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Vladimir Kozlov


Also known as Alexander Kozlov, Oleg Prudius

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# Date Promotion Match Event type
1 16.10.2012 Inoki Genome Federation Alexander Kozlov defeats Shogun Okamoto (4:26)
IGF Genome23 @ Tokyo Dome City Hall in Tokyo, Japan
2 29.09.2012 Inoki Genome Federation Alexander Kozlov defeats Kendo Kashin (5:18)
IGF Genome22 @ Aichi Prefectural Gymnasium in Nagoya, Aichi, Japan
3 14.07.2012 Inoki Genome Federation Alexander Kozlov defeats Hideki Suzuki (5:14)
IGF Genome21 @ Bodymaker Colosseum in Osaka, Japan
4 10.07.2012 Inoki Genome Federation IGF Title: Jerome Le Banner (c) defeats Alexander Kozlov (4:19)
IGF/K-1 1st World Martial Arts @ Shanghai International Sports Center in Shanghai, China
5 26.05.2012 Inoki Genome Federation IGF Title: Jerome Le Banner (c) defeats Alexander Kozlov (3:44)
IGF Genome20 @ Tokyo Dome City Hall in Tokyo, Japan
6 20.03.2012 Inoki Genome Federation Alexander Kozlov defeats Shogun Okamoto by Ringrichterentscheid (4:16)
IGF Genome19 @ Fukuoka International Center in Fukuoka, Japan
7 17.02.2012 Inoki Genome Federation Alexander Kozlov defeats Akira Jo (2:52)
IGF Genome18 @ Tokyo Dome City Hall in Tokyo, Japan
Latest comments of the CAGEMATCH inmates
RedBearINC wrote on 21.05.2016:
[9.0] "Ukrainian named Oleg Prudius (aka Beast Russian Vladimir Kozlov) appeared in the company at a difficult time when urgently needed a convincing and inspiring instead of healing does not live up to expectations of the Great Khali. At the same time heal this was supposed to be strong, furious and outrageous. The choice fell on ECW training center graduates, former member of the national team of Ukraine on sambo Vladimir Kozlov. In 2008 he made his debut in WWE, first appearing in dark matches. Kozlov had a good winning streak in games 1 on 1, until Shawn Michaels lost the right to match with the Undertaker at WrestleMania XXV. He had a fight with, and Undertaker - Vladimir was one of the few wrestlers who won it purely. In spring 2010, he teamed with Santino, 6 December 2010 at a mass team match they manage to win the team championship. At Elimination Chamber, they lose the titles Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater, and soon Kozlov leaves the company, he went to Japan under the name Alexander Kozlov. As for me as Vladimir was the best Russian character in the WWE really did not svoevremennym. Vidat elapsed time when the public was conducted on the "evil Russian communists" I think that would not have made WWE esl Vladimir in comedy character, he could become a top heel foreigner. No even as a comedic character, he is doing well proyavlyal. Summarize I will say that the guy was a huge potenial but it was another "victim" of the booking sloppy WWE"
GuruCrack wrote on 12.07.2015:
[7.0] "Great gimmick to start WWE with, didn't like the no music that was weird. Great move set when he started, he was funny when he was teamed with Santino Marella but felt it was a waste of his talents. Great Entertainer."
JMTheBadOne wrote on 07.04.2015:
[5.0] "An accomplished kickboxer, Vladimir/Alexander Kozlov (not to be confused with the junior heavyweight wrestler Alex Kozlov) got into wrestling soon after his appearance in Spike Lee's "25th Hour. " Though a tough enough fighter to handle himself well in IGF, his WWE accomplishments topped out on him winning the WWE Tag Team Championship with Santino Marella. At the highest level of worked wrestling, he was a comedic tag specialist who could occasionally work an undercard singles match."
Phenomenal91 wrote on 12.02.2014:
[6.0] "He should have been a lot bigger and achieved a lot more in the WWE. He had all of the ingredients for success, but for some reason he never got to where he should have been."
jchiofal wrote on 14.11.2013:
[9.0] "Kozlov is now wrestling for IGF, and he has been absolutely impressive. He is finally in a company in which technical wrestling, and shoot style matches are in face popular. His style fits so well there. His technical ability which was rarely shown in the WWE is strongly shown, as well as his surprisingly good ground game."

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