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Most of our database tables can be sorted freely by columns by clicking on this icon in the column title. Would you like to know the biggest or heaviest wrestlers of all times? Just open the wrestlers list and sort by the respective column. Or, if you find that top/flop 100 are not enough, just sort the tables by ratings and find out what is the 101st most popular match in our matchguide.

List Of All Promotions

Wrestling promotions are the equivalent of major corporations, football clubs or even the shady bar one street over. Every promotion is different, although most share a similar ruleset for wrestling matches; all promotions have their own fans, although many of them are not exclusive; and finally, promotions each have a unique flavor that makes them interesting or not-so-interesting, all subjective to the viewer of course. This database is about wrestling promotions and your change to let your voice be heard (please do not take that literally, most of these promotions are probably never going to read this site).
Displaying items 1 to 100 of total 1840 items that match the search parameters.
# Name Region Location Years Rating
1 100% Lucha 100% Lucha Amerika Argentinien 2006-2010  
2 2KW Pro Wrestling 2KW Pro Wrestling Amerika New York, USA 1999-  
3 3 Count Wrestling 3 Count Wrestling Europa Billingham, England, UK 2004-2013  
4 3 Count Wrestling Amerika Temple, Oklahoma, USA 2009  
5 302 Professional Wrestling 302 Professional Wrestling Amerika Delaware, USA 2015-  
6 3K Wrestling Fighting Athletes 3K Wrestling Fighting Athletes Amerika Limerick, Pennsylvania, USA 2008-2009  
7 3XWrestling 3XWrestling Amerika Des Moines, Iowa, USA 2005-  
8 4 Front Wrestling 4 Front Wrestling Europa Swindon, Wiltshire, England, UK 2004-  
9 412 Pro Entertainment Amerika Marble City, Oklahoma, USA 2009-2010  
10 5 Star Wrestling 5 Star Wrestling Europa Scotland, UK 2015-  
11 666 666 Asien Tokyo, Japan 2003-  
12 A-Merchandise A-Merchandise Europa Portsmouth, England, UK 2008-  
13 AAW Vanguard AAW Vanguard Amerika Plainfield, Illinois, USA 2007-  
14 AAW: Professional Wrestling Redefined AAW: Professional Wrestling Redefined Amerika Berwyn, Illinois, USA 2004- 7.13
15 AMP Wrestling AMP Wrestling Europa Coventry, West Midlands, England, UK 2008-2013  
16 ARSION ARSION Asien Tokyo, Japan 1997-2003  
17 ATTACK! Pro Wrestling ATTACK! Pro Wrestling Europa Cardiff, Wales, UK 2011-  
18 AWA Legends AWA Legends Amerika San Diego, California, USA 2009-2013  
19 AWA United Kingdom Europa Ware, Hertfordshire, England, UK 2005-2006  
20 AWA World-1 South AWA World-1 South Amerika Georgia, USA 2007-2008  
21 Absolute Entertainment Inc. Absolute Entertainment Inc. Amerika Cadillac, Michigan, USA 2009-2010  
22 Absolute Intense Wrestling Absolute Intense Wrestling Amerika Cleveland, Ohio, USA 2005- 7.31
23 Absolute Wrestling Absolute Wrestling Europa Tyne And Wear, England, UK 2015-  
24 Academie de Lutte Estrienne Academie de Lutte Estrienne Amerika Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada 2010-  
25 Accion Sin Limites Accion Sin Limites Amerika Concepcion, Region del Biobio, Chile 2010-  
26 Acclaim Pro Wrestling Acclaim Pro Wrestling Amerika Ottawa, Ontario, Canada 2010-  
27 Action Packed Wrestling Action Packed Wrestling Amerika Vermont, USA 2006-2012  
28 Action Zone Wrestling Action Zone Wrestling Amerika Honolulu, Hawaii, USA 2005-  
29 Actwres girl'Z Actwres girl'Z Asien Tokyo, Japan 2015-  
30 Adelaide Championship Wrestling Adelaide Championship Wrestling Rest der Welt Adelaide, South Australia, Australia 2014-  
31 Adiccion Lucha Libre Adiccion Lucha Libre Amerika Santiago de Chile, Chile 2002-2004  
32 Adriatic Special Combat Academy Adriatic Special Combat Academy Europa Italien 2013- 7.57
33 Adriatic Wrestling League Adriatic Wrestling League Europa Italien 2011-2013  
34 Africa Wrestling Alliance Africa Wrestling Alliance Rest der Welt Cape Town, South Africa 1995-  
35 African Punishment Wrestling Association African Punishment Wrestling Association Rest der Welt Montclare, Johannesburg, South Africa 2008-  
36 Aggression Pro Wrestling Amerika North Carolina, USA 2015-  
37 Alex Turk Promotion Amerika Manitoba, Canada 1946-1966  
