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Bray Wyatt


Also known as Husky Harris, Duke Rotundo, Tank Rotundo, Tank Mulligan, Windham Rotunda, Windham Rotundo, Alex Rotunda, Alex Rotundo, Axl Mulligan

Current gimmick: Bray Wyatt
Promotion: World Wrestling Entertainment (RAW)
Age: 27 years
Birthplace: Brooksville, Florida, USA
Gender: male
Height: 6' 3" (190 cm)
Weight: 299 lbs (136 kg)
Relatives in wrestling: Mike Rotunda (Vater), Bo Dallas (Bruder), Blackjack Mulligan (Gro▀vater), Barry Windham, Kendall Windham (Onkel)
Background in sports: Ringen, Football
Alter egos: Alex Rotunda
    a.k.a.  Alex Rotundo
Axl Mulligan
Bray Wyatt
Duke Rotundo
    a.k.a.  Tank Rotundo
    a.k.a.  Tank Mulligan
Husky Harris
Windham Rotunda
    a.k.a.  Windham Rotundo
Roles: Singles Wrestler
Tag Team Wrestler
WWE Development Wrestler (2009, 2011 - 2013)
Beginning of in-ring career: 02.2009
Trademark holds: Swine Intervention, Sister Abigail
Bray Wyatt
Tank Rotundo (FCW, 2009) Husky Harris (WWE, 2010) Husky Harris (WWE, 2011) Bray Wyatt (FCW, 2012) Bray Wyatt (WWE, 2013) Bray Wyatt (WWE, 2014) Bray Wyatt (WWE, 2015)
Latest comments of the CAGEMATCH inmates
Bazinga69 wrote on 22.03.2015:
[10.0] "Amazing mic skills and very good in-ring skills. He is becoming the next undertaker and I hope he will win a few titles in his future"
Ruiner87 wrote on 14.02.2015:
[7.0] "Nice gimmick, but it started to wear thin a while ago. His promo delivery is usually pretty good and he's actually quite a good wrestler. Wyatt has been misused for a while, but that's not his fault. He's a good wrestler, and he will most likely become a great wrestler in the future."
jchiofal wrote on 03.02.2015:
[10.0] "Bray Wyatt is fantastic. He's a great wrestler, with a small, but great movement which highlights his power, strength, agility and an intense brawling skill set. His Mic skills, and charisma shine through with a mysterious intensity that is difficult to describe."
SinCaraForever wrote on 27.12.2014:
[8.0] "Bray Wyatt has amazing mic skills. He is not a developing wrestler anymore because of what he brings to the ring. His rivalry with Dean Ambrose is very astonishing, but it is one of the best rivalries I have ever seen. The matches that they have had, TLD Table, Ladders and Chairs Match, Boot camp match and Miracle on 34th Street fight. Both of these characters are crazy, but with them having a rivalry and numerous fights which destroy themselves are taking Bray Wyatt up a level. It's different seeing him without Erick Rowan and Luke Harper, but he has just a excellent job in maintaining his rating."
Crippled Crossface wrote on 12.12.2014:
[10.0] "This past year and a half Bray Wyatt has made a believer out of me. His mic skills are some of best I've ever seen"
JMTheBadOne wrote on 01.12.2014:
[6.0] "Bray Wyatt is discovering himself as a solid mid-card sideshow who can disrupt the main event picture. If the powers that be find him to be too solid to put a title on, perhaps a Royal Rumble victory (or something else of note) could be done to further develop his character as not just maniacal, but also as a winner."
Wrestling Scholar 98 wrote on 25.10.2014:
[10.0] "Bray Wyatt has natural talent. As one of the sons of Mike Rotunda, Wyatt lives and breathes wrestling. Nothing else can really be said. Braw Wyatt is just a fernominal wrestler."
GlobalSportsGamer wrote on 20.10.2014:
[8.0] "Improving tremendously in the ring and really no one can touch him on the mic. WWE needs to push this guy urgently."
bryan316 wrote on 30.09.2014:
[9.0] "Bray Wyatt is one of my favourite wrestlers today. He's great on the mic. It doesn't matter what he say people will listen to it. His character is unique and interesting. He moves quick for a man his sizes and he's matches are usually good. He's been in 3 guaranteed Match of the year candiates this year."
KnockedOut27 wrote on 16.09.2014:
[8.0] "Bray Wyatt has the least amount of wrestling skills out of the three Wyatt Family members, but his charisma alone merits an 8."

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Valid Votes: 247
Number of comments: 175
10.0 43x
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8.0 62x
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Average Rating: 7.96
Average in 2015: 8.20
Average in 2014: 8.35
Average in 2013: 7.88
Average in 2012: 7.30
Average in 2011: 5.82
Average in 2010: 6.50

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