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Also known as Andrew Martin, Big Foot, Martin Kane, TJ Thunder

Birthplace: Whitby, Ontario, Canada
Obit: 13.03.2009 (at the age of 33)
Cause of death: Überdosis Schmerzmittel
Gender: male
Height: 6' 7" (200 cm)
Weight: 282 lbs (128 kg)
Alter egos: Big Foot
Martin Kane
    a.k.a.  Andrew Martin
TJ Thunder
Roles: Singles Wrestler
Tag Team Wrestler
Beginning of in-ring career: 11.1997
End of in-ring career: 2009
Wrestling style: Brawler, Powerhouse
Trainer: Dory Funk Jr., Bret Hart & Leo Burke
Nickname(s): "The Punisher"
Trademark holds: Big Boot, Test Drive, Diving Elbow Drop
Test (WWF, 1999) Test (WWF, 2001) Test (WWE, 2002) Test (WWE, 2003) Test (WWE, 2004) Test (WWE, 2006) Andrew Martin (Independent, 2007)
- wurde von Bret Hart in einem Restaurant entdeckt, dem sein beeindruckendes Äußeres ins Auge fiel
- hatte seinen ersten WWF-Auftritt als Bodyguard bei einem Auftritt von Mötley Crue
- starb an einer Überdosis des Schmerzmittelwirkstoffs Oxycodon, sein Tod wurde von den Behörden als versehentliche Überdosis bewertet
# Date Promotion Title Type Forum
1 10.04.2009, 09:24 World Wrestling EntertainmentTotal Nonstop Action Wrestling Todesursache von Andrew "Test" Martin geklärt Neuigkeiten Discussion
2 17.03.2009, 17:56 World Wrestling EntertainmentTotal Nonstop Action Wrestling Steroide und weitere Medikamente in Tests Wohnung gefunden Discussion
3 15.03.2009, 01:38 World Wrestling EntertainmentTotal Nonstop Action Wrestling Details zum Ableben von Andrew Martin Discussion
4 14.03.2009, 09:51 World Wrestling EntertainmentTotal Nonstop Action Wrestling Andrew "Test" Martin ist tot Neuigkeiten Discussion
5 19.12.2007, 23:47 World Wrestling Entertainment Independent: Ex-WWE-Star Test kündigt Rücktritt an Neuigkeiten
Latest comments of the CAGEMATCH inmates
Super Josh wrote on 23.03.2014:
[9.0] "Test is a great wrestler and maybe the most underrated wrestlers in WWE/F in his time. He had almost everything you could ask for: body, theme, gimmick, finisher, and in ring ability. Even though he was a heel most of the time he is still one of my all time favs! R. I. P."
wweFan Finland99 wrote on 23.07.2013:
[7.0] "one of the best midcarders ever good physique, but not a sensational wrestler"
Coon and Friends wrote on 31.03.2013:
[8.0] "He always was one of my favorites! Too bad his 2nd WWE run didn't go as smooth as it could and should have went."
Leone wrote on 24.03.2013:
[8.0] "Test is a wrestler who we didn't get to see the full potential of. For being a big guy who had "the look", he was actually good in the ring. His Big Boot finisher was very well polished and capable of being very well sold as well, and I remember that really sarcastic promo he did with the Right To Censor back in 2000... if only they kept that up."
Thatlegendcoolguy wrote on 08.03.2013:
[10.0] "Test was one of the world's greatest powerhouses ever. First time I saw him he eliminated Chris Jericho in the 2003 Royal Rumble. Later I became a great fan of his theme song. He also had the pumphandle slam and running big boot as his finisher which was really devastating. Gotta love the guy and its just a shame he died the same year I started liking pro wrestling and also that he never won the wwe title really bums me out. He had a great tag team with Albert in the 2000's. Him in The Alliance really kicked ass and I hope that wwe will either put him in the alumny or better induct him into the hall of fame. TNA could do that too. By the way he's number 1 in my top 6!"

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Number of comments: 65
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Average Rating: 5.29
Average in 2014: 6.33
Average in 2013: 7.80
Average in 2012: 4.50
Average in 2011: 5.60
Average in 2010: 6.78
Average in 2009: 5.56
Average in 2008: 4.90
Average in 2007: 4.89

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