates his damn guts. As a matter of fact, I have a feeling Mick Foley might even be a little afraid of Cactus Jack. Every time you have maimed somebody, every time you have crippled, every time you have been as sadistic as you could be, Mick Foley dies a little bit inside because he can't stand you. Well, the difference between you and me is, when I get to that level - when I get that sadistic, when I get that sick, when I get that twisted, I will LOVE EVERY DAMN SECOND OF IT. So Mick Foley, at the Royal Rumble, you bring Cactus Jack - and you be scared - you be afraid - you be VERY afraid - because what I am bringing is gonna be more than you ever dreamed of, and it is gonna be more than you could ever handle."

Cactus Jack: "Well, Triple H, that's real good, and you keep trying to fill yourself with that false confidence but I got a question concering tonight, and twenty thousand fans in this arena...and millions around the world...who wanna see you - and me - right about... NOW."

Triple H: "Let me tell you what - if you're askin' me to walk down to that ring and party with your sick ass...I would LOVE TO. [Hunter zieht sein Jackett aus und geht zum Ring, hält aber vorher inne] But I'll tell you what, let's invite a few more guests to the party." [Die Musik der DX ertönt und sie alle gehen gemeinsam auf Cactus los, es entsteht ein Massen-Brawl, in den sich auch noch The Rock, Big Show und die APA einmischen]
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# Date Title Promotion Workers Rating
1 03.02.2000 "You guys are simply average" World Wrestling Entertainment Cactus Jack, Triple H  
2 07.02.2000 "I will end your fifteen year career, and it will be over!" World Wrestling Entertainment Cactus Jack, Triple H 9.29
3 13.01.2000 "I'm gonna tear you apart in New York City!" World Wrestling Entertainment Triple H, Cactus Jack 9.33
4 20.01.2000 "Do not bring your children to Madison Square Garden" World Wrestling Entertainment Triple H, Cactus Jack 9.00
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