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Ethan Carter III


Also known as Derrick Bateman, Michael Hutter, Mike Hutter, Deviant, Agent D

Current gimmick: Ethan Carter III
Promotion: Total Nonstop Action Wrestling
Age: 31 years
Birthplace: Willoughby, Ohio, USA
Gender: male
Height: 6' 1" (185 cm)
Weight: 224 lbs (102 kg)
Alter egos: Agent D
Derrick Bateman
Ethan Carter III
Michael Hutter
    a.k.a.  Mike Hutter
Roles: Singles Wrestler
Tag Team Wrestler
WWE Development Wrestler (2009 - 2013)
Beginning of in-ring career: 2002
Wrestling style: Techniker
Trainer: J-Rocc
Nickname(s): "The Deviant", "EC3"
Trademark holds: Man-Tastic
Ethan Carter III
Michael Hutter (OVW, 2007) Mike Hutter (Independent, 2008) Derrick Bateman (FCW, 2009) Derrick Bateman (FCW, 2010) Derrick Bateman (WWE, 2010) Derrick Bateman (WWE, 2011) Derrick Bateman (WWE, 2012) Ethan Carter III (TNA, 2013) Ethan Carter III (TNA, 2014)
Latest comments of the CAGEMATCH inmates
JustinJDMarineau wrote on 11.10.2014:
[10.0] "Throughout the span of 5 years that I've watched EC3, he's always been very good in the ring and no question has the ability to put on some great matches. In those past couple years, I was just up and down about his character. I loved watching him team with Johnny Curtis in FCW and on NXT season 4, he was literally the most entertaining "rookie" on the show. But then through NXT Redemption and the rest of his WWE run, I liked him but I wasn't into his character anymore cause the stuff he said on the mic became too cheesy and what not and it wasn't his fault. Now I'm SO glad he's an over heel in TNA as Ethan Carter III cause he has shown me that he is main event caliber talent, he has a whole lot of charisma, of course his character is very entertaining now and he's funny, and WWE really missed the boat with this guy by foolishly not knowing what to do with him."
kelsey wrote on 04.10.2014:
[6.0] "Derrick bateman is average in the ring. His mic skills are very good. His matches are bad. He is a solid athlete. OK seller. Strong gimmick. Good in either role."
Matt Stanson wrote on 12.09.2014:
[10.0] "Very outstanding worker and his run in TNA made him more of a star than his tenure with WWE (NXT). Despite the fact that he may not have a "gimmick" but he's made himself a star in TNA. I believe in the year 2015/16 EC3 would possibly become world champion, he has the physique of a champion. He's got the looks, charisma and the brains of a high quality match."
Phenomenal91 wrote on 30.08.2014:
[4.0] "Talk about a career resurgence! One day, he's jobbing to up and comers in NXT. The next, he's a TNA SUPERSTAR! I don't know what TNA sees in this guy. His skills are average, as is his look, mic skills, and everything else. He does NOT have what it takes to be the top guy in a wrestling company. Losing to better guys in the WWE was about as good as he could have hoped his wrestling career to get. But he's the king of a crumbling castle, so more power to him."
King Peke wrote on 17.08.2014:
[9.0] "WWE should have never let him go. He was gold on NXT during its final run and is now even better as a heel in TNA. He needs to expand his moveset a bit but can work the mic just as good as any superstar working for TNA. I can see big things for EC3 and even the possibility of him going back to WWE if TNA folds."
jsb12 wrote on 20.07.2014:
[7.0] "Has a gimmick that fits him now in TNA. His in ring work isn't the best but his mic skills are top notch, WWE may have passed over on a great talent."
griffy63 wrote on 11.07.2014:
[10.0] "this is one of the top up and comers in tna and possibly main stream wrestling. he can fit well with his gimmick, an entertaining character. his wrestling isnt the greatest or the best but i think he can have a top spot in tna"
goldenboy wrote on 29.06.2014:
[8.0] "the best young talent in the federation. good to the microphone , good gimnick and theme song. he needs only to improve in the ring."
The Outlaw wrote on 22.06.2014:
[8.0] "When Carter debuted in TNA I was very skeptical of his potential, but since the beginning of the year he has done nothing, but prove to me that he is a legit world title contender in TNA. His matches are always entertaining and his ability to hold his own against such legends as Sting and Kurt Angle both in the ring and on the mic this early into his TNA career makes me believe the sky is the limit for this talent."
Capu wrote on 18.05.2014:
[8.0] "The best hiring of TNA in years. This guy has looks, great mic skills, performs well and can put on a good match with the appropriate opponent. Huge mistake of WWE to fire him, TNA has made him a star."

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Average in 2010: 7.50

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