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List Of All Gimmicks

What is there to tell you about wrestlers that you do not already know? Well, you can find that answer out yourself by browsing our massive wrestlers database that has been the backbone of the site since 2005. The biggest stars and the most unknown rookies, all of them are included in the database and can be commented on, rated and generally browsed for huge amounts of information -- as long as the individuals have received professional training. No backyarders allowed, so please do not contact us about your buddy just because he can do a really cool pile driver. Non-wrestlers, like referees, commentators or promoters are included as well as a few celebrities who have stepped into the ring themselves. However, for celebrities the rating system has been deactivated (you can still comment on them), because this is not the place to rate celebrities; this is the one place to rate wrestlers.
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First letter:
# Gimmick Rating
1 Ethan Page (Independent, 2013) #AllEgo 6.67
2 Josh Alexander (Independent, 2015) #WalkingWeapon  
3 Justin Starr (Independent, 2008) 1-2-3 Boy  
4 Sean Waltman (Independent, 2013) 1-2-3 Kid 6.26
5 No picture available 1-2-3 Queer  
6 No picture available 119 Kogure Train  
7 Yusuke Kodama (W-1, 2014) 14K  
8 17 (CHIKARA, 2014) 17  
9 17 (CHIKARA, 2012) 17  
10 2 Cold Scorpio (Independent, 2013) 2 Cold Scorpio 6.76
11 Phil Brown (Independent, 2008) 2 Damn Badd  
12 Tony Falk (Independent, 2003) 2 Falk 4 Sure  
13 2 Tuff Tony (Independent, 2007) 2 Tuff Tony 3.88
14 2-Dope (Independent, 2011) 2-Dope  
15 Tom Burton (WCW, 1994) 200% Machine  
16 21st Century Fox (Independent, 2007) 21st Century Fox  
17 235 (Ice Ribbon, 2015) 235  
18 No picture available 2Face 3.95
19 John Brooks (, 2002) 2Xtreme  
20 Manimal (Independent, 2005) 300 lb. Manimal  
21 Mr. Condor Jr. (AAA, 1999) 3D  
22 3rd Rail (Independent, 2011) 3rd Rail  
23 Yutaka Yoshie (AJPW, 2013) 4L Blazer 5.17
24 Teddy Reade (Independent, 2008) 4x4 0.29
25 504 (Japan, 2012) 504  
26 Sean Waltman (Independent, 2013) 6-Pac 6.26
27 Chris Kent Jr. (Europa, 2011) 6-Squad  
28 Rob Feinstein (ROH, 2002) 7-11 2.21
29 Super Hentai (Independent, 2015) 747  
30 Seven (Australia, 199x) 7ft Thunder  
31 Ron Harris (TNA, 2003) 8-Ball 3.06
32 8-Pac (Independent, 2004) 8-Pac  
33 911 (ECW, 1994) 911 4.21
34 911 (Mexiko, 2015) 911  
35 925 Sterling Silver (Europa, 2009) 925 Sterling Silver  
36 Rouge (Independent, 2009) A Man Named Rouge  
37 A Perica Enmascarada (Europa, 2015) A Perica Enmascarada  
38 A Sheik (AJPW, 1987) A Sheik  
39 No picture available A Star Athlete  
40 Bob Geigel (Independent, 197x) A-Bomber  
41 A-Dub (Independent, 2011) A-Dub  
42 A-Pex (Europa, 2014) A-Pex  
43 Uncle Elmer (WWF, 1986) A-Team #2 2.94
44 Jason Albert (WWE, 2014) A-Train 6.32
45 Devon (TNA, 2014) A-Train 6.38
46 Nobutaka Araya (AJPW, 2013) A-chan 3.86
47 Awesome Kong (TNA, 2015) A. KONG 8.21
48 Antonio Honda (DDT, 2014) A. YAZAWA 5.29
49 A1 (TNA, 2006) A1 1.86
50 AC Anderson (Independent, 2009) AC Anderson  
51 Malek Avalon (Independent, 2009) AC Brown  
52 D-Lo Brown (TNA, 2013) AC Conner 6.15
53 Voltaje Negro (Mexiko, 200x) AC DC  
54 Jaden (Independent, 2007) AC Drake  
55 No picture available AC Golden  
56 Nitro Girl AC Jazz (WCW, 1998) AC Jazz  
57 AC Kage (Europa, 2013) AC Kage  
58 AC Kewl (Independent, 2012) AC Kewl  
59 ACH (ROH, 2015) AC Leroy 8.43
60 AC Riddick (Independent, 2002) AC Riddick  
61 AC Anderson (Independent, 2009) AC Sledge  
62 No picture available AC Suede  
63 No picture available AC Zeidel  
64 ACH (ROH, 2015) ACH 8.43
65 Shinjiro Otani (W-1, 2015) ACHICHI 7.33
66 Acid (Independent, 2011) ACID  
67 No picture available AD  
