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Jay Lethal


Also known as Hydro

Current gimmick: Jay Lethal
Promotion: Ring Of Honor
Age: 30 years
Birthplace: Elizabeth, New Jersey, USA
Gender: male
Height: 5' 9" (175 cm)
Weight: 209 lbs (95 kg)
Alter egos: Hydro
Jay Lethal
Roles: Singles Wrestler
Beginning of in-ring career: 2001
Wrestling style: Techniker
Trainer: JAPW Wrestling School & Mikey Whipwreck
Nickname(s): "Black Machismo", "The Greatest First Generation Wrestler"
Trademark holds: Hail To The King (Diving Elbow Drop), Lethal Combination, Dragon Suplex, Lethal Injection, Diving Headbutt, Snap Suplex, Superkick
Jay Lethal
Hydro (ROH, 2003) Jay Lethal (ROH, 2004) Jay Lethal (ROH, 2005) Jay Lethal (TNA, 2006) Jay Lethal (TNA, 2007) Jay Lethal (TNA, 2008) Jay Lethal (Independent, 2009) Jay Lethal (TNA, 2010) Jay Lethal (ROH, 2011) Jay Lethal (ROH, 2012) Jay Lethal (ROH, 2013) Jay Lethal (ROH, 2014) Jay Lethal (ROH, 2015)
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Latest comments of the CAGEMATCH inmates
georgele12 wrote on 22.08.2015:
[10.0] "Jay Lethal is at an incredible point of his career right now. Currently in possession of both the ROH World Championship and the ROH World Television Championship, Lethal has been knocking out high quality matches left, right and centre for the last calendar year and before that point too. He carries himself like a world champion, talks like a world champion and most importantly wrestles like a world champion. WWE could take some lessons on how to actually book a heel world champion from the way in which ROH is using Lethal, however this is also just as much down to Lethal's ability to be convincing in his demeanour as it is anything else. For point of reference, look over any of the matches from Lethal's still ongoing World Television Championship reign (which started in early 2014) or for more recent matches check out the match he won the World title in against Briscoe from BITW 2015 or his most recent World Title match with Roderick Strong to see just how impressive Lethal is at the moment. I've not been so excited for a new World Champion in any company since Punk won the WWE Title in 2011 (lets hope it ends up A LOT better than that reign). Case in point, Jay Lethal is the man."
mrjoshdude wrote on 04.08.2015:
[9.0] "Glad he's finally getting his run on top of ROH, he's definitely worked for it. He's been one of the most consistently good wrestlers in any company he's been in throughout his entire career. Whilst not 5 star match outstanding, he's always capable of the fantastic 4 and a half classics and he's really come into his own recently in terms of character"
SJ5522 wrote on 30.06.2015:
[10.0] "This guy's work in Ring of Honor currently means that average rating has to go up. As well as being a more than capable babyface, he's an outstanding heel, which is strangely almost wasted on ROH's uber-appreciative fanbase. He sure deserves all the praise but I want to see him in a situation where he draws HEAT - I think WWE could make a fantastic use out of him but I may be wishing too much. In the meantime, I'll enjoy him in his peak in a company that knows how much talent this guy has. It's a testament to him that he completely overshadows both manager Truth Martini and giant henchman Dijak."
JMTheBadOne wrote on 21.06.2015:
[7.0] "At this stage of his career, Jay Lethal may be one of the better American wrestlers who's never laced up the boots for the WWE (though if his star keeps rising with ROH, he may never need to, either. ) After breaking in through the indies, Lethal found himself in ROH, where he had a brief reign as the ROH Pure Champion. Following his initial ROH run, Lethal went over to TNA and despite becoming a multiple-time TNA X-Division Champion (and one-time TNA World Tag Champion), he never managed to get a main-event run. After returning to ROH, Lethal dropped the "gimmicky" aspects of his character and went on to become the longest reigning ROH Television Champion in company history. Once the stage was set for him to finally elevate himself, Lethal captured his first notable world title - the ROH World Championship - at ROH's Best In The World 2015."
gondel wrote on 06.05.2015:
[10.0] "One of the best TNA x-division wrestler. He made a great performance in TNA, but Hogan era stopped all chance. A great gimnick, great ring performance and a particular mic skills. He show in ROH that could be a main eventer."
DanTalksRasslin wrote on 04.05.2015:
[8.0] "Since his entry to TNA in 2006, I've always enjoyed Jay Lethal's work, from his spot-on Macho Man and Ric Flair impersonations to his fast-paced in-ring style. I think his latest run in ROH, particularly since his heel turn, has been his best work yet. In terms of character, his current act as an arrogant heel who takes himself too seriously and thinks he's the elite, shows that he not only learned how to impersonate past greats like Savage and Flair, but has learned to incorporate the best elements of their work into his own. I think 2015 will be a breakout year for him."
yanus wrote on 26.04.2015:
[4.0] "From a technical point of view he does a lot of stuff well- in the ring and on the mic, but somehow he bores me to death. Sometimes you simply can't connect to a wrestler and this is my relationship with Lethal."
Carp wrote on 22.02.2015:
[9.0] "Jay Lethal has made the ROH World Television Championship truly a title to be sought after, on par with the prestige of the Intercontinental Championship of old, with not only great promos, but great matches as well."
steviecw wrote on 12.07.2012:
[10.0] "With *very* successful runs in both the TNA's X Division and Tag Team Division (albeit less decorated) and with two significant title reigns to his name in ROH, I don't think there can be any doubt that Jay Lethal can get it done in the ring. I think his rise will surely lead to a ROH World Championship sooner or later and then we might find that TNA are desperate to have him back again... Hopefully he can drop the Randy Savage gimmick now too!"

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