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WWE: Long und Laurinaitis tauschen die Shows

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(28.02.2012) News, written by Vanni

Published on: 28.02.2012, 16:44
Category: News
Topic: Storyline-Pläne
Discussion: Thread on the Cageboard
Die Story um die Alleinherrschaft über die beiden großen Wochenshows der WWE geht weiter. Bereits bei Monday Night RAW wurde eine große Ankündigung des WWE Board of Directors für den heutigen Dienstag beworben, während Teddy Long und John Laurinaitis zum wiederholten Male aneinander gerieten. Nun wurde bekannt gegeben, dass die beiden General Manager in der kommenden Woche die Verantwortung über ihre Shows tauschen werden, Teddy Long wird also am kommenden Montag vor den Kameras die Verantwortung für RAW übernehmen, während Laurinaitis die Kontrolle über SmackDown einnehmen wird. Innerhalb der Storyline sei dies ein Versuch des Board of Directors, um herauszufinden, wer dauerhaft den Posten des General Managers von RAW und SmackDown einnehmen sollte. Eine Entscheidung werde schließlich nach den beiden Shows in der kommenden Woche getroffen.

Insgesamt darf allerdings weiterhin von einem Match bei WrestleMania ausgegangen werden, um die finale Herrschaft über die Wochenshows zu klären. Gerüchtet wurde bereits ein Multi Man Tag Team Match mit Repräsentanten von Laurinaitis und Long, denkbar wäre aber auch ein Singles Match, beispielsweise mit Santino Marella und David Otunga.
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jcb9 wrote about Apolo:
[3.0] "TNA tried to get him over like 5 times in 5 different ways in their early years, but he never came close to getting over. He looked like a monster but didn't have anything else going for him. LAX improved immeasurably when he walked out on the gimmick and was eventually replaced by the infinitely more talented Hernandez."
jcb9 wrote about Chris Candido:
[7.0] "Very solid all around performer. "Good not great" kind of defines his career.  Good not great in the ring, good not great charisma, good not great on the mic. One of the few guys to have notable runs in ECW, WWF, WCW (albeit a brief one there) and TNA. Seems like someone who could've really contributed to the business outside of the ring had he lived longer. His death was extremely tragic, but kind of got overshadowed by Eddie Guerrero's even more tragic death a few months later. RIP."
jcb9 wrote about Mike Awesome:
[9.0] "An excellent in-ring performer. Should've been a big star in WCW's later days. Granted, he couldn't talk, but paired with a good manager, I believe he could've been a monster and legit main event contender. His initial appearances in WCW as the "Career Killer" were promising, but WCW being WCW, they saddled him with the "Fat Chick Thriller" and "That 70s Guy" gimmicks, both of which were so cringe-worthy that turning him into a fake Canadian seemed like a huge improvement by comparison. Then, like 95% of WCW guys, he got completely buried and forgotten in the Invasion angle. A real shame."
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