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TNA: X-Division Star verlängert, Amazing Red darf Comeback ohne London feiern

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(25.04.2009) News, written by ButchInc

Published on: 25.04.2009, 11:14
Category: News
Source: ProWrestling.NET
Topic: Verträge und Personalien
Gute Neuigkeiten aus dem TNA-Lager: Black Machismo Jay Lethal hat seinen Vertrag mit der Jarrett-Promotion um mehrere Jahre verlängert. Die genaue Laufzeit ist nicht bekannt, da allerdings von einem "multi-year deal" die Rede ist, dürften Fans noch einige Zeit Lethal bei TNA in den Ring steigen sehen.

Wie berichtet wurde, sollte Paul London mit Amazing Red als Tag Team zurückkehren, um beim Team 3D Invitation Turnier teilzunehmen. Diese Meldung wurde ja bekanntlich schnell revidiert, da London es sich mit den Offiziellen verscherzt hatte. Beim Comeback von Amazing Red bleibt es dennoch. Er tritt nun stattdessen mit Suicide in einem Team an.
# Date Promotion Title Forum
1 17.04.2015
Total Nonstop Action Wrestling TNA: Auch Sanada verabschiedet sich
Neuigkeiten about Verträge und Personalien
2 16.04.2015
Total Nonstop Action Wrestling TNA: Taz verlässt die Promotion
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3 15.04.2015
Ring Of HonorWorld Wrestling Entertainment ROH/WWE: Zukunft der Briscoes entschieden
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4 13.04.2015
World Wrestling Entertainment WWE: Offiziell - Axel Tischer unterschreibt Vertrag, Weitere Neuverpflichtungen
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5 05.04.2015
World Wrestling Entertainment WWE: CJ Parker verlässt WWE
Neuigkeiten about Verträge und Personalien
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[9.0] "A TNA mainstay who's been with the company since the very first show. Storm has a well-rounded in-ring skill set and is always capable of good matches, and shows a tremendous amount of personality in his promos, whether he's portraying himself as a hard-drinking, hard-partying good old boy or as a dark-edged vigilante. Although more than capable as a singles wrestler who has been in the main event before and certainly could be again, he is perhaps at his best as a tag team wrestler, having been a part of two of TNA's classic tag teams in America's Most Wanted and Beer Money (as well as having title runs with Christopher Daniels, Gunner and Abyss)."
[4.0] "Already an experienced wrestler, Joey Abs was brought in to be the "ringer"/"real wrestler" for the Mean Street Posse trio. Fine in that role, but the Mean Streeters really were just jobbers and thus we maybe didn't get a chance to see what he could really do, and he never really got a chance to transition to anything bigger on the grand stage."
[3.0] "Of the two inexperienced Mean Streeter, Pete Gas was probably the better in the ring, though not quite as charismatic as Rodney. He played his character well, had an interesting (if rarely-seen) finisher in the "Gas Mask" and could bump enough to serve as the jobber the Mean Streeters were intended to be. Did manage to spend a total of a few minutes as Hardcore Champion across two reigns!"
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