68 No picture available AD Star  
69 AERO (Independent, 2011) AERO  
70 Anthony Greene (Independent, 2012) AG Saint  
71 SUGI (DTU, 2012) AHII 8.25
72 Arkim (Independent, 2014) AHTU  
73 Action Jackson (Independent, 2005) AJ  
74 AJ Lee (WWE, 2015) AJ 8.15
75 AJ Anderson (Europa, 2015) AJ Anderson  
76 AJ Auinger (Europa, 2011) AJ Auinger  
77 Adrian Byrd (WCW, 1999) AJ Byrd  
78 AJ Castillo (WWC, 2013) AJ Castillo  
79 AJ Cruise (Independent, 2009) AJ Cruise  
80 AJ Evers (Independent, 2012) AJ Evers  
81 AJ Freeley (Australia, 1992) AJ Freeley  
82 Super Destroyer 1 (ECW, 1992) AJ Fritzoid  
83 No picture available AJ Frost  
84 AJ Havok (Europa, 2006) AJ Havok  
85 AJ Istria (Australia, 2013) AJ Istria  
86 AJ Kirsch (Independent, 2013) AJ Kirsch  
87 AJ Lee (WWE, 2015) AJ Lee 8.15
88 AJ Mitrano (Independent, 2011) AJ Mitrano  
89 Super Destroyer 1 (ECW, 1992) AJ Petrucci  
90 Super Destroyer 1 (ECW, 1992) AJ Petruzzi  
91 AJ Sabotage (Independent, 2006) AJ Sabatelle  
92 AJ Sabotage (Independent, 2006) AJ Sabotage  
93 AJ Sanchez (Independent, 2009) AJ Sanchez  
94 AJ Smooth (Independent, 2009) AJ Smooth  
95 Italian Stallion (Independent, 2004) AJ Sparks  
96 Italian Stallion (Independent, 2004) AJ Sparx  
97 AJ Steele (Independent, 2013) AJ Steele  
98 No picture available AJ Storm  
99 AJ Styles (NJPW, 2015) AJ Styles 9.12
100 AJ Summers (Independent, 2011) AJ Summers  
Do you know this promo?
Kurt Angle (TNA, 2006)
Todd Grisham: "Ladies and Gentlemen, my guest at this time Kurt Angle. [Kurt Angle kommt zusammen mit Daivari ins Bild] Kurt, later tonight you'll be participating in your first ever Elimination Chamber Match for the WWE Title, what's...Read on!

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Last 3 comments
[10.0] "She may be very small but this little clown can wrestle! I can't say enough good things about her. Strikes, high flying movies, and holds most people have never seen. Very well rounded. Can be throwing blows with Kana one night and then be playing games and throwing candy to kids the next. I wish more of her matches were on youtube so others could see how amazing she really is."
CJ Dusk wrote about Yoshiko Tamura:
[8.0] "Stiff shots, cool slams, and a one of a kind look. Wish she was more active now but her history does the talking for her."
[9.0] "As you would have expected, this was a tremendous piece of business. The match had a big time feel to it, Balor came off like a complete super star as he was the conquering hero coming back to the country where he found his biggest success. For once I get to praise Michael Cole and Byron Saxton, they were excellent here. They didn’t feel overly produced like on TV and they didn’t play grab ass discussing stupid shit. They put over the NXT brand, they put over Owens as an asshole and then put over Balor and all of the accolades that he achieved here. If you knew nothing about Balor’s NJPW history, they did a great job of making you understand and also get why the title match being in Japan was such a big deal for him. The work was excellent, they had a great crowd and this was the right time and the right place for the tile change. Also the fact that in many ways WWE is letting these guys work their styles more so than “adapting to a structured WWE style” really helps them feel different and important. Partly due to Owens’ run on the main roster (he needed to drop the title) and also due to Balor’s history in Japan. Not sure if you know this, but these guys, really good. The NXT title match once again delivers, and got to do so on a big international stage. This felt like a big deal, and I am so glad that Finn got to win the title in Japan. Overall a great match, but not quite a “match of the year” contender."
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