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Terry Funk


Also known as Chainsaw Charlie, Texan

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Latest comments of the CAGEMATCH inmates
Doctor Rags wrote on 23.04.2015:
[10.0] "There are few wrestlers on the planet who are universally respected: Thesz, Gotch, Misawa, 'Taker... and Funk. Terry Funk has proven over the course of his nigh *sixty* year career that he is well deserving of a spot in any Hall of Fame ever constructed for this sport. If I'm allowed to be snide, anyone who gives this man anything less than a perfect 10/10 for sheer dedication alone doesn't know what's important in life."
JMTheBadOne wrote on 12.12.2014:
[9.0] "Terry Funk remains one of the more important figures in wrestling, helping grow the sport in both North America and Japan (along with his brother, Dory Funk, Jr. ) A progenitor of modern day hardcore wrestling, Funk has wrestled more retirement matches than some have had actual matches. He was a NWA and ECW Heavyweight Champion, in addition to WWE Tag Team Champion with his long-time rival/friend Mick Foley."
PHILLYWALT wrote on 01.11.2013:
[10.0] "What a great career. Its amazing that a 15 month reign as THE WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION, is an overlooked part of his resume. Worldwide Superstar, the re-invented himself into a hardcore legend. Of course you also have to consider the training credential he also has, maybe not the same as his brother but impressive inits own right. A legend is many ways."
Leone wrote on 02.04.2013:
[10.0] "Few wrestlers in the history of the industry have ever evolved as an in-ring performer like Terry Funk. Some might even say that Funk has 3 different primes, consisting of eras and certain years. His 1st prime was from his debut, up until his first retirement in 1981, he was a long-reigning NWA champion, well known for his strong technical wrestling, storytelling and brawling. He eventually returned, and dawned a more texas outlaw-like gimmick. It was during this time he became known for his strong promos, stronger storytelling, brawling and showmanship. At the age of 44/45 in 1989, Terry Funk was in the best shape of his career, and had easily 1 of the best years, in terms of promo and match quality of any wrestler ever. It was after this time that Terry began to evolve again, and reached another prime by 1997, at 52/53, this time he was a brawler, hardcore wrestler and even a high flyer! He worked in the sickest barbed wire match in ECW history while he was their world champion, and took part in Japanese Deathmatches were barbed wire and explosives were the norm. Throughout his career, Terry has wrestled in some of the best quality wrestling matches, the brutalist hardcore matches, cut some of the best promos, had the best title reigns, and trained some of the best wrestlers in the world from the 1980s onwards. There will only be one Terry Funk, and I hope that someday someone will come along with that kind of skill and charisma again."

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