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List Of All Gimmicks

What is there to tell you about wrestlers that you do not already know? Well, you can find that answer out yourself by browsing our massive wrestlers database that has been the backbone of the site since 2005. The biggest stars and the most unknown rookies, all of them are included in the database and can be commented on, rated and generally browsed for huge amounts of information -- as long as the individuals have received professional training. No backyarders allowed, so please do not contact us about your buddy just because he can do a really cool pile driver. Non-wrestlers, like referees, commentators or promoters are included as well as a few celebrities who have stepped into the ring themselves. However, for celebrities the rating system has been deactivated (you can still comment on them), because this is not the place to rate celebrities; this is the one place to rate wrestlers.
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First letter:
# Gimmick Rating
1 Ethan Page (Independent, 2015) #AllEgo 7.45
2 Josh Alexander (Independent, 2015) #WalkingWeapon 6.56
3 Justin Starr (Independent, 2008) 1-2-3 Boy  
4 Sean Waltman (Independent, 2013) 1-2-3 Kid 6.27
5 No picture available 1-2-3 Queer  
6 101 (Europa, 2011) 101  
7 No picture available 119 Kogure Train  
8 Yusuke Kodama (W-1, 2014) 14K  
9 17 (CHIKARA, 2014) 17  
10 17 (CHIKARA, 2012) 17  
11 Too Cold Scorpio (CHIKARA, 2015) 2 Cold Scorpio 6.85
12 Phil Brown (Independent, 2008) 2 Damn Badd  
13 Tony Falk (Independent, 2003) 2 Falk 4 Sure  
14 2 Tuff Tony (Independent, 2007) 2 Tuff Tony 3.94
15 2-Dope (Independent, 2011) 2-Dope  
16 Tom Burton (WCW, 1994) 200% Machine  
17 21st Century Fox (Independent, 2008) 21st Century Fox 4.29
18 235 (Ice Ribbon, 2015) 235  
19 No picture available 2Face 3.95
20 John Brooks (, 2002) 2Xtreme  
21 Mr. Condor Jr. (AAA, 1999) 3D  
22 3rd Rail (Independent, 2011) 3rd Rail  
23 Yutaka Yoshie (AJPW, 2013) 4L Blazer 5.17
24 Teddy Reade (Independent, 2008) 4x4 0.28
25 504 (Japan, 2012) 504  
26 Sean Waltman (Independent, 2013) 6-Pac 6.27
27 Chris Kent Jr. (Europa, 2011) 6-Squad  
28 Rob Feinstein (ROH, 2002) 7-11 2.15
29 Super Hentai (Independent, 2015) 747  
30 Seven (Australia, 199x) 7ft Thunder  
31 Ron Harris (TNA, 2003) 8-Ball 3.10
32 8-Pac (Independent, 2004) 8-Pac  
33 911 (ECW, 1994) 911 3.86
34 911 (Mexiko, 2015) 911  
35 925 Sterling Silver (Europa, 2009) 925 Sterling Silver  
36 Rouge (Independent, 2009) A Man Named Rouge  
37 A Perica Enmascarada (Europa, 2015) A Perica Enmascarada  
38 A Sheik (AJPW, 1987) A Sheik  
39 No picture available A Star Athlete  
40 Bob Geigel (Independent, 197x) A-Bomber  
41 A-Dub (Independent, 2011) A-Dub  
42 Acid Jaz (Independent, 2014) A-Jizzle 5.43
43 A-Pex (Europa, 2014) A-Pex  
44 Uncle Elmer (WWF, 1986) A-Team #2 2.58
45 Jason Albert (WWE, 2014) A-Train 6.39
46 D-Von Dudley (WWE, 2016) A-Train 6.36
47 Nobutaka Araya (AJPW, 2013) A-chan 3.88
48 Awesome Kong (TNA, 2015) A. KONG 8.27
49 Antonio Honda (DDT, 2014) A. YAZAWA 5.29
50 A1 (TNA, 2006) A1 1.86
51 AC Anderson (Independent, 2009) AC Anderson  
52 Malek Avalon (Independent, 2009) AC Brown  
53 D-Lo Brown (TNA, 2013) AC Conner 6.21
54 Voltaje Negro (Mexiko, 200x) AC DC  
55 Jaden (Independent, 2007) AC Drake  
56 No picture available AC Golden  
57 Nitro Girl AC Jazz (WCW, 1998) AC Jazz  
58 AC Kage (Europa, 2013) AC Kage  
59 AC Kewl (Independent, 2012) AC Kewl  
60 ACH (ROH, 2015) AC Leroy 8.31
61 AC Riddick (Independent, 2002) AC Riddick  
62 AC Anderson (Independent, 2009) AC Sledge  
63 No picture available AC Suede  
64 No picture available AC Zeidel  
65 ACH (ROH, 2015) ACH 8.31
66 Shinjiro Otani (W-1, 2015) ACHICHI 7.41
67 Acid (Independent, 2011) ACID  
68 No picture available AD  
69 No picture available AD Star  
70 AERO (Independent, 2011) AERO  
71 Anthony Greene (Independent, 2015) AG Saint  
72 Scott Reed (EVOLVE, 2013) AGD Cecil  
73 SUGI (DTU, 2012) AHII 8.31
74 Arkim (Independent, 2014) AHTU  
75 Action Jackson (Independent, 2005) AJ  
76 AJ Lee (WWE, 2015) AJ 7.72
77 AJ Anderson (Europa, 2015) AJ Anderson  
78 AJ Auinger (Europa, 2011) AJ Auinger  
79 Adrian Byrd (WCW, 1999) AJ Byrd  
80 AJ Castillo (WWC, 2013) AJ Castillo  
81 AJ Cruise (Independent, 2009) AJ Cruise  
82 AJ Evers (Independent, 2012) AJ Evers  
83 AJ Freeley (Australia, 1992) AJ Freeley  
84 Super Destroyer 1 (ECW, 1992) AJ Fritzoid  
85 AJ Frost (Independent, 2014) AJ Frost  
