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Dolph Ziggler


Also known as Nicky, Nic Nemeth, Nick Nemeth, Nicky Nemeth

Title Duration Rating
FCW Florida Tag Team Championship (2x) 49 days  
World Heavyweight Championship (2x) 69 days 8.86
World Tag Team Championship 216 days 7.09
WWE Intercontinental Championship (4x) 273 days 8.08
WWE United States Championship 182 days 7.53
Timeframe Title Duration Details
14.12.2014 - 05.01.2015 WWE Intercontinental Champion (4x) 22 days Matches
22.09.2014 - 17.11.2014 WWE Intercontinental Champion (3x) 56 days Matches
17.08.2014 - 21.09.2014 WWE Intercontinental Champion (2x) 35 days Matches
08.04.2013 - 16.06.2013 World Heavyweight Champion (2x) 69 days Matches
19.06.2011 - 18.12.2011 WWE United States Champion 182 days Matches
15.02.2011 - 15.02.2011 World Heavyweight Champion <1 day Matches
28.07.2010 - 04.01.2011 WWE Intercontinental Champion 160 days Matches
17.08.2008 - 11.09.2008 FCW Florida Tag Team Champion (2x) (as Nic Nemeth; with Gavin Spears) 25 days Matches
22.03.2008 - 15.04.2008 FCW Florida Tag Team Champion (as Nic Nemeth; with Brad Allen) 24 days Matches
03.04.2006 - 05.11.2006 World Tag Team Champion (as Nicky; with Johnny, Kenny, Mikey and Mitch as The Spirit Squad) 216 days Matches
Latest comments of the CAGEMATCH inmates
NastyYaffa wrote on 06.02.2016:
[6.0] "He's a solid in-ring worker, never been one of the best or anything, but he has been good ever since becoming Dolph Ziggler. Has had some quality matches vs. the likes of Daniel Bryan, Alberto Del Rio & Luke Harper."
The Best Pro Wrestling Fan Ever wrote on 06.02.2016:
[Kommentar] "Of course he is a good wrestler. But his gimmick is dead for now. I hope WWE use his wrestling talent with much better gimmick."
The Phantom Pain wrote on 14.01.2016:
[5.0] "Other than being great at selling in the ring, I was never that deeply invested in Ziggler. They literally tried to make him World champion and when that happened? It went down under due to injury and dropped the ball with him and kept him in a mid to low tier guy. In the ring, he is so-so but, he has not exactly creative in wrestling. I do think he's slightly improved since his days of The Spirit Squad but that's it. His gimmicks he'd be in would be decent to me. Overall, I don't seem to be that driven towards Ziggler."
Oddark123 wrote on 06.01.2016:
[8.0] "One could say Dolph Ziggler is a wrestler who's proved himself to be on the middle shelf but not the top shelf. Dolph's WWE run has been filled with many moments. He always had the look and desire to be bigger than when he was in development, in the Spirit Squad or a caddy. And oddly enough that break came from the reinventon of himself as Dolph Ziggler. Since then Ziggler has gone up and down taking plenty of ups and downs. I can't say Dolph is bad at what he does, he's good. But at this point Dolph's wow, be the top guy in WWE when there's only one belt, moment, seems like it will be a surprise if it does happen."
simonitro wrote on 07.12.2015:
[5.0] "Dolph Ziggler is pretty average for me and can get annoying every so often and his promos are pretty "meh". I can admit that he does have his moments in the ring but always felt "left more than desired" category. He could over-sell which isn't too bad. His gimmick can get annoying, as well, but doesn't get too much in the way. Years ago, I swear, he looked like a smaller version of Randy Orton. I could give him that he improved so much since The Spirit Squad days and that's a good thing."
Iam betterthan wrote on 29.07.2015:
[10.0] "He is a very good wrestler. He have good ring skills, he can talk in mic, he can pull good matches. I think he is very good and deserves to be one more time WWE world heavyweight Champion."
kelsey wrote on 15.07.2015:
[5.0] "Dolph to me he has average mic sklls. He has below average charisma. He is a decent worker. He is a very good wrestler. He is a generic heel or a generic face. He has a bad gimmick. He is not a draw. Ziggler to me is overrated because people think is is great but to me he is average. He never should have been world champion."
Preston Ward Condra wrote on 23.06.2015:
[8.0] "Dolph Ziggler had the makings of being THE top guy of the company in 2012 as he and AJ Lee made a great power couple that year. Unfortunately, came 2013 and his push was curb-stomped with him jobbing to Sheamus and eating Broque Kick after Broque Kick that year. No seriously, Dolph spent half the year in 2013 wrestling Sheamus. 2014 came and he didn't do much of note that year at all. Here we are in 2015 and rumors are swirling that Dolph is leaving WWE sooner rather than later. He's no doubt had a great run, despite his flaws (he's not the best talker, but he's good enough at it. ) and some memories DO include his time with the Spirit Squad in 2006 and having some great matches."
Damian wrote on 06.06.2015:
[10.0] "One of the greatest wrestlers ringwise at this point, equally good as a face or heel, and one of the most decorated midccarders of all time."
Matt Stanson wrote on 03.06.2015:
[10.0] "Dolph Ziggler is the most charismatic and without a doubt the most over guy in WWE today. Great worker, great story teller in the ring, and he's willing to do anything it takes to stay at the upper-card when he should be world champion."

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