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The Miz


Also known as Miz, Mike Mizanin, Mike The Miz

Current gimmick: The Miz
Promotion: World Wrestling Entertainment (Main Roster)
Age: 35 years
Birthplace: Parma, Ohio, USA
Gender: male
Height: 6' 1" (185 cm)
Weight: 231 lbs (105 kg)
Marital partner: Maryse
Background in sports: Basketball, Cross Country
Alter egos: The Miz
    a.k.a.  Miz
    a.k.a.  Mike Mizanin
    a.k.a.  Mike The Miz
Roles: Singles Wrestler (2003 - today)
Tag Team Wrestler (2007 - today)
Color Commentator (2012 - 2014)
Beginning of in-ring career: 2003
Wrestling style: Allrounder
Trainer: Shane Ballard & Shannon Ballard
Nickname(s): "Chick Magnet", "The Awesome One"
Trademark holds: Skull Crushing Finale, Reality Check, Mizard Of Oz
The Miz
Mike Mizanin (Independent, 2003) Mike Mizanin (WWE, 2004) The Miz (WWE, 2006) The Miz (WWE, 2007) The Miz (WWE, 2008) The Miz (WWE, 2009) The Miz (WWE, 2010) The Miz (WWE, 2011) The Miz (WWE, 2012) The Miz (WWE, 2013) The Miz (WWE, 2014) The Miz (WWE, 2015) The Miz (WWE, 2016)
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The content is hidden because it is only available in German language. Please click this line if you do not care and want to view it anyway.
Latest comments of the CAGEMATCH inmates
The Chosen One wrote on 21.05.2016:
[6.0] "The Miz is an okay wrestler who can have some really good matches but his gimmicks are what is making me give him such a low rating for a good wrestler. I can not stand his current gimmick with the stupid nun outfit he wears and I think the Miz ruined Damien Sandow with the stupid stunt double gimmick."
killowenskill wrote on 01.05.2016:
[2.0] "Probably one of the worst wrestler of the 21st century. Yes, he has a terrific job on the microphone, but his character is put in such a way that it does not help feud. He does not become interesting. And worthy of matches from the Miz is not worth waiting, because he simply can not show them. Who would not be his opponent."
thechelseaburnsyost wrote on 25.04.2016:
[8.0] "An underrated heel. He is the only one who gets legitimate heat anymore. Him as a wrestler is average at best, but give him the mic and you're in for a heat filled treat. Love him as IC champion right now."
NastyYaffa wrote on 15.04.2016:
[2.0] "The Miz might be one of the greatest heels that the WWE has ever had - the man sure knows how to get people to boo him. He is really good on the mic, has cut some awesome promos throughout his career. In the ring he has never been good, and really the only great match of his career happened vs. who I consider to be the greatest in-ring performer of all-time."
Mean Smark Callous wrote on 13.04.2016:
[8.0] "One of my favorite heels of all time, when his hand goes up, your mouth goes shut. Very good at drawing heat, and a solid in-ring performer too. Definitely Hall of Fame material when he retires."
JordanACE wrote on 01.04.2016:
[8.0] "Back in 2010 (after Jericho left), he was my favorite guy to watch. Yea, he was decent in the ring but what I really liked about him is that he had personality, something that most of today's WWE wrestlers are missing. Some people say that it's a disgrace he was a WWE champion - I completely disagree. As the WWE champion, Miz was pretty awesome, though he got screwed by some booking decisions, every time they gave him a mic, he made up for it. And today, though he is kind of a "jobber", he's still one of the only guys that generates heel heat."
Lika0n wrote on 23.03.2016:
[5.0] "The Miz is potentialliy a great wrestler. He is good on the mic, he is very charismatic and have good skills in the ring with some great moves. He started with Morrisson on one of the greatest tag team on the late 00's, began a great solo career with WWE US Title, Money in the Bank and reach his top in 2010 when he gain the WWE Championship. At this time, everybody loves booing him. BUT "thanks" to the WWE, in 2013, he changed his gimmick to The Moneymaker... a very boring gimmick, start a team, then a feud with Mizdow and started to play on movies, which is probably good for himself but very bad for wrestling fans... Now, he is the shadow of what he was now 4 years ago and people can't take him as a serious opponent thanks to WWE bad booking. In my opinion, he is Mizused and underrated by WWE and give him, like great wrestlers like Chris Jericho or Cody Rhodes (aka Stardust), a mid/lower-card role on this wrestling federation."
wrestlingfan1986 wrote on 29.02.2016:
[3.0] "The Miz is kinda the ''Brutus Beefcake'' of WWE today. He's good on promos but limited in the ring. I don't see him wrestle for NJPW, PWG, AAA or ROH but maybe TNA, to help them boost tv ratings, otherwise. Okay, since WWE has access to studio/production movie in L. A. , The Miz has been the chosen one for that, and thats good, for WWE Universe only. But for wrestling fans, The Miz is another good looking guy, mid-carder, with limited skills in the ring. By the way, he's married to a hot woman, Maryse and makes good money for his rated B-movie , straight to DVD. Never will understand why WWE put him in the main event at WrestleMania, seriously !"
smark calaway wrote on 14.12.2015:
[7.0] "A great heel and an intolerable face - Miz is naturally charismatic and fits the sports entertainment mold well due to his previous experience in TV but unfortunately as a face this charisma comes across as forced. He's not bad in the ring and being put with Sandow really revitalized his heel persona. Keep him in the midcard or pair him with another guy because he should not be anywhere near the main event scene again in my opinion."
Shimmer fan 2015 wrote on 01.12.2015:
[4.0] "Never been impressed by this guy. Yeah sometimes he can cut a good promo and I suppose he has a bit of charisma but overall I think he just overreacts a lot of the time and in the ring he's never been that impressive to me, he's got a few flashy moves but other than that he's just not very good. Never bought him as world championship material and when WWE booked him to act like he was a main event guy it was just laughable. And now today it's hard to believe that he was ever WWE champion but it's best to be forgotten and honestly I think he is being booked just how he should be now. Never liked his catch phrase either. To me Miz is and never was a main eventer, not even an upper midcarder but more like a low midcarder."

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