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Alicia Fox


Also known as Victoria Crawford, Victoria, Tori

Current gimmick: Alicia Fox
Promotion: World Wrestling Entertainment (RAW)
Age: 30 years
Birthplace: Ponte Verde, Florida, USA
Gender: female
Height: 5' 9" (175 cm)
Weight: 130 lbs (59 kg)
Relatives in wrestling: Caylee Turner (Schwester)
Alter egos: Alicia Fox
Victoria Crawford
    a.k.a.  Victoria
    a.k.a.  Tori
Roles: Singles Wrestler
Beginning of in-ring career: 2006
Wrestling style: Techniker
Trainer: OVW Wrestling School
Trademark holds: Scissor Kick, Foxy Bomb, Foxy Buster
Alicia Fox
Victoria Crawford (OVW, 2006) Victoria Crawford (FCW, 2007) Alicia Fox (WWE, 2008) Alicia Fox (WWE, 2009) Alicia Fox (WWE, 2010) Alicia Fox (WWE, 2011) Alicia Fox (WWE, 2012) Alicia Fox (WWE, 2013) Alicia Fox (WWE, 2014) Alicia Fox (WWE, 2015) Alicia Fox (WWE, 2016)
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The content is hidden because it is only available in German language. Please click this line if you do not care and want to view it anyway.
Latest comments of the CAGEMATCH inmates
rustybridge wrote on 22.08.2016:
[5.0] "Fox is a decent wrestler for a "diva" that has never been outside WWE developmental or main roster. Pretty good athlete that has more talent than given credit for by many, or not as bad as many think I should say. However, has not improved much over the years and should be considerably better for someone at her experience level. Step one of many should be replacing that botchy axe kick with a different finisher. Seems content simply being in WWE going through the motions most of the time. Also lacks charisma, trouble grasping the art of wrestling psychology and somewhat ditsy personality. No wonder she has so much trouble getting over with most of the fans. Also why she has been used as a jobber since losing the diva's title in summer 2010, definitely better at putting other women over than being a title contender. If she wants to add another title to her wrestling resume she needs to go elsewhere because it ain't happening in WWE, or she can retire with just a 56 day reign as divas champ, her choice."
1goldcoin wrote on 22.08.2016:
[5.0] "A bit underrated or at least not as bad as many claim, but a few actually overrate her or at least her Northern lights suplex. It's good but not the best I've seen. Good quickness and agility but kind of clumsy and botch-prone. Not good at finishing opponents so lacks that "killer instinct". Been around about ten years but not much in ring success and improved little for someone with her level of experience. Lacks charisma and psychology, acts somewhat crazy and ditsy (crazy is sometimes good, ditsy never is) and apparently does not go over well with a lot of fans. Seems to just be going through the motions most of the time, content with staying in WWE and having fun. Definitely better at putting other women over than being a top title contender. A bit thin but still hotter than Georgia asphalt in July so might make a better valet if not required to talk much. Will never add any titles to her wrestling resume unless she goes elsewhere, might could make a decent tag team with her friend Gail Kim."
ErycK24 wrote on 29.07.2016:
[4.0] "Alicia at this point is just a jobber. She could be put into 1 last storyline before her retirement. She was always average in the ring."
The Chosen One wrote on 22.07.2016:
[7.0] "I think she is way underrated. She has good in ring ability and charisma. She deserves a really good push because she defiantly deserves it. She has okay mic and selling abilities but those are just minor complaints. I really liked the segment were Vickie Guerrero and Edge were getting married but Fox kissed Edge. Overall 7/10."
AMHTP wrote on 22.06.2016:
[3.0] "Alicia Fox is the epitome of a Diva-era wrestler. She's not a particularly good promo and fairly sloppy in the ring, without a real grasp of psychology and without any sort of interesting character. A lot of her matches are messy and bland, and she's never truly been able to connect with an audience. She has improved since her debut, and at this point she's gotten competent at least with her key moves. She's never going to be great, though, or even especially good."
SlothFacts wrote on 03.06.2016:
[7.0] "WWE wasted talent, here. Alicia Fox doesn't really work with the fire that makes you connect with her, but she's also got some legit wrestling prowess. She probably has the best, most consistent Northern Lights Suplex in the industry. It looks like she invented the move. She's pretty clean with a lot of her moves. We just never really get the chance to see it all come together, because she never gets a chance to show it, so we'll never know how good she really might be. But she's still shown enough flashes here and there to prove to me that she could have been something more."
MAG3197SWC wrote on 20.05.2016:
[9.0] "An underrated women's in the wrestling industry ! Her had one time the WWE Diva's champion but during 2014 she's not used correctly ! I hope to see her soon in the ring with a big push cause to be honest , Foxy selling the move perfectly ! She can be charismatic and beautiful !"
MM ATL wrote on 27.04.2016:
[5.0] "Alica is a very underrated worker who has a good look. She seems to lack a certain drive and is just sorta going through the motions both in the ring and with her character. Another one that has just been made to look bad though WWE's era of Divas."
divafanatic wrote on 17.04.2016:
[10.0] "Completely underrated. Amazing seller, good talker and charismatic when given chance. Her crazy era proved she has it in her. Foxy has lots of untapped potential and she's still not even 30. It's not too late to capitalize on her again."
Rjdshawn wrote on 13.02.2016:
[6.0] "Alicia Fox is underrated. WWE has dropped the ball on her so many times over the years. She is fine in the ring, has a pretty good moveset (aside from that botchy Axe Kick) and she can sell moves like a boss."

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