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Bad Luck Fale


Also known as King Fale

Current gimmick: Bad Luck Fale
Promotion: New Japan Pro Wrestling
Age: 34 years
Birthplace: Tonga
Gender: male
Height: 6' 4" (193 cm)
Weight: 275 lbs (125 kg)
Background in sports: Rugby
Alter egos: Bad Luck Fale
King Fale
Roles: Singles Wrestler (2010 - today)
Tag Team Wrestler (2010 - today)
Beginning of in-ring career: 04.04.2010
In-ring experience: 6 years
Wrestling style: Powerhouse
Trainer: Yuji Nagata
Nickname(s): "The Underboss", "Gentle Giant"
Trademark holds: Bad Luck Fall, Grenade (Choke Lariat), T-Shock, Samoan Drop, Cliff Hanger, Shoulder Tackle, Jumping Headdrop
Bad Luck Fale
King Fale (NJPW, 2010) Bad Luck Fale (NJPW, 2013) Bad Luck Fale (NJPW, 2015) Bad Luck Fale (NJPW, 2016)
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The content is hidden because it is only available in German language. Please click this line if you do not care and want to view it anyway.
Latest comments of the CAGEMATCH inmates
TheDreamMD wrote on 09.05.2016:
[6.0] "Those giving him bad ratings would have to also poorly rank a number of Gajin that have been draws in Japan such as Brody, Hansen, Vader, etc. While he's not that high of a level with his Psychology or work (at this point) he is definitely credible. While Fale is not the best worker, it's impossible to not give credit for his vast improvement over the past 3 years. He plays the role of a big man well and sets up very unique match ups and has great chemistry with Tanahashi, who he has had his best matches against. He continues to improve and puts in a lot of work to continue to grow within the ring, I can only see him improving over the years. He may never be a top draw, but he will provide values on cards for years to come if he stays a part of New Japan. He's already further along that Matt Bloom (Bernard), Luke Gallows (by a great deal), and again has the potential to keep growing. He does not deserve poor ratings because he isn't doing 720 Springboard Presses or three 450 Splashes per match."
brodywilliams wrote on 10.11.2015:
[0.0] "honestly he sucks in the ring. yall people think he's good? well i hate to break it to you but i've seen him wrestle and he can't do anything other than lift people. the worst member of the bullet club by far is bad luck fale"
NastyYaffa wrote on 08.09.2015:
[6.0] "Bad Luck Fale is definitely not a bad wrestler. He plays his role as the big guy of the Bullet Club really well, and he has had some very good matches vs. Tanahashi & Nakamura + his Invasion Attack '15 match vs. Okada was GREAT."
DanTalksRasslin wrote on 07.09.2015:
[5.0] "Best-known as the enforcer for Bullet Club in NJPW, Fale certainly fits that role with his imposing stature. He has a basic "big-man" in-ring skill set, but uses it well as a tag partner or ringside enforcer, and is capable of good singles matches against high-quality opponents."
Ruiner87 wrote on 08.04.2015:
[3.0] "Fat and shit. Fale is capable of being carried to good matches by AMAZING workers, which isn't saying much. He gets gassed very quickly, and there are better big-men workers in his own stable. Just not good at all."
Izin wrote on 16.03.2015:
[4.0] "This guy is so boring and slow, I know what they're going for with the big guy for the smaller faces to overcome but he just seems to drag down all of his matches no matter who he is working with. At this point I'm wondering if he keeps getting booked just to make the others look good."
llboxing wrote on 13.02.2015:
[5.0] "Credible Tongan big man who is the bodyguard of Bullet Club. He's got a bit of a Mafia henchman gimmick. Serves a similar role to Kane of the Authority, a hired muscle who attacks the faces and protects the top heels. Resembles Adobe from the Double Dragon video games. Limited in the ring and very slow and ponderous, and his deficiencies are hidden by tag matches but over the last year or so he's been in some decent singles matches with people who can work work with him. Currently in a feud with Okada which will probably lead to a singles match between the two down the road. Mike skills are non existent but he doesn't need to talk. He should work at getting rid of his beer gut. He's never going to be a main eventer and don't expect any 5 star matches out of him but plays his role well, has an intimidating big man look and has decent power moves in his arsenal including the Bad Luck drop which is similar to Hernandez' Border Toss in TNA. He's usually booked to look very strong so beating him in a singles match can help to elevate the winner. Not the most athletic guy but he's a deceptively good seller."
daniel cassidy wrote on 28.01.2015:
[6.0] "Bad Luck Fale works well in his role as BULLET CLUB's muscle, and he can be involved in a very good match tp the point where one might praise his individual performance (NJC14 final against Nakamura; a proceeding Six-Man tag on the road to Wrestling Dontaku). However, the downside is that these instances are few and far between, falling somewhere before or after bland "big-man" wrestling and one-trick-pony-ism. Not the most excellent of the modern New Japan elitism, but far from an inadequate member of the world's best pro-wrestling roster."
JMTheBadOne wrote on 05.12.2014:
[5.0] "At this stage of his career, Bad Luck's chief accomplishment is being a big man who is also a transitional mid-card champion. Bullet Club's big man is entertaining, but seems to do better in tag action as opposed to singles competition."
jay are wrote on 02.07.2014:
[8.0] "Fale has come a long way, where he once just seemed like a big guy bodyguard type he now is actually having some very good matches, 2 very good matches with Shinsuke Nakamura this year and his role in the Bullet Club fits perfectly."

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