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Billy Gunn


Also known as Billy, Cute Kip, Billy G, G-Man, Mr. Ass, KIP, Kip James, Kip Montana, Kip Winchester, New Age Outlaw, Outlaw, Rockabilly, Kip Gunn

Current gimmick: Billy Gunn
Promotion: World Wrestling Entertainment
Age: 50 years
Birthplace: Orlando, Florida, USA
Gender: male
Height: 6' 3" (191 cm)
Weight: 266 lbs (121 kg)
Alter egos: Billy
    a.k.a.  Cute Kip
Billy Gunn
    a.k.a.  Billy G
    a.k.a.  G-Man
    a.k.a.  Mr. Ass
    a.k.a.  Kip James
    a.k.a.  Kip Montana
    a.k.a.  Kip Winchester
    a.k.a.  New Age Outlaw
    a.k.a.  Outlaw
Kip Gunn
Roles: Singles Wrestler
Tag Team Wrestler
Road Agent (2012 - today)
Trainer (2012 - today)
Beginning of in-ring career: 1989
Wrestling style: Allrounder
Trainer: Jerry Grey
Nickname(s): "Bad Ass", "The One", "Megastar"
Trademark holds: Fameasser, Gunn Slinger, One And Only
Billy Gunn
Billy Gunn (WWF, 1993) Billy Gunn (WWF, 1995) Billy Gunn (WWF, 1996) Billy Gunn (WWF, 1997) Billy Gunn (WWF, 1998) Mr. Ass (WWF, 1999) Billy Gunn (WWF, 2000) Billy Gunn (WWF, 2001) Billy (WWE, 2002) Billy Gunn (WWE, 2003) The Outlaw (TNA, 2005) Kip James (TNA, 2006) Kip James (TNA, 2007) Cute Kip (TNA, 2008) Kip James (Independent, 2009) Billy Gunn (Europa, 2012) Billy Gunn (WWE, 2013) Billy Gunn (WWE, 2014)
- ging auf die Sam Houston State University
- einer der erfolgreichsten Tag Team Wrestler der WWE, schaffte aber nie den Durchbruch als Einzelwrestler
- aktuell Trainer im WWE Performance Center
# Date Promotion Title Type Forum
1 20.01.2013, 22:43 World Wrestling Entertainment WWE: Mögliche Namen für das Royal Rumble Match und die Hall Of Fame Gerüchte Discussion
2 02.08.2012, 22:25 World Wrestling Entertainment WWE: Ehemaliger Attitude-Star beeindruckt Offizielle Neuigkeiten Discussion
3 09.02.2011, 22:36 One Pro Wrestling 1PWs Auferstehung: Shawn Michaels kommt nach Europa Neuigkeiten Discussion
4 31.12.2009, 12:12 Total Nonstop Action Wrestling TNA: Deaner und Kip wohl weg Neuigkeiten
5 07.05.2009, 19:03 Total Nonstop Action Wrestling TNA: Jacqueline & Rhaka Khan doch nicht ohne Zukunft Neuigkeiten
Latest comments of the CAGEMATCH inmates
Super Josh wrote on 31.05.2014:
[9.0] "Billy Gunn is amazing! He has such a great mix of some technician wrestling mixed in with some power in his background! oh, and if you're not down with than THEN WE GOT 2 WORDS FOR YA: SUCK IT!"
kelsey wrote on 24.04.2014:
[7.0] "Billy is an average worker. He is also a bad talker. He is a good wrestler though. He is very charismatic. Got a good gimmick. He is also a strong athlete and seller."
Paul Allain wrote on 23.02.2014:
[3.0] "Billy Gunn is a very remembered wrestler, but his accomplishment cannot follow. He brought a lot of energy and effort into his teams (DX, New Age Outlaws, Smoking Gunns, 3 Live Kru, Billy & Chuck, etc... ), but the many chances he received as a singles star revealed his deep flaws. He could not sustains his success on his own, and wounded up as one of the worst King Of The Ring, as well as a collection of failed personas. Sadly, he never could dribble the ball, so he will be relegated as a benchwarmer of wrestling history."
JustinJDMarineau wrote on 27.01.2014:
[10.0] "I loved watching Billy Gunn when I was a kid and he was a part of one of the greatest tag teams ever, The New Age Outlaws! I loved watching him as a singles competitor in WWE as well when I was in my early teens too, and it's so amazing how in 2014 it's still no different! If you look at Billy Gunn now, he still looks like he's in tremendous shape at 50 years old and when you watch him in the ring nowadays, he looks like he has not missed a beat whatsoever which is phenomenal!"

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