38 Alianza Nacional de Lucha Libre Alianza Nacional de Lucha Libre Amerika Cuernavaca, Morelos, Mexiko 2006-  
39 Alianza Universal De Lucha Libre Alianza Universal De Lucha Libre Amerika Tlalnepantla, Estado de Mexico, Mexiko 1990-  
40 Alianza de Lucha Libre Mexiquense Alianza de Lucha Libre Mexiquense Amerika Toluca, Estado de Mexico, Mexiko 2012-  
41 All Action Wrestling All Action Wrestling Europa North Shields, England, UK 2007-  
42 All Action Wrestling All Action Wrestling Rest der Welt Perth, Western Australia, Australia 2005-  
43 All American Pro Wrestling All American Pro Wrestling Amerika Illinois, USA 2006-2012  
44 All Japan Pro Wrestling All Japan Pro Wrestling Asien Tokyo, Japan 1972- 7.75
45 All Japan Women's Pro-Wrestling All Japan Women's Pro-Wrestling Asien Tokyo, Japan 1968-2005 9.05
46 All Pro Wrestling All Pro Wrestling Amerika Hayward, California, USA 1995- 5.54
47 All Star Expo All Star Expo Amerika Massachusetts, USA 2010-2010  
48 All Star Pro Wrestling Amerika Detroit, Michigan, USA 2003-2004  
49 All Star Wrestling All Star Wrestling Europa Birkenhead, Liverpool, England, UK 1970- 8.25
50 All Star Wrestling Amerika Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada 2000-2004  
51 All World Wrestling League All World Wrestling League Amerika Lansing, Michigan, USA 2003-  
52 All Wrestling Organization All Wrestling Organization Asien Tira, Israel 2012-  
53 All-South Wrestling Alliance Amerika Atlanta, Georgia, USA 1972-1974  
54 All-Star Wrestling Amerika Atlanta, Georgia, USA 1993-1997  
55 All-Star Wrestling All-Star Wrestling Amerika Surrey, British Columbia, Canada 2007-  
56 All-Star Wrestling Network All-Star Wrestling Network Amerika Fort Valley, Georgia, USA 2009-  
57 All-Star Wrestling Omaha Amerika Omaha, Nebraska, USA xx.11.1957-xx.09.1972  
58 All-State Wrestling All-State Wrestling Amerika Shelbyville, Tennessee, USA 1994-  
59 Allen Athletic Club Amerika Louisville, Kentucky, USA 1935-195x  
60 Alliance Wrestling Federation Amerika Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA 2010  
61 Allied Independent Wrestling Federations Allied Independent Wrestling Federations Amerika Mount Airy, North Carolina, USA 1992-  
62 Allied Powers Wrestling Federation Allied Powers Wrestling Federation Amerika Commodore, Pennsylvania, USA 1998-2011  
63 Alpha Omega Wrestling Alpha Omega Wrestling Amerika Palm Springs, California, USA 2010-  
64 Alpha Omega Wrestling Alpha Omega Wrestling Europa Morecambe, Lancashire, England, UK 2012-  
65 Alpha Pro Wrestling Alpha Pro Wrestling Europa Osnabrück, Niedersachsen, Deutschland 2010-2010  
66 Alpha-1 Wrestling Alpha-1 Wrestling Amerika Hamilton, Ontario, Canada 2010-  
67 Alternative Championship Wrestling Alternative Championship Wrestling Amerika Inkster, Michigan, USA 2000-2001  
68 Alternative Pro Wrestling Alternative Pro Wrestling Amerika Royston, Georgia, USA 2006-  
69 Alternative Wrestling Show Alternative Wrestling Show Amerika City Of Industry, California, USA 2002-  
70 Alternative Wrestling World Alternative Wrestling World Europa Birmingham, England, UK 2003-  
71 America Wrestling Entertainment America Wrestling Entertainment Amerika Tijuana, Baja California, Mexiko 2012-  
72 America's Championship Wrestling Amerika Wall Township, New Jersey, USA 2014  
73 America's Most Like Wrestling America's Most Like Wrestling Amerika Winston Salem, North Carolina, USA 2014-  
74 American Championship Entertainment American Championship Entertainment Amerika Union City, New Jersey, USA 2003-  
75 American Championship Pro Wrestling American Championship Pro Wrestling Amerika Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA 2005-2012  
76 American Combat Wrestling American Combat Wrestling Amerika Florida, USA 2001-  
77 American Independent Wrestling Alliance American Independent Wrestling Alliance Amerika Mexico City, Mexiko 2013-  
78 American Luchacore American Luchacore Amerika Bellefontaine, Ohio, USA 2007-2009  
79 American Made Pro Wrestling American Made Pro Wrestling Amerika New Port Richey, Florida, USA 2013-  
80 American Pro Wrestling Alliance American Pro Wrestling Alliance Amerika Parkersburg, West Virginia, USA 2011-  
