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What is there to tell you about wrestlers that you do not already know? Well, you can find that answer out yourself by browsing our massive wrestlers database that has been the backbone of the site since 2005. The biggest stars and the most unknown rookies, all of them are included in the database and can be commented on, rated and generally browsed for huge amounts of information -- as long as the individuals have received professional training. No backyarders allowed, so please do not contact us about your buddy just because he can do a really cool pile driver. Non-wrestlers, like referees, commentators or promoters are included as well as a few celebrities who have stepped into the ring themselves. However, for celebrities the rating system has been deactivated (you can still comment on them), because this is not the place to rate celebrities; this is the one place to rate wrestlers.
# Gimmick Birthday Birthplace Height Weight Promotion Rating
1 No picture available Aston Crude 15.01.1987 Helsinki, Finnland 183 90  
2 Devyn Nicole (Independent, 2013) Devyn Nicole ..29.05. Queens, New York, USA 173 65  
3 No picture available Dasha Kuret 17.04.1988 Orlando, Florida, USA World Wrestling Entertainment  
4 Wesley Blake (WWE, 2014) Wesley Blake .... San Antonio, Texas, USA 185 109 World Wrestling Entertainment  
5 Jun Hado (Independent, 2014) Jun Hado 23.04.1988 Shanghai, China  
6 Jacob Tarasso (Independent, 2013) Jacob Tarasso .... Berkeley, California, USA  
7 No picture available Stevie Lee 12.02.1987 Hoddesdon, Hertfordshire, England, UK  
8 Stevie Caballero (Independent, 2010) Stevie Caballero ..07.06. Oklahoma, USA  
9 Spike Lopez (Independent, 2014) Spike Lopez ..06.10. Ramona, Oklahoma, USA 170 91  
10 Spider Boy (Mexiko, 2014) Spider Boy 24.10.1990 Mexico City, Distrito Federal, Mexiko  
# Gimmick Promotion Birth country Last event Rating
1 Chris Jericho (WWE, 2014) Chris Jericho World Wrestling Entertainment USA WWE Monday Night RAW #1108 (18.08.2014) 9.57
2 Jushin Thunder Liger (CHIKARA, 2013) Jushin Thunder Liger New Japan Pro Wrestling Japan Koza Battle Festa 3 (23.08.2014) 9.56
3 Naomichi Marufuji (NOAH, 2014) Naomichi Marufuji Pro Wrestling NOAH Japan NOAH Summer Navigation 2014 - Tag 5 (24.08.2014) 9.35
4 Cesaro (WWE, 2014) Cesaro World Wrestling Entertainment Schweiz WWE Monday Night RAW #1109 (25.08.2014) 9.34
5 Austin Aries (TNA, 2014) Austin Aries Total Nonstop Action Wrestling USA 2CW Serve The Servants (08.08.2014) 9.34
6 Chris Hero (Europa, 2014) Chris Hero USA Smash Super Showdown II (17.08.2014) 9.33
7 Hiroshi Tanahashi (NJPW, 2014) Hiroshi Tanahashi New Japan Pro Wrestling Japan DDT Ryogoku Peter Pan 2014 ~ Lives Maybe Changed In This Summer (17.08.2014) 9.32
8 Manami Toyota (OZ, 2013) Manami Toyota Japan OZ Academy Blossom Plum Country of Oz 2014 (17.08.2014) 9.25
9 Go Shiozaki (AJPW, 2014) Go Shiozaki All Japan Pro Wrestling Japan AJPW Summer Impact 2014 - Tag 4 (27.08.2014) 9.12
10 Alex Shelley (NJPW, 2014) Alex Shelley USA NJPW G1 Climax 24 - Tag 12 (10.08.2014) 9.10
11 CIMA (DGUSA, 2013) CIMA Dragon Gate Japan Osaka Pro Summer Vacation (24.08.2014) 9.01
12 Jun Kasai (Europa, 2011) Jun Kasai Pro Wrestling FREEDOMS Japan GENTARO Produce GENTARO Aid ~ Everyone Who Helped, Big Meeting (25.08.2014) 9.00
13 Shinsuke Nakamura (NJPW, 2014) Shinsuke Nakamura New Japan Pro Wrestling Japan NJPW G1 Climax 24 - Tag 12 (10.08.2014) 8.98
14 Kevin Steen (ROH, 2014) Kevin Steen World Wrestling Entertainment Canada NEW Wrestling Under The Stars 3 (02.08.2014) 8.95
15 Low Ki (TNA, 2014) Low Ki Total Nonstop Action Wrestling USA IMPACT Wrestling #533 (07.08.2014) 8.94
16 AJ Styles (NJPW, 2014) AJ Styles New Japan Pro Wrestling USA PWG Battle Of Los Angeles 2014 - Tag 1 (29.08.2014) 8.88
17 Sami Zayn (WWE, 2014) Sami Zayn World Wrestling Entertainment Canada WWE NXT Live (23.08.2014) 8.87
18 Yuji Nagata (NJPW, 2013) Yuji Nagata New Japan Pro Wrestling Japan NJPW G1 Climax 24 - Tag 12 (10.08.2014) 8.86