86 AJ Havok (Europa, 2006) AJ Havok  
87 AJ Istria (Australia, 2013) AJ Istria  
88 AJ Kirsch (Independent, 2013) AJ Kirsch  
89 AJ Sanchez (Independent, 2009) AJ LaRock  
90 AJ Lee (WWE, 2015) AJ Lee 7.72
91 AJ Mitrano (Independent, 2011) AJ Mitrano  
92 Super Destroyer 1 (ECW, 1992) AJ Petrucci  
93 Super Destroyer 1 (ECW, 1992) AJ Petruzzi  
94 AJ Sabotage (Independent, 2006) AJ Sabatelle  
95 AJ Sabotage (Independent, 2006) AJ Sabotage  
96 AJ Sanchez (Independent, 2009) AJ Sanchez  
97 AJ Smooth (Independent, 2014) AJ Smooth  
98 Italian Stallion (Independent, 2004) AJ Sparks  
99 Italian Stallion (Independent, 2004) AJ Sparx  
100 AJ Steele (Independent, 2013) AJ Steele  
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Randy Orton (WWE, 2010)
Josh Mathews: "Excuse me, Randy? Randy, can we get an update on the status of your shoulder, considering you'd be competing tonight and this Sunday in the Fatal Four Way event?" Randy Orton: "Josh, anything can happen in...Read on!

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Last 3 comments
JMTheBadOne wrote about Kimber Lee:
[6.0] "Kimber Lee is not only one of the toughest women's wrestlers in the business today, but is still young enough to make an impact at a higher level than she is at now. Though she's originally from Washington State, Lee moved to Pennsylvania for college and subsequently broke out of CZW; where she showed aplomb with wrestling either women or men. Lee's career in the indies would soon become rather decorated, as she would go on to hold WSU's Tag Team Title twice (with Annie Social), as well as the SHINE and SHIMMER Tag Team Titles (each of which were alongside Cherry Bomb. ) Yet it wasn't until her showing in an intergender deathmatch (to which people legitimately thought she'd be forced into retirement) that she started to stand-out as more than just a women's indie wrestler. This led to Lee's biggest success to date: Joining CHIKARA and earning their Grand Championship (and becoming the first woman to do so. ) Considering how Lee possesses undervalued mic skills to match her wrestling ability, it would be considered a disgrace if she never broke out of the indie scene (though her appearance for ROH's Women of Honor is hopefully a sign of things to come. )"
[4.0] "It's rare that you would consider a woman in her early 40's to be a late bloomer in wrestling, but Amber Gallows's star is on the rise after a lengthy career in the indies. Breaking into wrestling in 1999, Gallows appeared across the North Carolina indie scene as Amber O'Neal. Though O'Neal would be a mainstay for CWF, her first titular accomplishment came in the form of a tag championship in WEW alongside Krissy Vaine. From there, O'Neal would enjoy a brief run in TNA before becoming a mainstay for SHIMMER. While she would continue to work for various indie promotions in the United States (including CHIKARA, SHINE, JCW, and WSU), it wasn't until O'Neal legitimately married Doc Gallows that her career would finally take foot. Adopting her husband's name, O'Neal became Amber Gallows and started representing Bullet Club as "The Bullet Babe. " While she likely won't follow her husband to the WWE, Gallows can still serve as NWA's World Women's Champion while fortifying ROH's Women of Honor division."
[4.0] "Rosa Mendes may make for some fantastic eye candy, but her career as a wrestler never found success beyond what she found at the developmental level. After entering the WWE through the WWE Divas Search in 2006, Mendes started off in OVW under her real name (Melina Roucka) and managed to earn the OVW Women's Title in relatively short order. Mendes would then be reassigned to FCW, where she would adopt the Mendes moniker and briefly hold the Queen of FCW Title before it was decommissioned. Yet upon her debut at the major level, Mendes never factored into being more than a valet. Mendes debuted on RAW as Beth Phoenix's intern in an angle that was quietly ended before Mendes was reassigned to the WWE-ECW and Smackdown rosters. Unable to find success as a wrestler, Mendes began managing Epico and Primo, where she was able to guide them to a WWE Tag Team Title. Once they lost the title (and were subsequently repackaged as Los Matadores), Mendes took time off in 2013 to address personal issues before resurfacing on as Fandango's dancer until 2015. With Mendes starting a family as of 2016, it could be possible that her wrestling days are behind her."
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