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Kimber Lee


Also known as Princess KimberLee

Current gimmick: Kimber Lee
Promotion: Freelancer
Age: 25 years
Birthplace: Seattle, Washington, USA
Gender: female
Height: 5' 4" (163 cm)
Weight: 119 lbs (54 kg)
Alter egos: Kimber Lee
    a.k.a.  Princess KimberLee
Roles: Singles Wrestler
Tag Team Wrestler
Beginning of in-ring career: 2011
Wrestling style: Allrounder
Trainer: CZW Wrestling Academy (Drew Gulak)
Nickname(s): "Bombshell", "Princess Palmstrike"
Trademark holds: Alligator Clutch, German Suplex, Ganso Bomb, Venus Fly Trap, Hurracanrana, Jaw Dropper, Armbar, Yoshitonic, Palmstrike
Kimber Lee
Kimber Lee (CZW, 2011) Kimber Lee (CZW, 2012) Kimber Lee (Independent, 2013) Kimber Lee (Independent, 2014) Kimber Lee (Independent, 2015)
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Latest comments of the CAGEMATCH inmates
Alexander567 wrote on 05.02.2016:
[10.0] "Kimber Lee just left me impressed, their status has risen enough and that is acceptable when you see the waste of talent he has this girl."
kfordesque wrote on 03.02.2016:
[9.0] "She consistently delivers on a very high level whenever I have seen her, primarily her more recent work in CHIKARA but also here and there in other promotions. She's on top of her game as a preeminent worker, regardless of gender, and I pretty much always enjoy what she's got to offer."
BITW44 wrote on 03.02.2016:
[6.0] "Kimber Lee is an amazing seller, and looks totally destroyed from the most basic of moves. However the rest of her ring work doesn't really stand out or wow me. Seems to be best suited in tag team action."
Mizzle Assault Ant wrote on 11.12.2015:
[10.0] "Absolutely fabulous wrestler, excellent strikes and incredibly charismatic. As of December 2015 she is also the first ever female World Champion, winning the Grand Championship of CHIKARA. One of my favorite wrestlers working right now, period!"
HeadCheese wrote on 31.08.2015:
[8.0] "Kimber Lee is a good wrestler that is good at at the promos and wrestling combineing strikes and power moves."
Shimmer fan 2015 wrote on 31.03.2015:
[8.0] "Kimber Lee truly amazes me. The first time I saw her wrestle was on a shimmer DVD that took place back in 2013. And when I found out that she only had like 2 years experience I was shocked because she already wrestled like a veteran. Plus she's very good at playing a heel and has tons of charisma. Kimber has gotten as good as she is in a very short amount of time. And yeah she's not all that flashy in the ring but that's just her wrestling style and she's very good at wrestling more of a ground based style. Truly a wrestling prodigy."
Sherbearx wrote on 09.02.2015:
[10.0] "Kimber Lee is one of the most influential and tough women in wrestling today. She is so resilient and has so much athletic ability. She has a mean elbow and can face anyone no matter what their size. Kimber is extremely entertaining and continues to impress. I think she is such a great seller, and a wonderful person as well."
wrestlingfan22 wrote on 06.01.2015:
[10.0] ""She's a wrestler" she can wrestle any style and for how young she is she is already one of the most improved. Her story of how she became a wrestler is different from a lot of people. The sky's the limit for Kimber Lee and I hope she has a good year"
TheGrandInquisiteur wrote on 07.10.2014:
[5.0] "Kimber has been around a few years, got a nice jawbreaker and she's about average when it comes to selling the show. Of the matches I've seen her in, nothing stands out."
JohnnyZontal wrote on 21.08.2013:
[7.0] "One of the big up and coming female wrestlers around right now. She works pretty stiff, and has great strikes and a NASTY german suplex. She was one of the standout stars of the recent AIW JLIT event, and was the 1st female graduate of the CZW trainingh school."

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Number of comments: 14
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Average Rating: 7.88
Average in 2016: 8.17
Average in 2015: 8.13
Average in 2014: 6.33
Average in 2013: 7.00

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