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WWE: Long und Laurinaitis tauschen die Shows

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(28.02.2012) News, written by Vanni

Published on: 28.02.2012, 16:44
Category: News
Topic: Storyline-Pläne
Discussion: Thread on the Cageboard
Die Story um die Alleinherrschaft über die beiden großen Wochenshows der WWE geht weiter. Bereits bei Monday Night RAW wurde eine große Ankündigung des WWE Board of Directors für den heutigen Dienstag beworben, während Teddy Long und John Laurinaitis zum wiederholten Male aneinander gerieten. Nun wurde bekannt gegeben, dass die beiden General Manager in der kommenden Woche die Verantwortung über ihre Shows tauschen werden, Teddy Long wird also am kommenden Montag vor den Kameras die Verantwortung für RAW übernehmen, während Laurinaitis die Kontrolle über SmackDown einnehmen wird. Innerhalb der Storyline sei dies ein Versuch des Board of Directors, um herauszufinden, wer dauerhaft den Posten des General Managers von RAW und SmackDown einnehmen sollte. Eine Entscheidung werde schließlich nach den beiden Shows in der kommenden Woche getroffen.

Insgesamt darf allerdings weiterhin von einem Match bei WrestleMania ausgegangen werden, um die finale Herrschaft über die Wochenshows zu klären. Gerüchtet wurde bereits ein Multi Man Tag Team Match mit Repräsentanten von Laurinaitis und Long, denkbar wäre aber auch ein Singles Match, beispielsweise mit Santino Marella und David Otunga.
Discussion on the Cageboard about this news
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1 02.10.2014
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2 01.10.2014
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3 17.07.2014
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5 28.06.2014
World Wrestling Entertainment WWE: Pläne für Battleground und SummerSlam
Gerüchte about Storyline-Pläne
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[8.0] "Despite low rating, I actually find this PPV really entertaining. First of all, Raven vs. Saturn worked really well as a hardcore opener, with all storytelling and offense By both Raven & Saturn, but ending could had been better without all interfering. ***. And good matches continued as it was time for Kidman vs. Guerrera, which was really impressive and working cruiserweight wrestling. ***1/2. Stevie Ray vs. Chavo though was kinda lame and short match, which ended before it really started, but atleast ending had some comedy value, and Chavo's crazy gimmick was hilarious. *. Eddie vs. Chavo was also really funny & entertaining to watch, and so was aftermatch of the match, how Chavo shaved himself. ***. Well, Konnan vs. Inferno was kinda unnecessary and somekind of ''bonus-extra-hype'' match with no backstory, but I luckily lasted only about 2 minutes. I'll give one star just because Inferno seemed like he was trying to work. *. Kevin Greene vs. Giant was one of the biggest positive surprises in this show. Greene impressed with couple of nice moves, and Giant knew also his role. The match wasn't good, but neither it was bad. *1/2. Jericho vs. Rey Mysterio was one I was really waiting for, as it was really fresh match-up, and kinda positive surprise to see Rey in the ring, after that injury that took him out for 6 months, and the match was nice and fast-paced, even though it lasted about 6 minutes. Then I was really confused to see Bret Hart vs. Booker T. Bret Hart, one of the biggest wrestling stars of the 90s, in WCW's TV-title division, seriously? Well, atleast the match was perfect example of Booker T's work in TV-title division in 1998, and he was getting better and better. ***. Goldberg vs. Hennig could had been longer, but it was still OK to watch, but still, there still could had been better and credible opponent. **1/2. Then it was time for main-event. Despite what critics say, Malone & DDP vs. Hogan & Rodman was fucking gold. It sure didn't"
[10.0] "The best independent wrestling promotion in the world. Since around 2007 the promotion has constantly been putting on some of the best matches in the US."
[10.0] "Arguably the best in the world when he was in his prime as part of The Steiner Brothers. He was the ultimate combination of amateur wrestling ability, power, and charisma, combined with an unparalleled moveset."
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