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Tetsuya Naito


Also known as Naito

Current gimmick: Tetsuya Naito
Promotion: New Japan Pro Wrestling
Age: 33 years
Birthplace: Tokyo, Japan
Gender: male
Height: 5' 11" (180 cm)
Weight: 224 lbs (102 kg)
Background in sports: Baseball, Fußball
Alter egos: Tetsuya Naito
    a.k.a.  Naito
Roles: Singles Wrestler (2006 - today)
Tag Team Wrestler (2006 - today)
Beginning of in-ring career: 27.05.2006
In-ring experience: 9 years
Wrestling style: Techniker
Trainer: Animal Hamaguchi & NJPW Dojo
Nickname(s): "Stardust Genius", "Red Comet", "Red Meteor"
Trademark holds: Jumping Elbow Strike, Stardust Press, Pluma Blanca (Koji Clutch)
Tetsuya Naito
Tetsuya Naito (NJPW, 2006) Tetsuya Naito (NJPW, 2007) Tetsuya Naito (NJPW, 2008) Tetsuya Naito (NJPW, 2009) Naito (TNA, 2009) Tetsuya Naito (NJPW, 2010) Tetsuya Naito (NJPW, 2011) Tetsuya Naito (NJPW, 2012) Tetsuya Naito (NJPW, 2013) Tetsuya Naito (NJPW, 2015) Tetsuya Naito (NJPW, 2016)
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Latest comments of the CAGEMATCH inmates
simonitro wrote on 04.01.2016:
[4.0] "Being compared as Dolph Ziggler isn't supposed to be a good thing and this is what Naito is to me. The Dolph Ziggler of modern NJPW. He does have moments but I find him very generic and he doesn't appeal much to me, to be frank. In my opinion, in 2015, he was involved in my personal worst worked match and that is his match with Bad Luck Fale in that G1 Tournament first day. That match was atrocious and botches everywhere. So, opinion-wise, he's terrible but has few good moments every so often."
theinFAMOUSassassin wrote on 01.01.2016:
[10.0] "Tetsuya Naito reminds me of Dolph Ziggler when you have someone who has never had a great reign or never held a World Title before. After his split with his tag team partner Yugiro Takahashi he had his own run and success including the injuries that sustained him for months. He has potential to be the next World Champion Update: As of Dolph Ziggler, in terms of being underrated, and now he's being a new Native eel of Los Ingobernables."
HouseWhiteWillRise wrote on 29.12.2015:
[10.0] "he has everything a wrestler in NJPW needs Naito has been a good in ring worker since his debut but then the crowd started to boo him so he became one of the best HEELS in the world he carries himself with such a IDC Attitude it gives off this great aura i think it might be the IDC attitude in the history of the pro wrestling the reason i am giving him a ten is because he was good before 2015 but he lacked Facial expressions and lacked story telling in his matches and then came the 25 anniversary of the G1 Climax and he really showed he had pretty good story telling and amazing facial expressions for his IDC attitude so he fixed everything that he lacked so he really can't get any better i just hope he gets treated right in NJPW Because right now he is really showing so much resembelance to Dolph Ziggler He is one of the best sellers in NJPW he has been treated as a high mid carder that they don't go all the way with They both are definitely in the top 5 workers in NJPW for Naito and WWE for Dolph they both are terrific Heels and when they are Heels they are head and shoulders better than anybody in their promotion in Zigglers case when he was really good and was in his prime as a heel he got the world heavyweight title which was basically the equivalent to the intercontinental title in japan but then he suffered a injury and he had to drop the title then he never got another world title run that he deserved Naito is in the prime of his carrer so they need to #PushNaito NOW!"
RainmakerF7 wrote on 14.11.2015:
[9.0] "Naito was a great wrestler in 2012-2014 period. He was a fine babyface, with a cool moveset, capable of working amazing matches. From his face work, he gets easy 8/10. However his big push in 13-14 failed, and Gedo and Jado had to do something to keep Naito as one of the main guys. So they turned him heel. And guess what - Heel Naito > every other heel. He is simply amazing, I love his heel persona to the death. I feel 2016 may be his year. If he wins a big one, he becomes 10/10 guy. Right now he is 9/10, +b guy."
HammertonWay wrote on 31.10.2015:
[9.0] "The recent heel turn for Tetsuya Naito was the best thing that happened to him. With Minoru Suzuki in NOAH, only AJ Styles remains in NJPW as a main event heel. If they build Naito correctly, he could be IWGP Heavyweight champion in 2016. Also, that suit he wears to the ring is sweet as hell!"
Izin wrote on 17.08.2015:
[9.0] "Naito has revealed his true talent hiding within with his recent turn throughout the G1 Climax - he has almost overnight become the most hated heel in the Land of the Rising Sun. Even those that appreciate his ring work and mannerisms are almost compelled to boo him, and this is an achievement in an era of a surplus of "cool heels"."
llboxing wrote on 10.06.2015:
[7.0] "He's the Dolph Ziggler of New Japan. A popular upper mid carder who flirts with main event status but often falls short of winning the big one. He's athletic, charismatic, flashy, good looking and an excellent worker with some great matches against top stars under his belt. He's very wooden with his facial expressions, that is perhaps his greatest weakness, although he has improved on that front. He hasn't always been consistent but usually shows good intensity and passion in both promos and in ring work. Recently he has been in a Roman Reigns type situation with the fans feeling that he has been shoved down their throats. He was even heavily booed at one event but that appears to be an isolated incident. Once heralded as the heir apparent but injuries, inconsistency and bad acting have hampered his career."
JMTheBadOne wrote on 15.02.2015:
[7.0] "Naito is the guy that would be over if Tanahashi, Nakamura, Okada, and Styles weren't in front of him. A natural babyface, perhaps a feud for the IWGP Intercontinental Championship could help him look like a proper contender."
JustinJDMarineau wrote on 02.10.2014:
[10.0] "Since I started watching New Japan Pro Wrestling on a once in a while basis, I've really become a big fan of Tetsuya Naito! I've really gotten to easily see and know his moveset so quickly and his work in the ring is so tremendous! Plus he can also wrestle with somebody who is already phenomenal like AJ Styles and make him look like a million bucks! Also he has like a reverse Red Arrow looking finishing move which I really like too! To me, Tetsuya Naito has the whole package and has everything it takes to be the IWGP heavyweight champion and I hope he does hold that belt eventually!"
sevendaughters wrote on 20.05.2014:
[10.0] "Let's get the bad out of the way first: Naito is not the greatest seller to step into the ring and his look, despite him being a face in theory, gets him more heat than respect. Right, now we've parked that, let's talk about one of the best wrestlers in the world right now. Let's talk about someone who tries every single match to work for the good of the match. He is so selfless: he can take any bump, he can pop up anywhere to take a hit, he contorts his body in recoil in ways that others would not dream of. His moveset is the perfect NJPW main event moveset: it's smooth and it tells the story of his life - some shout outs to Mexico, to his days as a junior, combined with some heavyweight flourishes and submissions. I can see why he's not huge: he lacks that visual charisma of Tanahashi. But he deserves to inherit his throne as King Babyface because he's capable of similar feats in-ring. His 2014 series with Ishii, his WK8 title match with Okada, the G1 Finals night matches, the NEVER defence v Tanaka - these do not happen by accident! Sublime."

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