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WWE: McMahon-Company hofft weiter auf Weltrekord bei WrestleMania

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(11.03.2012) Rumors, written by therockingking

Published on: 11.03.2012, 16:12
Category: Rumors
Source: Lords Of Pain
Topic: WrestleMania-Buzz
Discussion: Thread on the Cageboard
World Wrestling Entertainment hat weiterhin Hoffnungen, bei WrestleMania 28 einen Weltrekord zu brechen: Und zwar den Rekord für die meisten Menschen, die zugleich an einem Ort eine Maske tragen. Auslöser für dieses Ereignis soll ein Match zwischen Rey Mysterio und Sin Cara werden. Doch ob das Match überhaupt stattfinden kann, steht noch gar nicht fest. Für beide Worker gibt es nach ihrer Verletzungspause noch keine Freigabe für den Ring.

Sollte es nicht möglich sein, das Match auf die Beine zu stellen, gebe es für den Weltrekordversuch noch einen Plan B. Sollte die WWE sich dazu entscheiden, würden beiden Männer in einem Angle vor dem Publikum auftreten, um so den Rekordversuch zu starten.

Abhängig von einem möglichen Match zwischen Rey Mysterio und Sin Cara seien allerdings auch die WrestleMania-Pläne von Alberto Del Rio. Er war zuletzt bereits wieder backstage bei RAW anwesend und war bei einer Houseshow auch wieder im Ring aktiv. Er ist bereit fürs WWE-TV und warte nur darauf, dass das Kreativ-Team etwas für ihn habe. Ohne Rey Mysterio und Sin Cara wäre Del Rio dann der einzige große Latin-Star bei WrestleMania – und daher sei man vorsichtig, ihn nach seiner Leistenverletzung nicht zu früh zurückkehren zu lassen und damit eine erneute Verletzung zu risikieren.

Und noch eine kleine WrestleMania-Bemerkung: Noch ein weiteres Match ist nicht sicher auf der Card des Megaevents. Die WWE-Offiziellen sollen immer noch darüber diskutieren, ob man ein Diven-Match vor oder während der Show zeigen sollte. Fest scheint nur zu stehen, dass die ursprünglichen Pläne, die entweder ein Match zwischen Beth Phoenix und Kharma oder zwischen Phoenix und Natalya vorsahen, geändert wurden.
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[7.0] "Didn't like this match at first but it grew on me. The initial feeling out process didn't get my interest much they built up to some really excellent sequences, like Otsuka muscling Yamamoto into a crazy looking piledriver and Yamamoto attempting to apply his heel hook from all sorts of directions. Not an amazing match but a good one, your mileage may vary by how much you enjoy "shoot style"."
[9.0] "Fantastically fun show! The main event was stupendously good, so many moving parts working together perfectly. Chuck Taylor is always a highlight, from stabbing Mr Touchdown's football before the match to actually leaving the building and scaring some children outside in order to get a break to the action. I also loved Heidi taking the fight to everyone in a big way, including a stupendous spinning Canadian Destroyer, and then the ending was pitch perfect as Hallowicked dug his thumb into Heidi's blackened eye (from a previous match) and taking her out with his awesomely named new finisher, the Never Wake Up. I also absolutely loved the encore match which was Royal Rumble style and featured every trick in the book, from hypnosis to hopping on one foot to a slow motion brawl and anything else you can think of. Oleg and Remington also tore it up, really the only thing which didn't work for me was the Kimberlee/Jakob match, Jakob is a good character but he just can't seem to put it together in singles matches, even with a really good opponent like Kimberlee. Ah well, still a really excellent show overall!"
[8.0] "The thing that made this episode especially good is there was a lot of legitimate tension in the matches, because a lot of tournament spots were decided on this night and I often didn't know which way it would go. The best match was of course the main event, Aries and Lashley have great chemistry and they told a great story of Aries getting too cocky, crashing and burning, and Lashley using his pure power to capitalize and take out the veteran. If this ends up being Aries' last aired match for TNA, it will be a strong note to leave on, they have definitely made him look like a million bucks on the way out if he doesn't end up coming back in the new year. Also thought the opener was really good, great action and very glad Zema went through, and the Spud/Galloway match was one of the best Drew has had since coming to Impact I would say. Most of the matches were solid apart from that, except I was really mad about the Grado squash, not because I care about Grado at all but because it meant Spud was blocked from the round of 16 in favor of Bram, whom I don't really care for on top of the recent criminal issues surrounding him. But on the whole quite a good episode and one I'd recommend."
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