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John Cena


Also known as Juan Cena, Prototype

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1 05.11.1999 Ultimate Pro Wrestling Two On One Handicap: Prototype defeats Jobbers-R-Us (Funky Billy Kim & Troubled Youth )
UPW Entertainment Overload @ Galaxy Theatre in Santa Ana, California, USA
Latest comments of the CAGEMATCH inmates
Wolfpac4Life wrote on 22.07.2014:
[10.0] "You all smarks keep bitching about how John Cena sucks, how he buries people and how he can't wrestle, but it's sure as hell, that John has been one to carry WWE for the several years as it's face. Also you all keep ignoring the fact that Cena is actually drawing some serious money and bringing some positive publicity with his charity work, unlike some indy-riffics wrestling in front of about 200 people. This business has never been about that you can do 30 different leglocks and moonsault, or about that you put over anyone in your way. It's all about making some fucking money. You can keep complaining as much as you want about how ''cena wins lol'' but that doesn't change the fact that Cena isn't done as a face of WWE, and people still pay to see him."
lesnabis wrote on 20.07.2014:
[10.0] "10 years as the WWe face and 15 times WWE World champion "Attemps of manipulation is given, if a user tries to push or depush a certain wrestler. Cage match rating rules. What about the 60 guys who gave a 0 rating to John Cena 11 times WWE champion? Cena haters may claim that Cena only knows a handful of wrestling moves, but the fact of the matter is that he has found a way to beat an incredibly diverse variery of competitors, he has overpowered the musclemen, out wrestled the drappers, and grounded the high flyers. Cena always seems to find a way to win, and that is why he has been the best wrestler of the past decade. You like it or not, Cena is unquestionably the biggest star of his era in and out(with the Make a wish) the ring. He consistently manages to rise above every obstacle (Including sites like cage match wanting to look down him) and fight his way back to the top. He's the champ whether he has the title or not. Cagematch site looks to be incredibly unfair to Cena. I'm just claiming a fair application of Cagematch attempt of manipulation's rules unless of course Cagematch team has decided since the beginning of the site not to apply the "Attemps Manipulation clause" to John Cena as the Cena rating since 2007 may show. Is Cage match beeing run by Cena's haters? "Deux poids, deux mesures". This site is real crap."
kelsey wrote on 16.07.2014:
[7.0] "John Cena is an bad wrestler. He is a very good talker and worker. I was wrong about cena. He is an hard worker, wrestler and talker. His moves vary from basic to medium. His mat work is poor. He can fly on the easy level to medium level. He can brawl on the easy level. Cena is very good apart from his wrestling, but he is bad at wrestling no matter what."
LS Inc wrote on 02.07.2014:
[8.0] "John Cena is absolutely not the best wrestler in the world and his gimmick has been the same for 6/7 years, but his passion and his adaptability in the ring are admirable, so my rating is high.."
Exturnus wrote on 30.06.2014:
[3.0] "Yes, you can tell me about John Cena - he is a good from all sides. But this can't change my opinion - I hate him, and this feeling was increased after his winning at MitB 2014."
Dowkesy wrote on 24.06.2014:
[8.0] "Has been very stale for a long time now but has put incredible match on throughout his career such as against Brock Lesnar, Randy Orton (Earlier Matches), Edge, HBK and Umaga along with others. He also has lots of charisma but this was shown much better in his early rapper gimmick. He is also a ok brawler but has become very predictable."
L3NA wrote on 24.05.2014:
[7.0] "An ok worker that has been given a bit too much screen time in the past few years. A lot of respect for him to almost carry the company on his shoulders, but he's still not my cup of tea."
Delil070 wrote on 09.05.2014:
[7.0] "In all and all John Cena gets a reaction and he's a pretty good wrestler right now he could have a great to amazing match with the right guy"
AntoineM wrote on 05.05.2014:
[10.0] "John Cena is a tremendous wrestler, perhaps one of the best performer in the WWE. He delivered great match over the years, as well as great feuds, promos, segments etc."
wwefan534 wrote on 02.05.2014:
[0.0] "Not a fan of John Cena. His match's are bad and I find his character annoying. I don't think he ever had a good match at WrestleMania. If fact I can't remember any of his matches. He does seem like a nice guy outside of the ring but he's just not good in the ring. It's sad I can name a dozen great wrestlers from the 80's and 90's like Roddy Piper, Ted Dibiase, Jake Roberts, Jimmy Snuka etc. that never won a world title and they are 10 times better than Cena."

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