81 American Revolution Wrestling American Revolution Wrestling Amerika Ohio, USA 2013-  
82 American States Wrestling Alliance American States Wrestling Alliance Amerika Mansfield, Ohio, USA 1989-  
83 American Wrestling Alliance Amerika San Francisco, California, USA 1961-1981  
84 American Wrestling Association American Wrestling Association Amerika Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA 1933-1991 8.34
85 American Wrestling Association Amerika Boston, Massachusetts, USA 1919-1960  
86 American Wrestling Association Superstars Of Wrestling American Wrestling Association Superstars Of Wrestling Amerika Rochester, Minnesota, USA 1996-2010  
87 American Wrestling Federation American Wrestling Federation Amerika Chicago, Illinois, USA 1994-1996  
88 American Wrestling Federation Amerika Phoenix, Arizona, USA 1994-1997  
89 American Wrestling Federation  American Wrestling Federation Amerika Minnesota, USA 2010-  
90 American Wrestling Rampage American Wrestling Rampage Europa Dublin, Ireland 2008- 7.15
91 American Wrestling Superstars American Wrestling Superstars Europa Ireland 2010-  
92 Anarchy Championship Wrestling Anarchy Championship Wrestling Amerika Austin, Texas, USA 2006-  
93 Anarchy Wrestling Anarchy Wrestling Amerika Cornelia, Georgia, USA 2005-2015  
94 Ancla Lucha Libre Pro Amerika Ecatepec de Morelos, Estado de Mexico, Mexiko 2016-  
95 Angel Dorado Promociones Amerika San Nicolas de los Garza, Nuevo Leon, Mexiko -  
96 Anvil Promotions Amerika Tampa, Florida, USA 1993-1994  
97 Apache Pro-Wrestling Apache Pro-Wrestling Asien Tokyo, Japan 2004-  
98 Apex Pro Wrestling Apex Pro Wrestling Amerika Los Angeles, California, USA 2011-2015  
99 Apex Pro Wrestling Apex Pro Wrestling Amerika Michigan, USA 2014-  
100 Apocalypse Wrestling Federation Apocalypse Wrestling Federation Amerika Toronto, Ontario, Canada 1998-2012  
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Tommy Dreamer (WWE, 2007)
Tommy Dreamer: "The WWE - ECW relationship actually started at the Philips Arena in Atlanta, Georgia in 2001 when Rob Van Dam and Tommy Dreamer hopped over the guardrail and started the invasion. And ironically, in the very same building, the ECW died - because...Read on!

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Last 3 comments
[10.0] "Far and beyond, this is the greatest heel vs heel match ever executed. You have the leader of Los Ingobernables de Japon against the Leader of The Bullet Club. 2 wrestlers with major egos and hints of narcissism who act like punk or motorcycle gang leaders fighting in an alley. 2 wrestlers who graduated into the heavyweight division, but still work in the junior-heavyweight and/or lucha libre style. 2 wrestlers who have reached their physical primes within the last 2 years. And 2 wrestlers who will probably carry New Japan with Okada when Tanahashi decides to slow down altogether. Is it as good or better than Misawa vs Kobashi in 2003? Maybe, maybe not - But if they were graded with percentage, they're very, very close - no doubt about it. Omega sold his knee throughout the match with great excellence, and Naito took advantage of it. It also had everything (other than interference) - it had a growing story, meaningful, slow periods, taunting, spots that really were spots, and both men nailed their finishers, so it was a full house. Easily the best match of the year, and possibly the best match of this decade so far (If Misawa/Kawada '94 was the best of the '90s and Misawa/Kobashi '03 the best of the '00s)."
[10.0] "greatest rivalry of the last 5 years and I am shocked why nobody rated this rivalry. PWI chose this as the feud of the year ( 2014 ) and this was so entertaining and they had some high quality matches and promos and they have become big deals right now. Every time these two are in the ring they never let you down and if you say that it was not a good rivalry, you better think that are you a wrestling fan or not?"
HeadCheese wrote about Team FIST :
[10.0] "A great team, great on promos, in the ring, all around. Also Johnny Gargano and Chuck Taylor as Fist wrestled one of my all time favorite matches with the Young Buck Chikarasuares Rex How to Hatch A Dinosaur 2012."
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