19 Samoa Joe (TNA, 2014) Samoa Joe Total Nonstop Action Wrestling USA IMPACT Wrestling #533 (07.08.2014) 8.84
20 Katsuhiko Nakajima (Diamond Ring, 2013) Katsuhiko Nakajima Diamond Ring Japan NOAH Summer Navigation 2014 - Tag 5 (24.08.2014) 8.84
21 Doug Williams (Europa, 2013) Doug Williams England TXW King Of The Royal SummerMania Series (17.08.2014) 8.81
22 Jun Akiyama (AJPW, 2014) Jun Akiyama All Japan Pro Wrestling Japan AJPW Summer Impact 2014 - Tag 4 (27.08.2014) 8.76
23 Michael Kovac (Europa, 2012) Michael Kovac ÷sterreich EWA Catch Wrestling (09.08.2014) 8.74
24 Dean Ambrose (WWE, 2014) Dean Ambrose World Wrestling Entertainment USA WWE Monday Night RAW #1108 (18.08.2014) 8.72
25 Dark Angel (CMLL, 2014) Dark Angel Canada CMLL Super Viernes (22.08.2014) 8.70
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Arn Anderson (WCW, 1996)
Arn Anderson: "I asked for a little of WCW's valuable time. I never ask for anything but I called in a marker on this one. You see, something's either happened or is about to happen of unbelievable magnitude. A couple of years ago, I was in Japan wrestling and I...Read on!

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[7.0] "In a theme for the night, these matches (beyond storylines) is huge for the NXT stars. Like Charlotte vs. Natalya, Neville is looking to prove that he can hang with a respected member of the main roster. He has a lot of fans, but the company (from what I have heard) are concerned with his size and lack of promo ability. But the thing is, if you can go, you'll get a chance. During last week's review, I noted that, "They also did a staredown between Neville and Kidd, which I felt worked well enough to set Kidd to be the heel next week. " That's exactly what they did here, and it worked. Kidd is the guy that had everything Neville is working for and wants it back. Neville is in his way, it's simple and effective. Speaking of simple, that was the story of the match. They showed that they were about equal, mirror images of each other, and then Kidd slipped into heel mode. It felt a bit slow, but just when I thought it was getting slow in that bad way, they really picked things up and were heading down the stretch. The RANA off the top and red arrow finish was strong, and I liked the match overall. Unfortunately this was good, but not great. The fans weren't into it as much as the other two really good matches, possibly fatigue, but also I felt that it was missing something that those matches provided. This ended up being a good main event to a very strong show."
[8.0] "This was a great match, good pacing and some great near falls down the line. Zayn plays the underdog very well, and knows how to work a match and work to his opponent's strengths. Breeze showed a lot here, and overall this ended up way better than I imagined, and that was because I just didn't know what to expect from Breeze. There was one rocky spot towards the end, but they worked through it and recovered very well when others would have panicked. The finish was good, as it protects Zayn (you can tease that it was an intentional low blow he way they did it) but it was clean enough that Breeze comes away looking stronger because it wasn't a fluke. Breeze needed the win, but more importantly needed this performance. This was fantastic."
[9.0] "Thoughts: Wow. I went into this thinking it would be great. And Iím happy to say, it was well above my expectations. Iím not ashamed to say I had tears in my eyes at the end of the match, the moment with Ric Flair hugging his daughter and then both of them embracing with Bret & Nattie after the two Divas had been through a war. It was a highly emotional moment and itís one that I think all of us watching will remember for a long time. I enjoyed all the matches on NXT Takeover, I really did. However, I have no problem saying that I think Nattie & Charlotte absolutely stole the show."
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